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Feb 17, 2020 07:38:44   #
trapper1 wrote:
Regarding 300 mm lens, all things else being equal, is the image from a 300 prime superior or inferior to images taken with a 300 mm zoom set at 300mm? Or is it the flexibility of the zoom that is the main attraction of the zoom?

The issue (IMO) with zooms is not tthe he focal length, but the variable aperture. At 300mm zooms will stop down to f/5.6 or worse, so that a f/2.8 prime 300mm at f/5.6 will be much sharper at f/5.6 than a zoom at that aperture. It’s just optical physics.
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Feb 12, 2020 06:53:35   #
jim quist wrote:
I have used a monopod for years photographing college and high school sports and have never felt the need for a monopod. As I think about it I can't think of a reason to put a head on a monopod. What have I been missing out on? For those of you who use a head on a monopod will you sell me on the idea?

It’s a personal choice. I have a pod for 20 years and 2 years ago I put a head on it. Much easier to mount /dismount the body, and it looks cool
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Feb 9, 2020 07:27:59   #
MadMikeOne wrote:
Hi all,

In 2018 I was in Africa for several weeks on 2 separate non-photography tours. While they were enjoyable, I had expected to be able to spend more time photographing the amazing wildlife. I am now making plans to go back in 2021 (we’re busy for the rest of 2020). My focus is on locating and booking a Photography Tour with LOTS of time spent photographing the animals. Kenya is where I would like to spend most, if not all, of my time back in Africa.

It would be very helpful if any of you who have actually been on a photography tour in Africa could make suggestions and recommendations as to a tour leader or company to go with. Hearing both positives and negatives about specific companies and leaders would be much appreciated a d very helpful. Feel free to PM me if you would be more comfortable responding in that manner.

Thanks in advance
Hi all, br br In 2018 I was in Africa for several... (show quote)

Pangolin. Hook up with Charl Stols
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Jan 31, 2020 09:06:30   #
jaymatt wrote:
I like to take interesting sunsets. That said, I was talking to a photographer friend the other day who said that if you’ve seen four or five sunsets, you’ve seen them all. That got me to thinking--is he correct?




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Jan 31, 2020 09:03:45   #
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Jan 29, 2020 08:35:05   #
kfoo wrote:
What are the disadvantages or advantages of using an FX lens on a DX body? Thanks in advance.

I was shooting with both a D300s and a D700 until January 2016. All of my lenses were Nikkor FX f/2.8 or faster (and still are). I found that the advantage was that I could use one lens arsenal for all of my imaging, I benefited from the crop factor on the DX body when using FX glass. I did not lose on the wide side since my wide lens is a Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8 and when shooting with the D300s, if I wanted wider than (effective) 25.5mm, I just shot 2 images and merged them. I knew I would eventually get a better FX body and did not want to invest any $ in inferior DX lenses.
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Jan 26, 2020 09:06:08   #
Keith S wrote:
Hi All UHH Members,

I am thinking about moving from my Canon t2i to a full frame camera. I can't spend more than about 2k. My current lenses are only good for my t2i, so everything requires change.
I am asking for suggestions that fit into the $2k catagory. Of course maybe a package deal for starters.
I like my t2i but am not set on staying with canon. BTW I shoot mostly outdoors and landscape and nature. I am very novice at this.
Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

Hi All UHH Members, br br I am thinking about mov... (show quote)

I have shot with both crop sensor bodies and FF bodies and current use both. My main interest is also Landscape. So, I’d ask you > WHY do you want to move to a FF body? What images are you not able to capture with what you have now? Why do you think that a FF body is an “upgrade”.

Full frame is NOT the holy grail, and unless you are planning on printing (and selling) images larger than 20x30, my advise is to learn how to make superior images with your existing equipment, maybe add some high quality glass and enjoy photography, not equipment.

Apologies to all the others who have contrary advice and all the retailers as well.
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Jan 19, 2020 11:31:21   #
doclrb wrote:

Any recommendations pls?

Also any location recommendations for photographing seals and/sea lions beside La Jolla Cove and the Children’s Pool area?

Many thanks


We were in La Jolla on Thursday and walked/photographed at the cove. The sea lions/seals were resting on both beaches and there were a plethora of pelicans and coromonts.
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Jan 19, 2020 11:23:26   #
edupen wrote:
I have a Nikon 7200 thinking of buying a full frame Nikon D810. Will the lens for the Nikon 7200 work with the Nikon D810?

Your DX lenses will “work” but the D810 will shoot in DX mode which is about 16mp of the 36mp sensor. So, I would not recommend using DX lenses on a FX body.
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Jan 12, 2020 11:20:22   #
zenagain wrote:
I recently updated camera bodies to the Nikon D810.
Coming from the D7100 that uses 2 sd cards, i have a question for d810 users.
Which card do you use as the primary? And which as the back up or overflow? And why?
I have watched a couple youtube videos, but they did not come close to answering my simple question.
I currently have the sd card as primary and the cf as backup.
Thank you.

I have had a D810 for four years, coming from D700/D300s. I have used only CF cards in it. Not fan of SD cards at all. My cards are 32GB and 64GB and none are used for more than 2 days when travelling.
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Jan 8, 2020 08:06:16   #
dennis2146 wrote:
I never shoot RAW but my WAG is that shooting as close to possible to what the scene requires to begin with makes for a better finished photo.


I always shoot RAW (NEF) and use the histogram for exposure, so yes Ichange the ISO as required.
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Jan 6, 2020 07:43:09   #
nevessa wrote:
Has anyone attempted to create a hard copy photo book? What self publishing platform was used? I'm looking at Blurb.
How did you come up with a theme? I've started just gathering photos that I might use, but know I have to come up with some sort of theme and limit what I show.
Thanks for any and all tips or suggestions.

I use Blurb with terrific results. Most have been location oriented, but the last one dealt with “Water”. Click the Publications tab on my website at for full previews.
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Jan 4, 2020 07:48:26   #
sab2101 wrote:
I had a problem with one of the products that I purchased It is the Peak Design Clip, It broke and I got so frustrated with it that I threw it away, and I no longer had the receipt. I filed a warranty claim with P.D. and was advised they understood my problem and would make it right if I just write a note and place it where a copy of the receipt would go and where a picture of the problem would go. I did what they asked me to do and I have not heard back from them, this has been over a week ago. I keep e-mailing them with the # of the warranty form and they do not return my e-mail. I have lost the liking I have had for their products when it comes time for communication there is no phone #. and they do not return my e-mails. Just beware if you have a PD product and need warranty help they might not be there for you.
I had a problem with one of the products that I pu... (show quote)

So you threw it away and don’t have the receipt. I understand the problem too. But I don’t insult peoples’ intelligence. Also, the world is just coming off of a two week holiday period so that may be a contributing factor to the delay. But I’m just surmising..... Happy 2020.
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Jan 2, 2020 09:47:08   #
My first approach is as follows:

1. Hand camera to buddy
2. Tell him/her to press the AF button
3. Tell him/her to press the shutter
4. Tell him/her to hand my camera back to me

My second approach is as follows:

1. Frame the image and pre-focus
2. Switch focus to MF
3. Hand camera to buddy
4. Tell him/her to press the shutter
5. Tell him/her to hand my camera back to me

I don’t know about you guys, but these seem to work... The last step is crucial!
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Dec 31, 2019 10:05:59   #
My resolution is to earn the LRPS designation from the Royal Photographic Society (UK). I have had some assessments of my work and I’m getting close to meeting their exacting requirements.
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