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Jan 1, 2019 14:57:24   #
Thanks! I was wandering if the blue was a bit heavy. I'll go back in and tone it down a little.
Jan 1, 2019 14:56:29   #
Jan 1, 2019 01:02:14   #
Thank you!
Jan 1, 2019 00:30:47   #
I took this picture a few years ago. I liked it, but it was a little bland. I made some minor edits in Lightroom. What do you think?

Dec 30, 2018 01:22:19   #
This is a photograph I took several years ago and really liked. I just made some edits in Lightroom. Before and After. What do you think?

Mar 30, 2018 07:17:23   #
Beautiful photos, very impressive!
Mar 20, 2018 22:01:49   #
Recently moved to the Tampa Bay area.
Mar 20, 2018 10:29:23   #
I've recently moved to Florida and I really enjoy the sunsets. I decided to share some here, Enjoy!


Feb 1, 2017 18:12:47   #
Critique is welcome. My first attempt at newborn photography.

Jan 31, 2014 16:53:43   #


Jan 12, 2014 18:31:15   #
Here are a few bird pictures I took over the summer.

Jan 11, 2014 12:12:05   #
A few safari pics...

Hey, buddy, do these stripes make my butt look fat?

Mike mike mike mike...What DAY is it?

Oh, hi there!

Behind bars...a sad little monkey.

Sep 4, 2012 17:17:23   #
sinatraman wrote:
How sad and totally wrong! I was raised an atheist by my folks and was denied a relationship with Jesus for 38 years, That was a very costly form of child abuse. I don't think that God's word is true, I don't believe that God's word is true,I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT EVERYTHING IN THE BIBLE IS 100% TRUE.

I have felt the presence of Jesus both inside my soul as well as at church and as well as looking out at the ocean or looking at a magnificent florida sunset. I have seen miracles happen, had both my knees cartilage healed and arthritis in my left knee disappear. I have felt the Holy Ghost and have spoken in an unknown tongue. atheism is evil and leads down the road to Hitler, Stalin, pol pot, idi Armin and Mao. Bill Nye is heading for a very rude awakening when he dies and is face to face with Jesus who tells him " I did not come from an ape" of course by then it will be too late.

Had I been raised to know Jesus and to understand that He has my back, my life would have turned out much differently. I would not have made allot of my mistakes would have finished law school and gone on to be a prosecutor. By denying me a relationship with the Lord, my parents deprived me of a very valuable resource for dealing with the problems of life. If I knew at 18 that Jesus was real and thus Adam and Eve were real, i would have avoided harmful behaviors such as fornication, adultery, drunkenness, drug use, theft, and other sins I am guilty of committing.

Thankfully Jesus never gave up on me, and eventually I heard his call and responded positively. Having a relationship with Jesus and making Him number one in my life has allowed me to escape the prison of materialism, I focus on what's most important A strong relationship with God, which gives me the self confidence, patience and discipline to face boldly whatever life throws at me. In addition, I have no doubts that when the rapture of the church occurs (much sooner then people think) I Will be with my Lord and Saviour in Heaven and not on earth when all hell breaks loose literally.

Trusting in God and his word in the bible also has allowed me to overcome despair, depression and suicidal thoughts. You may choose to think your ancestors were primates, I choose to believe that my ancestor was made of the dust of the earth in God's own image. Man is not an animal, he was created to have dominion over the animals.

I realize that nothing I write will change your mind, so this answer and my testimony are for those who are honestly seeking to know if God exists and what is he like. My heart is troubled and burdened for atheists as I know where they WILL be spending eternity if they don't get right with Jesus. If anyone has serious questions ( not just looking for an argument) send me a pm. would be more then happy to share more of my testimony with anyone. God bless you all and God bless America
How sad and totally wrong! I was raised an athei... (show quote)

I agree with you 100%. I do not see how someone can look at this wonderful world that we live in and still not believe in God. It is a precision machine that could not have just happened accidentally, that kind of thinking is illogical. That would be akin to throwing a bunch of nuts and bolts together and expecting them to evolve into an automobile on their own. I teach my children by the Bible, and Gods word. They are taught morals and right from wrong. If they choose to not believe or follow Gods teaching when they become adults, that is their decision to make, and I can at least have the peace of mind of knowing that I did the best that I could for them.

I just do not see how people that claim to be photographers can go out into nature, and observe the beauty of Gods work, and yet not believe in Him. There is no way that this world just happened.
Sep 4, 2012 16:57:37   #
I have seen a lot of crap under General Chit Chat here on Ugly Hedgehog. But this has got to be the most racist load I have read on this forum.
Aug 29, 2012 00:31:26   #
tschmath wrote:
dtcracer wrote:
I agree with you. If you bet your eternal life on there being a God, and your right you win. If you bet your eternal life on there being a God, and your wrong, then what do you lose? It is a win-win situation.

So believing in a God is just to make the odds better? That makes absolutely no sense. And don't you think an all-knowing God would see through that sham?

I'm sorry, where in the above statement did you conclude that the only reason I believe in God is to make the odds better? I simply stated I would rather believe in God and be wrong, than not believe in God and be wrong. It is my belief that I am not wrong, that there is a God. If anyone else does not believe in God, because they feel they are too educated to believe in such "nonsense", that is there problem, not mine. But as photosbysexton stated, the Constitution guaratees me the right to worship God, and the right to talk about my beliefs in God to anyone I choose, and the government does not have the right to interfere with that right.
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