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Jul 11, 2019 09:01:52   #
wagaboo wrote:
Thanks all. Paul my keeper rate on hummers is roughly 90% :)

Really? That is great. This shot is very nice, showing great feather detail and even better flower detail.
Jul 10, 2019 09:01:58   #
Those are 2 beautiful pictures. #2 has an almost surrealistic appearance. You have motivated me to give this a try.
Jul 8, 2019 16:49:26   #
kpmac wrote:
Beautiful image.

Thank you for your views and compliment.
Jul 8, 2019 16:48:42   #
boberic wrote:
Sensational, it belongs in an Audubon Calendar Send them a copy, I think they have contests

Thank you for your compliment. With enough patience, even the blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn. I certainly have taken enough pictures of this bird to qualify as "a patient photographer".
Jul 8, 2019 16:46:26   #
Earnest Botello wrote:
Very good shot.

Good subject, good conditions. Thank you.
Jul 8, 2019 10:19:00   #
Fotoartist wrote:
I missed the name of the bird.

Scarlet-rumped Tanager, formerly either Passerini's Tanager or Cherie's Tanager (were 2 separate species that looked identical and species ID depended on appearance of the female).
Jul 8, 2019 10:17:19   #
phv wrote:
Fantastic capture!

It is a beautiful bird, isn't it?
Jul 8, 2019 05:52:26   #
Jul 8, 2019 05:52:12   #
JoAnneK01 wrote:
A fabulous job. You've captured the colors beautifully. Congratulations!!! Patience does win out with due persistence. Mahalo for sharing.

Thank you. One does hope that, eventually, the "photo gods" will smile for you.
Jul 8, 2019 05:51:23   #
UTMike wrote:
Excellent work!

Thank you for that nice compliment.
Jul 8, 2019 00:15:45   #
This is an example of the difficulties in getting good exposures on this bird. The rump and back are scarlet red, not orange or yellow. The following attachment will show what that looks like when the red channel is blown out.
This picture was overcooked in post because I was attempting to get some of the detail back and I failed miserably. Actually made the picture worse than the original.

Jul 8, 2019 00:08:14   #
Retired CPO wrote:
Beautiful bird and great photo. Where did you find him?

Thank you. They are beautiful birds. These are common in Central America. This particular bird was shot in north central Costa Rica, near the town of La Virgen.
Jul 8, 2019 00:06:59   #
NMGal wrote:
Wonderful job.

Thank you. I love this species; typically they are common and cooperative. But, damn, they are difficult to get a good exposure on. Females are orange and black flecked. Easy to get great shots.
Jul 7, 2019 23:45:24   #
I have taken literally 100's of pictures of this species of bird over the last 10 years. Very difficult bird to get a good exposure of (at least for me). The majority of the bird is jet black, but the crimson or scarlet rump is a "neon" bright red. To get any detail in the black, the reds blow out. Often there are no "blinkies" because it is only the red channel that is blown (unless you are looking at a color channel histogram).
This bird used to be called a Passerini Tanager or Cheri's Tanager but both species are now combined into one species-Scarlet-rumped Tanager.
What this bird shows me is that lighting is everything. Bright beautiful sunlight will blow out the reds every time. This picture was taken in a light rain with heavy overcast. I used a Canon 5d4 with a 500 mm f/4.0 lens at a range of about 15'. It was taken with an ISO of 4000 and Topaz DeNoise AI was used. This was cropped only to meet UHH specifications.

Jul 7, 2019 09:09:24   #
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