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Feb 26, 2019 12:39:00   #
imagemeister wrote:
And, costlier ! - with a smaller f-stop for AF focus ....


Better lenses usually cost more. Better build quality, completely weather sealed, sharper, and an extra 100 mm of reach. And further more, the focusing at 6.3 is just as fast as at 5.6.
It also plays very well with the Sigma 1.4 TC.
Jan 20, 2019 14:16:18   #
If the sky is clear, I'll be out with the D810 and 150-600 Sigma Sport. No tripod necessary!
Jan 16, 2019 18:47:16   #
BebuLamar wrote:
They didn't tell us how to focus to infinity. On Nikon AF lenses it's difficult to set focus to infinity.

I just use auto focus.
Jan 16, 2019 18:41:25   #
foxfirerodandgun wrote:
Using Nikon's tips, I wonder what ISO would produce the best images with minimum noise where there is virtually no light pollution?

5 Quick Tips for Photographing the Moon

Select an aperture of f/11 or f/16
Set the camera’s exposure manually
Set the focus to infinity
Use Spot metering for a correct exposure of the moon
Use a shutter speed of at least 1/15 second or faster
1/250 sec. f7.1 ISO 200 600mm

Dec 24, 2018 16:21:23   #
jeep_daddy wrote:
You get used to them. I have the Lee Big Stopper and I love it. I've used several kinds and the Lee has the least amount of color cast. Once you have it set up simply remove by pulling on the spring loaded button, then compose and focus your camera, turn off autofocus, put the filter back on. Figure out your shutter duration and then take the shot. Isn't the Little Stopper 5 stops? I may be wrong. I'm thinking about getting that too, but I can buy a 3 filter gel set for $60 that consists of a 1,2 & 3 stop filter for a total of 6 stops. So I will probably go that route.
You get used to them. I have the Lee Big Stopper ... (show quote)

The Little Stopper is 6 stops.
Dec 14, 2018 18:43:31   #
Oct 16, 2018 16:49:23   #
Amazon has a variety of Lee filter kits to choose from.
Oct 1, 2018 13:01:26   #
Dr.Nikon wrote:
Nice shot of the moon .., very clear ..D810 sigma sport ..

Thank you.
Sep 26, 2018 20:41:37   #
UTMike wrote:
Thanks! I will try againtonighrt and add a remote trigger.

Your welcome. I would try it without the 2x converter.
Sep 26, 2018 18:21:28   #
suci wrote:
You probably know that shooting the moon is the same as shooting any day lit scene. Here for the length of your lens your shutter was way too slow. I normally shoot the moon at ISO 400 1/1000 sec and about f8. to f10
I used an 80/400 auto focus. 70 /210 Vivitar Ser..1. 100/300 sears manual focus for Minolta. 70/300, EOS auto focus though it wn't focus on the EX6. I got sharp pictures with all, shooting hand held.

You don't really need a fast shutter speed for a moon shot, but you need a steady hand or good tripod.

This was shot handheld, auto focus, D810 w/ Sigma 150-600 Sport
1/250 sec. f7.1 ISO 200 600mm

Sep 26, 2018 17:48:43   #
Chief_Warrant wrote:
Give Affinity Photo a shot, you'll love it!

Sep 25, 2018 17:30:36   #
Les Brown wrote:
Here is one of my better efforts.

Looks good Les!
Sep 25, 2018 15:35:00   #
Les Brown wrote:
Wolfman, love it!

Thanks, Les.
Sep 25, 2018 13:12:00   #
Les Brown wrote:
Please, a bit of advice. I love shooting shore birds, both still and in flight. Many are snowy white. I shoot with a D7200 and a Nikon 200- 500 lens, that I love. But regardless of lens, I still have trouble capturing wing and feather texture without a white wash out. I try to keep the light behind me as much ss possible. I can do a good bit with PP, but more advice, sources, appreciated. Thanks in advance great UHHers.

D810 Sigma 150-600 Sport/w TC-1401
Shot his at -1EV
1/3200sec ISO1250 f/9 -1EV 260mm

Sep 24, 2018 17:07:23   #
When on a monopod you can have VR on
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