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Posts for: Royce Moss
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Jul 15, 2018 20:05:56   #
Got the Sigma today itching to try it out
Jun 29, 2018 18:35:50   #
You?? I'm the one that is confused !! So much information. I will sort it out
Jun 29, 2018 13:19:41   #
Still on the fence leaning to the Sigma GS
Jun 28, 2018 16:34:57   #
Ok guys you and the many reviews have sold me. The Tammy G2 is it. Think I'll pull the trigger in a few days. Thanks
Jun 28, 2018 12:38:58   #
Yea just read some interest comparisons and the G2 is looking real good especially for the price
Jun 27, 2018 18:55:28   #
Thanks Hoggers for all the comments. Looks like the Nikon 200-500 is the lens I'll go with based most on all your input. It's going to be an early Xmas/Birthday gift from the wifey. So all is good. Can't wait for the BIG BROWN TRUCK
Jun 25, 2018 23:22:12   #
Thanks for the photos Orange. Gonna get this lens !
Jun 25, 2018 21:33:52   #
Wow! So cool. Gonna get this sucker
Jun 25, 2018 19:42:50   #
Great to know looks, like the zoom is the way I will go. Looks like the extra reach, flexibility and cost is a big plus
Jun 25, 2018 15:38:13   #
Thanks for the info Thomas. I am not a pro just a guy with a camera having fun and not really interested in action sports I will stay with with the 7200. Just looking for a long range lens for sunsets, nature. lands etc.capes Trying to decide between Nikon 300 f/4 + 1.4 teleconverter, Nikon 200-500. Also looking at the Sigma and the Tamron super zooms too.
Jun 24, 2018 14:48:11   #
Thanks guys for the quick replies sounds like a winner so far.
Jun 24, 2018 14:07:18   #
Hey Hoggers, anyone use the Nikon 200-500? Been looking for something with serious reach to complete my set up. Plan to use for sunsets. nature, animals. etc. Does anyone have experience with the 200-500? I have been researching and so far have read quite a few positive reviews. I generally take reviews with a grain of salt and rely on real world experiences to help me make up my mind. My initial thinking was a 300mm+ 1.4 tele but I am not too keen on teles. My budget in the $1500 range. Thanks for any input.
Jun 18, 2018 17:48:01   #
Thanks for all your input Hoggers I really value you expertise. Probably 99% of the info I got i knew already.I guess more than anything I was looking for conformation. I will stick with my current gear and pickup a 7200. As I said I am pretty happy with the 7100 but the 7200 will make the wife happy with the built in wifi + the other few upgrades. You know how it goes.....happy wife happy life!!
Jun 17, 2018 16:03:06   #
Yea they are good options looking into both I really don"t care for the screen just something else to break
Jun 17, 2018 14:58:10   #
Ok all in for the 7200.Looking to trade in my 7100 to Adorama. Got less than 15k clicks on it. I could probably get more $ by selling but this is pretty easy and quick.
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