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Jul 13, 2019 13:18:50   #
You didn't mention the camera brand (or I didn't read the post carefully enough), but if it is a Nikon, you might consider California Precision on 28th Street in Sacramento ( They have done a lot of work for me and I can recommend them. You can call or email them if you are using non-Nikon gear.
Dec 14, 2018 12:56:53   #
I hesitate to stick my nose in here, but what the heck.

Before trying a fix, you should try to figure out where the problem is by examining the logs: Control Panel>System and Security>View event logs (under Administrative Tools). You may have to hunt around here but I would suggest checking the Windows section, looking for a red circle with and exclamation point in it. That may point you in the right direction.

Then make sure the Registry is in good shape. There are a number of tools to do this; I use the free version of CCleaner (Google it). But before running your tool,create a Restore Point just in case (Google "Create restore point in Windows 10," if you don't remember how to do this).

Incidentally, for those whose systems slow down after an update, you might want to run the usual tools on your drives--Right click the drive and select Properties. Click Disk Cleanup. After this has run, select to Tools tab and run the two tolls listed there, top to bottom. Remember to create a restore point before doing any of this.

Good luck.
Sep 7, 2018 22:21:39   #
I use an Acratech Universal "L" bracket. Not inexpensive, but it includes an ArcaSwiss compatible clamp for quick attachment and removal. The design gives easy access to the ports on my D800e and D3. You will need a camera plate. As I said, not inexpensive but in this case you do get what you paid for.
Jun 30, 2018 12:34:35   #
I use the Acratech 1138 L Bracket. It is a little pricier than the Chinese special but includes a clamp so you can use the Arca Swiss plate on your cameras. They have 2 versions so check out their web site.
Mar 27, 2018 10:29:26   #
Are you willing to sell the 24-120 separately. If so, how much? And could you post a picture?
Mar 1, 2018 18:02:51   #
Thank you all for your advice and suggestions. I settled on a Benro Adventure 4. And I ordered the inexpensive Amazon monopod for my Granddaughter (to be shared with her father).
Feb 27, 2018 09:37:01   #
I have been looking for a new monopod. If I had the dollars, I would probably get a Gitzo or RRS. Has anyone had experience with Feisol or Giotto carbon fiber monopods? And, in particular, is there a good reason to avoid either brand? - Forum
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