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Sep 20, 2019 06:12:19   #
You were definitely in need for an upgrade. Indeed, you advanced greatly, from the older Canon DSLR you had. 61 megapixels is a lot. My Nikon DSLR has 24 megapixels, and sufficient for my use. You also have two great lenses too. The G-Master lenses are excellent and expensive FE lenses. If you are going to buy an expensive Sony a7r4, you want to have quality lenses, such as the G-Master and Zeiss lenses. One complaint from someone I met over a year ago, who owned a Sony a7r2,. Told me that Sony battery drain was a problem. He said owners of his camera, would never go out for a day of shooting, with just the battery inside the camera. The newest battery will last longer. It is used in the Sony a9, and the a7r3/a7r4. Regardless, owning an extra battery for a DSLR or mirrorless camera is mandatory to me. 61 megapixels is a lot of resolution compared to your previous Canon DSLR. But, I'm sure you can handle it. Nikon went from 36 megapixels on the D810, to 46 megapixels on the D850. Sony went from 42 megapixels on the a7r3 to 61 megapixels on the a7r4. The megapixels war is in full force now,, among Camera manufactures. Enjoy your new toy. It should give you many years of service.
Sep 16, 2019 19:06:43   #
If Saudi Arabia has a beef with Iran, they should finance and fight their own war. Instead of relying on the blood and sweat of American soldiers. Today, in Afghanistan, a soldier was killed. That makes 2400 killed there, since being there since late 2001. Even, all Muslims don't like one another. And, America is suppose to have the answer to those Muslim disagreements. Between the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, America has given about 7,000 lives of our young soldiers and Marines. Not counting loss of limbs and minds destroyed. Tired of America being the World's policemen for other countries. And, many don't even like Americans.
Sep 16, 2019 14:42:00   #
The Yankees have a slogan that they play(ed) in the "House That Ruth Built." The Yankees now play in a newer stadium. Regardless, the Legacy lives on. As, I said earlier, I am not a Yankees fan, but a Dodgers fan. But, when the Yankees are playing their best, baseball fans take notice. Whether you love them., or hate them. Those pinstriped uniforms, when they play at home games. Make it clear, who they are. The New York Yankees.
Sep 16, 2019 08:41:11   #
Third party batteries such as Wasabi and Watson are generally very reliable. I use OEM Nikon batteries, that come with the camera. And my replacement battery, if needed is a Watson. I keep both Brands fully charged. I have an OEM battery charger, and an aftermarket charger. Third party batteries are less expensive. But, the overall lifespan of the aftermarket battery may be shorter than the OEM batteries. Try a Watson Brand, if available for your camera. Or, return the defective battery for a replacement, if on a warranty? Good luck.
Sep 15, 2019 09:59:41   #
These were drone attacks. Many attacks according to the News. The Iranians use of drones are pinpoint. Advantage, no loss of life by Iranian jet pilots. After this setback, the Saudi's need to develop an air defense missile system. Because, this can happen again. The Iranian Embassy hostages crisis was 40 years ago. 1979 under President Jimmy Carter. And Iran is still causing troubles in the Middle East. America doesn't need Saudi oil anymore. Prices should remain stable in America. Hopefully? Politics is also a factor in these incidents.
Sep 14, 2019 18:22:38   #
BBurns wrote:
I was at Dodger Stadium on September 9, 1965.
The day Sandy Koufax pitched his perfect game.

I didn't see that game at Dodger Stadium. Nor, did I listen to it on the radio. Heard about it on the TV Sports News the next day. Sandy Koufax was the Dodgers greatest Pitcher. I consider him the greatest of all Pitchers. He went 27-5 one year. Outstanding year that was. However, Juan Marichal, Pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, won 25 games one year. That was when the Dodgers/Giants rivalry was at its best. Hard core baseball. Juan Marichal had a perfect game on July 2, 1963 at San Francisco, against the Milwaukee Braves back then. Koufax was a left-hander. Marichal was a right-hander.
Sep 14, 2019 14:15:35   #
Indi wrote:
My wife is a hard core Mets Fan. We love to go to Citifield for Dodgers-Mets Games.

I get beat up all the time because people say to me, "The Dodgers left us. Why are you still a Dodgers fan? You should root for the Mets!" I like the Yankees better than the Mets.

I can only think of one Yankees baseball player, who decided to go into the Hall Of Fame from his previous team. Dave Winfield. He chose The San Diego Padres over the Yankees. Reggie Jackson, previously of the Oakland "A's" said. Who wouldn't want to go into the Hall Of Fame as a Yankee. I have to agree with him on the statement. Who could ever forget the 1969 Miracle Mets. Against that awesome Baltimore Orioles team. With the two Robinson power hitters. Brooks and Frank. Frank Robinson passed away not long ago. He was a great asset to Major League Baseball. Along with others.
Sep 14, 2019 13:56:42   #
Those are great looking photos of the Mosque. I've seen other photos of Mosques in other locations, and all have been exquisite in build and beauty. My cousin from Tennessee, bought his very first DSLR this past Spring from a pawn shop, in very good condition. A Canon T4i with an 18-55mm lens. He brought his family to Southern California for the very first time, and took lots of photos with just that one lens. He wants another zoom lens with a longer focal range. I know a friend who owns a Canon Rebel Series camera. He bought a Canon 10-18mm lens used. And he loves it. You may want to consider it. With Canon's 1.6X factor, you'll get slightly above a 15mm FOV. Thereabouts? Because of its success, Nikon came up later with a 10-20mm for crop sensor only. I'm considering purchasing one. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos you took. I downloaded them too.
Sep 14, 2019 08:40:58   #
TXYank wrote:
Growing up in NYC, I remember well the subway series between the Yankees and Dodgers, especially 1955 (Jackie Robinson was out at the plate on that steal home!) and 1956 (Larsen's perfect game!) As much as I am a dyed-in-the-wool Yankees fan, I wonder if they have enough to get past Houston to get to the World Series and the Dodgers. It's going to be an interesting October.

Yes, the Houston Astros are a team that could possibly prevent the Yankees from getting to the World Series. I remember when Houston was in the National League, and the Dodgers played them regularly. Houston and the Boston Red Sox defeated the Dodgers in back to back World Series, 2017-2018. No guarantee the Dodgers will get there too. The winner of the one game Wildcard playoff, could win the World Series nowadays. Crazy things can happen?
Sep 13, 2019 16:08:29   #
My father, who was a dedicated baseball fan, told me when I was a kid. About 3 famous baseball teams located in New York. They were the Yankees. Dodgers, and Giants. Each had their dedicated fan base. The Yankees were located in the Bronx, the Dodgers located in Brooklyn, Ebbetts Field. The Yankees came to Los Angeles in late August of last month to play a 3 game Interleague series. The Yankees were coming to Dodger Stadium. There was much excitement, because this was to be a preview to the 2019 World Series. The Yankees took 2 games out of 3. The World Series Rivalry between the Brooklyn/LA Dodgers goes back to 1941, and last was 1981. The very first televised World Series was between the Dodgers/Yankees in 1947. The Yankees have defeated the Dodgers in the World Series 8 out of 11 times.The Yankees defeated the San Francisco Giants with Willie Mays in 1962, after leaving New York around 1959. And they defeated the San Diego Padres in 1998, 4-0. The late HOF Tony Gwynne, the Padres best hitter, said the Yankees played some serious ball. And had nothing but praise for them. He said, I know now, the Yankees tradition and legacy. Here are just a few names to mention of the Yankees. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Billy Martin, Derek Jeter, and Mariano Rivera. Mariano Rivera, the best ever relief pitcher, in my opinion. That's only a few great ones. My father and I were not Yankees fans. My father was a Giants fan. I'm a Dodgers fan. We both respect the Yankees. How could anyone dislike Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio? Joe was beloved in California. Especially San Francisco. He got standing ovations in some California restaurants he visited In LA and SF. The Dodgers have not won a World Series since 1988. Not so for the Yankees. Will the Dodgers and Yankees meet again for the World Series? For the 12th time. We will know soon.
Sep 13, 2019 08:00:34   #
Annie Loyd wrote:
I need a 600mm for birds....wondering if a teleconverter is a cheaper answer.
Nikon D7500 with Nikkor 28/300 lens

I have a friend who uses the Nikon 28-300mm on a crop sensor D7100. He should get the same FOV that you get on your D7500, 450mm. Despite that, the lens is still a 28-300mm. My friend loves his 28-300mm lens. There are some on this forum that gives that lens a bad review. It is not a premier lens, but good enough. I own the Nikon 70-300mm. Not a premier lens, but good enough. The D7500 is a very good crop sensor camera. Same sensor as the D500. If, you need more than a focal range of 300mm, save your money for the Nikon 200-500mm. Which has been mentioned already.
Sep 13, 2019 06:30:15   #
Humidity is no friend to cameras and lenses. Fungus will ruin a lens. The fungus grows. I've heard of legacy manual lenses being saved from fungus growing, and cleaned by taking the lens apart with a special screwdriver kit. You have to know what you are doing though, to do that successfully. Mold can be removed from houses. However, some mold has been so bad in houses, that the house had to be torn down. I have never heard of mold in cameras. But, a cause could be condensation inside the camera, possibly caused by constant rain, and unknowing. And the condensation increased where it was stored. In Southern California and Western Arizona, temperatures above 100 degrees, will not have the humidity, as let's say Florida, that will have temperatures less than 100 degrees. Florida in the summertime has killer humidity. And, I was in Pensacola and Jacksonville. Not Miami.
Sep 12, 2019 07:15:34   #
I have an Android smartphone. I will admit that Android is more likely to get a virus than an iPhone. Despite anti-virus aps you can download. Apple takes security measures to prevent most viruses/malware from entering their iPhones. This new 3 eyed iPhone appears to be a potential good seller. I use my smartphone primarily for communications and information. At my age, I'm not overenthusiastic about taking selfies as the youth like to do. Teenagers do get full use of their cell phones. Using virtually every features on them. Perhaps some adults do so too. Talk, texting, cameras, games, and using aps. Why not improve the cell phone cameras, if it will be the only camera that you will own? Just about everyone owns a smartphone or iPhone.. Not everyone owns a DSLR, Bridge, or a compact sized/pocket camera. I own all three. I don't use my smartphone camera at all. But, if an important situation arises, and I don't have my Sony pocket camera on me. I'll have to use my smartphone camera. Advantage, my Sony pocket camera has a focal range to 200mm. My smartphone does not have that range. Good for Apple they can continue to market their products. I got an email from Best Buy Store, that Samsung have new Smartphones out, as well as this new iPhone mentioned. None of them are cheap. And, parents are buying them for their teenaged sons and daughters. Which means that many customers have the money to spend for themselves and their kids. Good.
Sep 11, 2019 17:37:12   #
If you already have the Sony a7r3, I wouldn't upgrade to the a7r4 either. 42 megapixels is more than enough resolution. The a7r3 has the longer life battery, that the a7r2 did not have. For those who own the a7r2, I think those owners would be interested in the 61 megapixels a7r4, and the longer life battery. The megapixels war, as some photographers call it, does sell cameras. As for the IQ between the a7r3 and the a7r4 cameras. That can only be determined by having two testings with the same high quality Sony FE lens. If the IQ is better on the a7r3 than the a7r4. Then shame on Sony. That 61 megapixels camera is not cheap. Rumor has it, that Nikon is interested in that sensor. That is, if Sony is willing to let Nikon use it?
Sep 11, 2019 08:20:16   #
lamiaceae wrote:
I tripped and fell a couple yeas ago while carrying two cameras around my neck by straps, one digital, one film. As I felt myself going over, from tripping from a side step, I wrapped my arms around that straps holding the cameras close to my body as I went down. I broke my fall slightly with my (left) shoulder. Nothing happened to the cameras but my knees took a beating. I was a bloody mess as I fell on not grass, dirt, or concrete, but heavy gravel. Essentially small broken rocks. Being obese I could not get back on my feet and since I had parked only a short distance away I had stupidly left my Cell phone (hidden) in the car. So I just sat on the ground bleeding until I got help. Luckily this happened in a small city park so eventually a elderly couple came by who were pushing their grandchild in a stroller. They had a hard time getting me to a seated position on a bench. The poor lady fell over on to her butt herself trying to help me. Just as they were getting me seated a third person showed up. Good thing I was NOT TAKING a "Blood Thinner" like my doctor would like me too. I keep telling them I am too clumsy and might bleed to death. As it is I don't clot well. But that is another story or two. After the fall accident I drove myself to my Primary Physician to get treated. That was a hassle as well. I virtually never hold a camera totally free hand. And to date I have not gone back to complete the photos I had planned to take that day. Ouch!

Anyone else have an interesting story about an (dropping or not) accident or near accident with a camera and lens? Please reply away!
I tripped and fell a couple yeas ago while carryin... (show quote)

I'm glad you finally got help to go see your doctor..Bleeding is not good for anyone.
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