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Aug 17, 2019 21:55:40   #
Aug 12, 2019 22:47:54   #
Aug 11, 2019 21:57:41   #
I'd echo the suggestions you've received for the Olympus omd cameras -- because of the superb in body image stabilization, which will give you 5 stops to correct the camera shake from hand or boat.

However, if you want to stay with the DSLR type camera, I'd recommend considering Pentax, which has a good IBIS system as well and is also renowned for its weather sealing. I don't know how many videos there are on youtube with somebody dunking their pentax with the camera coming out dripping wet but working perfectly.

As it happens, I have a nearly new Pentax KS2 that I'm considering selling (since I've gone pretty much 100% mirrorless myself.) It's kinda comparable to your Canon but has more megapixals (20mp) and has a large High-Resolution 3 inch variable angle swing out LCD Monitor.

If you're at all interested, let me know.
Aug 9, 2019 20:16:51   #
Aug 5, 2019 21:52:02   #
Aug 2, 2019 20:26:52   #
Another reminder:

All submissions clearly on topic with the OP, the self-selected "best of 2019", are available for viewing in a shared dropbox folder. Here's the link:

There are currently 64 images in this collection.

For those of you who submitted more than one photo, I selected only the first one, unless it was clear that you considered one of the others your "best of the year" as defined in the OP. Please let me know if there's any problem with your submission.

Some really awesome stuff! Congratulations to all.
Jul 26, 2019 21:25:05   #
Jul 22, 2019 23:17:21   #
Jul 22, 2019 20:02:38   #
Just a reminder:

All submissions clearly on topic with the OP, the self-selected "best of 2019", are available for viewing in a shared dropbox folder. Here's the link:

We're up to 46 submissions as of right now, with a real diversity of subject matter, technique and aesthetic. Excellent work, y'all.
Jul 21, 2019 00:24:03   #
deer2ker wrote:
If anyone would like to have fun with these photos, I would sure love to see what you could do!

This was fun. Thanks for offering up these images.

Jul 18, 2019 22:24:13   #
Jul 17, 2019 21:49:39   #
Unfortunately, what started as a fun idea seems to have switched directions. Which is a pity, since I thought there have been some wonderful images selected by some very talented UHH'ers.

In hopes of making it easier to enjoy the submissions that were clearly on topic with the original OP, I've loaded all the self-selected "best of 2019" into a dropbox folder. Here's the link:

Chris T -- I'm not sure if you want your submission of the lion's head to be included, since it's not clear whether or not it meets your original challenge; but would be glad to add it or any other image that you deem your best of the year.

I hope this isn't considered hijacking the thread -- just trying to assemble a little online gallery for our collective pleasure.
Jul 17, 2019 05:24:30   #
Chris T wrote:
Nowhere near, Scotty … but - they ARE all recent …

The "all" refers to about a half-dozen others, I've also attempted to post, since - but, failed in ALL attempts ... I guess another reboot is called for ...

The common denominator - is the entire series (100+) were shot on my walk, on Monday ….

Now I'm confused too. I thought your op was asking for "What YOU think is the very best photograph, you've taken, so far - in 2019? … You know - the one you are so very delighted with."

Why did you post one that is "nowhere near"?
Jul 16, 2019 21:52:31   #
I kind of like this one. A little loopy street photography.

Jul 15, 2019 22:35:37   #
A little work in DXO PhotoLab and NIK Color Efex. Nice image to play with -- thanks for providing.

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