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Feb 1, 2019 15:47:10   #
blackest wrote:
I recently found this article that covers a lot of aspects of composition. I thought it might be of interest. It seems quite accessible for the subject matter


Thanks for sharing!
Jan 24, 2019 08:42:35   #
Lukabulla wrote:
Have been using CS5 for a few years now .
Excellent programme but now that I have a Lumix , it does not recognise the Raw files .

Try LightZone. It's free and very good post-processing software which recognizes RW2 and other RAW format files.
Nov 15, 2018 08:25:47   #
Sep 13, 2018 11:30:52   #
For PP of .RW2 files from my Panasonic FZ-70 I'm using free LightZone (
Jul 9, 2018 10:40:40   #
beerhunter13 wrote:
The author Patrick O'Brian has a similar character, John/Jack Aubrey, also in the Napoleonic Wars...

Similarity derived from the fact, that both authors based their character on the same real person: British admiral Thomas Cochrane (1775-1860)
Jul 9, 2018 10:25:30   #
Ghery wrote:
Forester, not Lewis. My mistake. But, your statement that his name on a book promises an excellent read is absolutely correct. Everything of his that I have read has been excellent.

Well, Cecil Scott Forester was his pen name. His real name was Cecil Lewis Troughton Smith.
Jun 27, 2018 09:24:28   #
big-guy wrote:
Just curious how many people here use or have used RoadTrippers for a road trip vacation....

Thanks for sharing. Looks like a useful site.
Jun 19, 2018 05:59:57   #
Deck1 wrote:
How do most of you distribute your photos and slideshow ‘s to family and friends?

Usually, I put my photos on Clouds and then send the links to my family and friends.
Jun 18, 2018 09:40:34   #
charlienow wrote:
My wife and I are taking a Med Cruise on Holland America from Barcelona to Venice with stops in between. We want to take some side trips but don’t want to break the bank by taking one in every port..

You don't need to take an excursion in every port on a Mediterranean cruise.
In Monte Carlo visit the Oceanographic Museum (it's close to the port) and take a local bus to the Exotic Garden (hundreds of cactus and excellent views).
In Livorno you can take a bus to the train station and buy a ticket to Pisa or Florence.
In Dubrovnik take a bus to the city center and enjoy walking on city walls (lots of photo opportunities).
In Venice there was a small train from the port to the city. Plus, buy yourself a pass on local boats, which are the only transportation means in Venice.
Do some researches and enjoy your trip.
Mar 23, 2018 11:12:15   #
DaveyDitzer wrote:
As a service to UHH members, I would like to collect responses from UHH members on their experience with non OEM batteries...

Nikon D5100, BM and Watson batteries, positive
Jan 31, 2018 07:06:51   #
flashbang wrote:
Has anyone had any experience with knock off Lenspens? I just checked listings on eBay and prices start at less than $1. Now, at that price I am pretty sure I am not getting the genuine article. OK, I am positive of it! Om the other hand, I have seen knock-offs of other photo accessories that seem to be made from the identical molds. I have a no-name battery grip that cost about 10% of the 'brand name' one and is virtually identical.

Anyway,I know this is a really inexpensive item as far as the rest of the stuff in my equipment case goes, but I am curious: has anyone bought a really cheap Lenspen on line? Any opinion as to how well it works?

I also came across this YouTube video where the guy seems to be 'recharging' what is labeled as a fake Lenspen using candle smoke carbon.

Anybody understand enough Russian to offer a rough translation?
Has anyone had any experience with knock off Lensp... (show quote)

The video just explain how to improve a fake Lenspen's cleaning head. You have to put periodically a layer of soot on the cleaning head.
Nov 16, 2017 05:40:08   #
blue-ultra wrote:
On Friday we are off to Iceland for a week of fun and hopefully great photo opportunities. It has been a long wait and it will be worth it!

Wish me luck.


Good luck, safe trip, and colorful aurora borealis
Aug 2, 2017 05:40:22   #
rmalarz wrote:
I do it quite simply. Small notebook and pen.

Yes, it works fine for me too. Plus, I add last 3 digits of shoots numbers
Feb 23, 2017 09:24:46   #
kibbles304 wrote:
Tried searching for previous discussion on this question with no luck. I purchased an M42 adapter ...?

I had a similar problem with my Nikon D5100 and several German and Russian lenses from my pre-digital years. Last week I've bought used Sony a3000 and M42 to E-mount adapter for about $250. I still in the process of evaluation, but so far I like it.
Jul 11, 2016 17:14:57   #
mborn wrote:
I am leaving today for a weeks trip to Newfoundland photographing Bird and Whale and what ever

If you planning to go on Skerwink trail (Trinity East) - take a good telephoto lens: you could see some whales. And visit Atlantic Puffins area near Elliston on Bonavista peninsula. Good weather and good luck!
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