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Aug 21, 2019 17:43:07   #
I recently inherited about 10,000 slides my father shot in the 1940's through 1990's, including photos of my brother and me growing up in the 50's and 60's. I searched for scanners to convert them from 35mm to digital, but instead decided to buy a Nikon ES-1 Slide Copying Adapter extension tube that I could place on my AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm 2.8D lens to dupe the slides ( The results amazed me and confirmed that Dad was a pretty good photographer with his old Kodak 35mm camera. Photos as old as 1942 turned out great with a little trial-and-error and minor edit tweaking using the Photos software built into my Macbook Pro. The Slide Copying Adapter cost about $62 on Amazon. It's been a very time consuming process, but the final digital products were worth the effort (plus I was able to throw out four or five boxes of old 35mm slides). See some of the results...



Jul 17, 2019 18:46:34   #
I have a D850 and two Nikon Df's, which I love. If I were to add (gulp) a fourth Nikon camera to my arsenal, I'd go for a crop-sensor D500 to go with my D850. The D500 is destined to become (if it hasn't already become) a legendary Nikon camera, and its relatively compact size coupled with FX lenses would be a powerful complement to the D850 for wildlife, sports and action shooting. Check out some of the YouTube reviews for the D500. A couple of informative D850 versus D500 comparative videos: and
Jul 17, 2019 18:37:38   #
I recently stepped-up from a D810 to the D850, and boy I'm glad I did. Go with the D850 for the best all around DSLR camera experience you can currently get, and spend some of the money you saved on some really good Nikkor FX glass.
Jul 9, 2019 12:26:00   #
I've found both KEH and Roberts Photo's Used Photo Pro both to be reputable and honest sellers of used cameras and lenses.
Jun 29, 2019 12:43:52   #
Might as well bite the bullet and get a Nikon D850... currently the best DSLR for virtually all types of photography. I replaced my D810 with a D850 and much prefer the D850. Get it refurbished on the Nikon site ( but wait for one of Nikon's periodic special 10% off refurbished products sale, usually around holidays like 4th of July, Labor Day, etc. etc. Sign up for Nikon emails and they'll let you know when they have a sale. I bought my D850 refurbished from Nikon and it had about 25 clicks on it when I got it. Also bought refurbished Df, speedlights and many lenses and never had a problem with any of Nikon's factory refurbed products. Have fun... the D850 is a great camera and you'll love it.

Jun 22, 2019 16:41:32   #
The easiest way I remove stuck lens filters from the lens is to wear a Playtex Living Glove on one hand, grip the filter with the gloved hand and twist. It works every time for me, and now I carry a Playtex Glove in my gadget bag "just in case."
Jun 18, 2019 13:02:12   #
The absolute best way in the world to clean a camera lens video...
Jun 18, 2019 12:49:24   #
You don't mention what camera you own or what lenses you use, or how heavy a load you typically carry. But I've been very pleased with UpStrap-Pro camera straps for my Nikon D850 and a 2-3 pound lens. UpStrap features a non-slip "sure grip" shoulder/neck pad that stays in place and is easy on the neck. UpStrap camera straps are made very well and offer different styles depending on the weights of the camera and lenses you're going to use it with... plus they're actually made in the USA.
Jun 18, 2019 12:47:47   #
Mar 30, 2019 18:18:06   #
I'd bring the D5300 and Sigma... just in case you run into DJT and have a chance to get some good photos!
Mar 30, 2019 18:03:46   #
Check out the Nikon Df... accepts Nikkor lenses back to the 70's and resembles a Nikon F. Save money by buying a refurbished Df on

Oct 12, 2018 09:49:53   #
I recently inherited my father’s collection of more than 5,000 35mm slides from the 1947 through 1996, including tons of shots of my brother and me growing up in the 1950s and 60s I purchased a Nikon slide adapter to use with my Nikon D810 and Nikkor 60mm f2.8D lens and am in the process of sorting, selecting, shooting and editing the slides I want to keep and digitize. While very time consuming it is also very rewarding to take 70 year old slides and convert them to digital for easy storage and viewing and sharing. Attached are some photos of me as a kid...

Aug 27, 2018 11:41:34   #
I watched the online Nikon Z6/7 Hands-on Panel Discussion (twice) as well as watched or read user reviews on numerous web sites, but I still don’t understand why I should want or need this new mirrorless camera. I currently own a Nikon D810 and two Nikon Df’s along with a variety of AI-S, D, G and E lenses. What are the compelling reasons why I should add this camera to my current Nikon product collection or replace one of my existing cameras? And if for some reason I need a mirrorless camera, wouldn’t I be better off buying a Fujifilm XT2 with a Nikon F mount converter?
Jul 26, 2018 12:59:06   #
I recently purchased a RAVPower EN EL15A battery from Amazon during the Amazon Prime Day sale. It came with a USB charger, connecting wire and two batteries. It took about 2 hours to charge each battery, both batteries fit perfectly into my D810, were recognized by the camera and indicated full charges. The batteries also popped-out of the D810’s battery compartment easily and without issue. So far I’ve only taken about 250 shots with one of the batteries (including using the pop-up flash), and the battery I’m testing seems to be holding its charge. After four days’ storage in the D810, I’ve lost one bar on the camera’s battery meter. So... so far so good with the RAVPower. I also like the RAVPower battery charger which allows charging of two batteries simultaneously.
Jul 7, 2018 20:46:30   #
I’ve used KEH both to buy and sell gear. Their product descriptions on the “buy side” are accurate and reliable, and if anything are a tad conservative... i.e. items graded as “excellent” in many cases are more likely “excellent-plus” on delivery. Orders are processed quickly and are packed securely. Seems like a reputable company based on my experience. Sign-up for their emails and they periodically have 5-10% off coupon offers.
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