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Jan 16, 2019 13:44:22   #
jcboy3 wrote:
Yes. Extreme vetting for TRUMP WOULD have avoided this mess.

Really boy, he has been vetted to the extreme for over 2 years and not one little shred of anything. Wrong again.
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Jan 16, 2019 13:16:14   #
jcboy3 wrote:
Yes. Extreme vetting for president wanna be's WOULD have avoided this mess.

Agreed. Extreme vetting would have kept the muslim out of the White House.
Jan 16, 2019 12:50:09   #
mjmoore17 wrote:
Spoken by the local joke.

Only in the little lib fascist socialist mind and who gives a crap what one of them think?
Jan 16, 2019 12:49:11   #
mjmoore17 wrote:
So what you are saying is that he would be a good Republican.

Upside down flag guy, you sound like little tommie trying to be clever and insult and having his usual epic fail at it.
Jan 16, 2019 12:48:02   #
LWW wrote:
You can explain it to them, you can't understand it for them.

Very true.
Jan 16, 2019 12:47:16   #
mjmoore17 wrote:
To quote your comrade Elaine.. it was effectively reduced. There were 8 voters and not 9.

Upside down flag guy, The supreme court was nine with one vacancy. That in any sane mind is not a "reduced" court. It is still a court of 9. Give it up, you are wrong.
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Jan 16, 2019 12:44:49   #
Rose42 wrote:
You are quick to label 'science denier' which is a specious claim. It makes no sense for people not to be skeptical given that there are always those who seek control over others.

Exactly, it is seeking power over others and financial benefit.
Jan 16, 2019 12:44:04   #
BigWahoo wrote:
I understand that 'science deniers' will never be convinced that global warming can be influenced by human activity.

The Conservatives in the U.S. have let big business do their thinking for them and their politicians are all owned by big corporations.

"More people in the United States doubt that humans are responsible for climate change than just about any other country. What accounts for this discrepancy?

'Our politics'. Climate-change denial is a core tenet of one of our two major political parties. Its skepticism is unmatched around the world.

A paper from researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway found that among major political parties — even conservative ones — the GOP stands alone in its rejection of the need to tackle climate change.

One analysis by PolitiFact agreed that “virtually no Republican” in Washington accepts climate-change science.

It wasn’t always this way. In 2008, Republican presidential candidate John McCain produced an ad praising him as a candidate who “sounded the alarm on global warming.”

According to an insightful New York Times article, the party transformed itself into a party of skeptics in just a decade, thanks to 'big political money'"
I understand that 'science deniers' will never be ... (show quote)

Scientifically Prove it is an issue and happening which they cannot do and they widely disagree on, or it is some boneheads opinion, nothing more. It is amazing to me how you lib fascist socialist dems can just jump on board anything, no proof needed as long as it is your party spouting the crap.
Jan 16, 2019 12:41:23   #
SteveS wrote:
According to your chart, the number of border apprehensions are down, but it doesn't address how many have crossed the border without being caught. In 2018, 400,000 were apprehended, again we don't know how many were able to cross without detection. If you don't believe half a million illegals trying to breach our border is a crisis, what number do you consider as an invasion? Without vetting, no one has any idea who, what or why our borders are being crossed. If you really believe everyone attempting or crossing our borders are law abiding migrants just seeking to better their lives, you are in clear denial of reality.
According to your chart, the number of border appr... (show quote)

Jan 16, 2019 12:40:42   #
lenben wrote:
Illegal crossings steadily drop. GOP controls White House and both houses of Congress for two years with no action on border and no statements even about whether there is a problem. Dems take over house and "suddenly" there is a crisis. As things improve we suddenly have a crisis? I think the crisis is that Mueller is closing in on Trump and he needs a major diversion to distract from his legal trouble.

I think you have not been paying attention. Every president declares the border and its lack of security an important issue. Trump is the only one trying to do anything about it.
Jan 16, 2019 12:38:26   #
Frosty wrote:
Awhile back you falsely chastised me for name calling. Which is untrue, since I have seldom, if ever, resorted to name calling. Once I told a story about spreading manure. You said I just insulted 40 million people that voted for Trump, ( the 43 million who voted for Hillary probably did like it). Now, I see you using the terms, "lib fascist socialist dems" and "little boy" constantly. The demeaning name calling you do is pure hypocrisy. Not pretty.

If democrats are enslaving blacks by keeping them in poverty, please explain how they are doing this and also, since Republicans have been in control of Congress and/or the White House for years and in control of both for the past two years, what have they done to change this perceived situation? All I've seen is efforts to make it more difficult for them to vote, gerrymandering to negate their vote, make it more difficult for them to get health insurance and efforts to reduce their financial safety net. Please state what Republicans have done for blacks when they were in control.
Awhile back you falsely chastised me for name call... (show quote)

Get over yourself Frosty. Little tomme, tard and jcboy act like preschoolers so I refer to them that way. It is mine as well as many others that the dems are lib fascist and socialist. That is not "name calling" they even describe themselves as socialists. Ocasio Cortez, the the lib fascist socialist dems little darling is an admitted socialist. She is an idiot, but she is one of yours. There is the party of the democrat socialists in government and Democratic Socialists of America. Conservatives are not socialists.

So, your opinion is that if one has to have ID to vote, that is JUST TOO DIFFICULT? I guess you view minorities as too stupid or lazy to get ID? You have to have ID to buy alcohol, cigarettes, a bank account, food stamps, welfare, social security, medicaid, unemployment, getting a job, pay rent or buy a house, drive, buy or rent a car, fly, get married, purchase a gun, rent a hotel room, adopt a pet, get a hunting or fishing license, buy a cell phone, visit a casino, and even buying certain cold medications, but you think it is unfair to ask a potential voter to supply ID? What is wrong with you?

Frosty, you see what you want to see and what fits your narrative. You have heard it all explained before how the lib fascist socialist dems enslave the poor, obviously you choose not to believe that. Me repeating it one more time will not change your opinion Another poster posted this. Watch if you want. It lays it out pretty clearly.
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Jan 16, 2019 12:20:25   #
Kraken wrote:
Extreme vetting for president wanna be's may have avoided this mess.

"This mess" as you ignorantly refer to it is none of your business. You are canadian Krackhead, remember?
Jan 16, 2019 12:19:01   #
Kmgw9v wrote:
No one is picking on Trump. His connections, his lies about those connections; all give cause to question what this man is doing with Russia. Simply too much smoke to ignore. If he has done nothing wrong, he should want an investigation to clear his name.
Instead, he lies more, and hires more lawyers.

Two years and not one iota of proof and still the Russian dogma. Why? You never questioned the treason of Hildabeast or the messiah.
Jan 16, 2019 12:17:38   #
jcboy3 wrote:
Trumps actions are sufficient to question his loyalty.

Only in the lib fascist socialist mind little boy.
Jan 16, 2019 12:17:11   #
Kraken wrote:
Where do find your facts, in your fantasy world?

Krackhead you must be lonely. If you are going to respond to a post not directed at you, at least have sense enough to stay on topic. Go help the muslims taking over your country.
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