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Jun 4, 2019 22:33:39   #
dduncan wrote:
My wife and I will be retiring and moving to New Mexico soon.

Do any NM natives have any tips for getting a photo of a Road Runner?
Every time I have seen them, they appear, then are gone in a millisecond.
Hard to get a shot off.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Here you go...
We have a friend that lives in N.M. and she took these with her cell phone.

Jan 14, 2019 21:28:31   #
If there is a chance of the D 7500 being stolen, you might think about taking the D 3200.
Also you might think about insurance..
Aug 4, 2018 20:07:54   #
Great picture's Johnny and I liked the saying's to..
Are those your Boot's ?
Mar 22, 2018 20:47:19   #
To all Vets...
Thanks for your service to our Great Country !!!!
Feb 28, 2018 21:37:09   #
I was wrong,, no Nikkor 50mm DX lens...
Feb 28, 2018 18:33:11   #
drmike99 wrote:
AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D. Very good lens, will work on film Nikons as a standard "nifty fifty" and should be fine on your D3300 Crop Sensor camera as a "short" telephoto or portait lens.

Your right,, the D 3300 has no AF motor and it will have to be focused manual.
I have both the 50mm F 1.8 d and the 50mm F 1.8 G,,, saw a test on youtube,
The 50mm F 1.8 G was a little better than the 50mm F 1.4 G lens...
I like my G lens better the D lens.. Both are full frame lens....
Look for a 50mm f 1.8 DX lens..
Jan 30, 2018 12:35:38   #
There are some good videos on Youtube,, I watched several..
One thing that I got from them was you loose light.
Jan 20, 2018 11:55:57   #
Try pulling the LCD screen away from the camera body.. To let air in to cool the back of the camera..
There is limit as to how long you can shoot video..
Oct 5, 2017 20:29:48   #
You Don't Need A Gun To Kill People....

On April 19, 1995, McVeigh drove the truck to the front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building just as its offices opened for the day. Before arriving, he stopped to light a two-minute fuse. At 09:02, a large explosion destroyed the north half of the building. It killed 168 people, including nineteen children in the day care center on the second floor, and injured 684 others.

Firefighter who held Baylee Almon in iconic photo from OKC bombing retires

I saw the building on the last day before they brought it down.
I watched TV every night to see if they if they found any more people alive.
I had friends that worked up there...

I am 75 and it makes me very sad and heart broken to see the way thinks have changed.

Aug 13, 2017 15:38:38   #
I bought a used Nikon D 600 and it had a DEK battery in it..
DEK en-el 15,, 7.4 V,,1900m AH,, 14.1,,Li-ion.

I have never had any problem's with it... The D 600 has been checked out by Nikon, and the
Firm Ware is up to date...It reads the battery info ok....
I have read about a D 5200 that had a firm ware up date and the D 5200 would not work with a 3rd party battery in the camera, and flashed some mesg. on the LCD screen.. I have read other posts like this..
So I don't know how true this is...

This is my guess,, Nikon don't make their battery's,,, some one makes them, right ???

I have a friend that use's 3rd party battery's and if one won't charge, they send him another battery..
I have read on the Nikon site,, there is a recall on the battery's en-el 15 with a E or F in the Ser. #.

This is interesting..
Aug 4, 2017 18:38:23   #
Einreb92 wrote:
D7200. Nikon battery. Wifi turned off. I will have to check to see if the sleep function is on this camera and/or if it needs to be activated. Thanks.


Check your battery to see if there is a ( E or F ) in the Ser. number..
I read on the Nikon Site that EN-EL-15 Battery's with the ( E of F )
in the Ser. number, there is a recall on them...

That's all I know,, and I am sticking to it,, lol.
Jul 18, 2017 11:02:25   #
CHOLLY wrote:
Hey BJ here's a tip:

If you want to reply to something someone wrote, instead of having to type it all in or cut and paste it... just go to the bottom of their post and hit "Quote Reply".

When the reply window opens it will have their post in quotes for you. Just move your cursor to the end and start typing your reply.

That should be a LOT easier and quicker.

Thanks CHOLLY,
I was trying to use the QUOTE at the top,, and that btought up a different Quote...
Thanks again..
Jul 17, 2017 20:57:54   #
I also have a D2X and had several of the IBM Micro-drives. They ended up being somewhat fragile, subject to movement and vibration. Every one I had suffered a head crash and had to be disposed of. In their day they were actually faster than the flash memory, and they were available as a 4G when a 512M was the biggest CF available. Their mechanics also sucked the life out of camera batteries faster than you could swap them for freshly charged! I believe I still have one around here somewhere, but strictly as a memento -- I would not even consider using one today...


Thanks for your reply,, I never knew anything about them...
So,,, I need to stay with reg. CF cards for my Nikon D 200...
Thanks again..
Jul 17, 2017 16:41:21   #
C F Question,
My son in law has a Nikon D 2 X,, it use's CF cards,, He showed me his CF cards,, one was different, he said it was like a little hard drive,, did those not pan out ??
Jul 13, 2017 19:21:27   #
The Batter and Catcher have the same color shirt....
The men in Black are Reffs,, right ??
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