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Jun 16, 2019 21:13:41   #
Jun 16, 2019 21:12:26   #
Cell phones are getting great and they have their purpose and place, as do SLR, DSLR, etc.
I have no problem viewing cell phone images, and use my S-III often, especially for some panoramas.
(But I do use my big camera a lot more than the cell.)
Jun 16, 2019 20:59:59   #
Welcome to the forum.
Jun 16, 2019 20:44:00   #
John O. wrote:
What a bunch of misinformation on this site! Windows 10 has not updated its codec! I have a 5 year old Canon and I can view my XCR.2 files in Windows Explorer just fine. My wife has a Canon DLS that is less than 2 years old and she cannot view her raw anon files (CR.2) because Windows no longer updates its codec program. The best suggestion I have is to view the 6D ii raw files (CR.2) in Canon's program. A link to this program is given with your camera information. Or, you can go to Canon's website, go to the 6Dii information and there will be a tab for several downloads. It is worth the effort to work with RAW. Best Regards. John O.
What a bunch of misinformation on this site! Wind... (show quote)

Yep, I know what you mean. There are no CR.2 files.
Is XCR2 new? I could find no reference to it anywhere.
(.CRW, .CR2, and .CR3 files exist though.)
Jun 16, 2019 19:21:30   #
Jun 16, 2019 19:17:34   #
Jun 16, 2019 19:12:16   #
[quote=Bill P]
jerryc41 wrote:
In searching for a solution, I discovered that SD cards can be or can become raw.

Ehere did you get this info? Any SD card can record RAW files, but they must be shot in the camera for RAW files or they won't happen.

And capitals or not makes no difference.

I knew this (the confusion) was going to happen... .
The article is not talking about recording RAW camera files, but using the terminology "raw" as in describing the card prior to being prepared to use. Kinda like raw meat before it is prepared for consumption.
Jun 16, 2019 18:57:23   #
jerryc41 wrote:
In searching for a solution, I discovered that SD cards can be or can become raw. More terminology to understand. Like raw photo files, this also just means raw material - as in unprepared - so capitalizing isn't necessary.

Great, something else not to worry about. Ten years, never a problem.
People will have the propensity to be so much more confused than they may be now.
Jun 16, 2019 18:33:14   #
gvarner wrote:
You could download it. It’s free. And without the CODEC you can do everything with the files using Windows Explorer except view the embedded JPEG.

Yes I could, but I have no need to do so.
Since the RAW files are basically the same image contents as the JPEG, I view the JPEG in Explorer to see if I want to pursue working with the RAW file. I really don't need the codec. It gains me nothing. I don't need to look at two instances of the same image.
But that's just me.
Jun 16, 2019 18:12:32   #
Selene03 wrote:
This would definitely be true unless you were using a camera that had come out before Windows 10. You should be able to view those raw files just fine. In fact, I think Microsoft was updating codecs regularly before Windows 10.

My Windows 7 evidently does not have the proper/required codec installed as it cannot view/display any of my .CR2 files from my camera which was purchased in 2010.
Jun 16, 2019 17:55:39   #
gvarner wrote:
This is not true. Any version of Windows with the proper CODEC file has no problem viewing, copying, moving, or deleting RAW files. Windows 10 comes with that file.

Hmmm. Key operator: "with the proper codec".
I don't have the codec, so my Windows 7, as it is, cannot see them.
Nor, without the codec, is it capable of seeing them.

Seeing things is relative.
It is true for Windows without the proper codec...
Jun 16, 2019 17:45:27   #
Jun 16, 2019 17:41:22   #
Ouch. Sorry for your situation, but welcome to the forum.

Bridge camera, pocket camera, or DSLR?
Once they have an idea, many here can make suggestions.
Jun 16, 2019 17:31:02   #
Min Ron wrote:
Wow... Maybe you'd think of another type that of equipment and upgrade them along with software. I just recently bought 2 Chromebooks, 2 laptops, the Adobe Cloud software and 2 Nikon's D3500 & D5600. Pretty awesome and amazing stuff.

This is directed at whom?
Jun 16, 2019 17:07:32   #
Jay Pat wrote:
Telescopic compression...... Is that what I'm feeling?

Enjoyed the winter, view!!

Yea, kinda cold looking from what the engine exhaust did to the bridge.
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