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Jul 20, 2014 15:46:08   #
Wayne93 wrote:
Hey Guys I need help ASAP. I was trying to transfer images of a barrel race I took with a Lexar card reader using Nikon Transfer and I guess I fat fingered something, the transfer stopped and something deleted all the images. The images are on a Lexar Professional 300x 8gb CF card. The card had both Neff and JPEG normal files. I didn't have the option to delete card when finished picked, I have no clue why it did this. I have 75 women wait to see their photos so if anyone can help me recover these images I will forever be in your debt.
Hey Guys I need help ASAP. I was trying to transfe... (show quote)

Good news: Marking files as deleted just means the card thinks that memory space can be re-used.

Not-so-Bad news: It can take a little bit of work to recover the files. But most folks can master the process.

The process depends upon whether you use a Mac or a Windows PC to process your photos using the card reader.

Here is a good overview:
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