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Jan 5, 2017 11:35:43   #
I have the Tamron 24-70 lenses super sharp but I have one issue with it ! I have to dial in -1 Stop on just about every shot. I'm shooting with d750 camera and it was a learning curve not to over expose Just what your histogram & you will be very happy with the results ! Also you will be saving some money by not buying the Nikon 24/70 vr.
Jan 24, 2016 18:29:40   #
Jan 24, 2016 18:10:10   #
Ok how well does the 14 III work with the 200-500. Is there any loss in sharpness ?
Jan 24, 2016 16:45:23   #
Ok I now own the Nikon 200-500mm lenses Thanks to everyone's good comments from this Website about how Great this lenses is !
Now I'm interested in Nikon AF-S Teleconverter TC-14E III to go with it. Seems like you can never get as much zoom as you want. I'm wondering has anybody got any comments with this combination Good or Bad ?
Going to be used on D7100 & D750.
Jan 13, 2016 21:52:05   #
I've received lots of great information from everyone !
Thank You So Much
Jan 12, 2016 20:38:02   #
Ok I've been reading a lot of good information that everyone has posted but I'm still not sure which lenses it will be. One minute I'm leaning toward the Nikon 200-500 and then someone will post a picture and make me rethink about it. Same thing with the Tamron 150-600 I'm seeing good photos and then I'm seeing some not so good.
Jan 11, 2016 20:00:42   #
CraigFair do you have anything zoomed into 500 to 600mm ?
Jan 11, 2016 18:39:02   #
Jan 11, 2016 17:40:28   #
Ok I need to here from some Tamron people. So far Nikon and Sigma folks have stepped up to the plate.
Jan 11, 2016 17:31:14   #
Wolfman very nice! Was this with Sigma Sport or Contemporary
Jan 11, 2016 17:04:39   #
Jan 11, 2016 16:59:48   #
Ok that's what I'm looking for in a lenses Nice. Which lenses did you use?
Jan 11, 2016 16:47:37   #
Jan 11, 2016 16:14:09   #
I want either a (Tamron 150-600mm or Nikon 200-500mm) lenses.
I want to be able to get Sharp Images and Sharp Detail on Feathers when Shooting Birds. Lens will be used on D750 and a D7100.
Saw some photos Recently by Nikon 200-500mm Posted Here of some Birds but Feathers didn't have any Detail or Sharpness. (But the guy was very proud of them). Don't know if they where Over Cropped or What was going on!
I downloaded images and I wasn't impressed.
Some people seem to Love the Tamron and Others Hate It !
I would like to here from Both Sides Tamron and Nikon Folks!
Jan 8, 2016 20:39:12   #
I Want To Thank Everyone For There Comments!
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