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Nov 19, 2018 17:31:20   #
Lorima wrote:
Looking for a older model Canon 5D MKII or MKIII with 55mm lens.

Thanks Lori

I don’t have a cmera body for you but if you do happen to get one, I have 2 guide books and a
Mark III DVD as excellent reference material, above and beyond the Canon manual. Everything
is in color with lots of examples. These two guide books and DVD will be relevant to the Mark II
as well as the Mark III.

I am now a SONY shooter so this reference material has to find a new home.

See my Canon reference material ad (a few pages back) or email me if you’re interested.

Best of luck on your new Canon!

Nov 18, 2018 09:17:24   #
Good morning David,

For PayPal, my email address is:

I’ll send it out tomorrow in a Postal Priority box and I’ll
give you a tracking number as well.


Mike (Las Vegas)
Nov 17, 2018 21:00:42   #
Rogue brand, 3 in 1 honeycomb grid. Brand new, box has never
been opened. Cost $50 new
$30 delivered to your door (continental U.S. only) PayPal preferred.

Nov 4, 2018 11:55:17   #
Photo storage device and viewer rolled into one. 80 gb of capacity. Insert your Compact Flash
or SD card, upload your files, reformat your card and continue shooting. You can review your
RAW or JPG files on the viewer before you edit and post process on a 4 inch diagonal screen.
Also accepts audio files. Was $587.00 new

$185 (shipped to your door, anywhere in the continental U.S.)

Nov 4, 2018 07:03:10   #
I looked up the supported cameras on the CamRanger website. This model basically supports
41 Canon models and 28 Nikon models. The new CamRanger Mini essentially adds SONY and
Fuji models to that list. The question I have been asked the most is whether it can be used with
the Canon 5D Mark IV and the answer is yes. For the complete list of ALL of the supported
models, go to CamRanger supported models on the website for additional info.

Nov 3, 2018 19:31:39   #
Two books and an instructional DVD that tells you everything
you need to know about the Canon 5D Mark III. Many of the
described features and tips apply to other Canon models as well.

$45 (includes free shipping any in the continental U.S.)

Nov 3, 2018 19:26:33   #
Three radio controlled triggers and one transmitter setup. Very simple and
very basic features.
If you want to use (up to three) flashes at one time, these work great.
Like new condition, only used a couple of times.

$115 (shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.)

Nov 3, 2018 18:02:16   #
This model came out before the 5D Mark IV came out, so I do not know for sure.
You would have to check the CamRanger website.

Nov 2, 2018 15:05:47   #
Vello RFW-C transmitter and receiver allows you to trigger your camera and remote
flash wirelessly with the touch of a button. In like new condition as I used it a couple
of times but I now shoot SONY so this handy device is incompatible with my
current system.

$50 (shipping included to anywhere in the continental U.S.)

Prefer PayPal

Nov 2, 2018 14:51:13   #

Too late, the guy who responded just before you did took it.

Thanks for looking however.
Nov 2, 2018 14:49:24   #
As new CamRanger for 41 Canon and 28 Nikon models see
a partial compatibility list in photo. I bought this for an employee
head shot project that never materialized. This was $300
new. According to the complete list on the CamRanger website, it works
on the Canon 5D Mark IV as well.
I set it up at home to make sure it did, but it was
never used after that. They have created a newer version that is smaller
but it is three times the price of what I am asking for this one. They
basically added SONY and Fuji to the list of already supported cameras
and made the unit smaller.

$120 (includes shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S.)

Nov 2, 2018 13:41:51   #
Nov 2, 2018 13:36:05   #
Hi there,
You were next in line of replies.

PayPal works best. If you do not have a PayPal account, you
can pay with a Postal Money Order or you can send cash in an
opaque envelope if you want.

For PayPal:
Nov 2, 2018 10:41:15   #
You can send me $45 via PayPal (if you have an account) you can send me a Postal Money Order for $45
you can put two twenties and a five in an envelope (where you can’t see through the envelope).
Those are your three options.

Mike Warzocha
848 Viscanio Pl
Las Vegas, NV 89138

For PayPal:
Nov 2, 2018 09:05:22   #
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