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Apr 11, 2019 07:04:20   #
Billbobboy42 wrote:
I thought My Pillow gave you the best night’s sleep ever, but now My Sheets gives you the best night’s sleep ever🙄. What’s next, My Mattress?

They just came out with a mattress topper, so the mattress should be coming soon.
Apr 6, 2019 07:14:17   #
PAToGraphy wrote:
p.14 Hey, Dennis, good to see you. Nice paths. Haven't been on the Saco Heath one for a while. Time to go back - after mud season.

Thanks, Pat. My one and only visit there was in late April of last year. I walked the whole path and only saw 5 or 6 other people. Very relaxing and a great time to avoid the crowds. Definitely plan to return.
Apr 5, 2019 12:05:04   #
Great topic! Here's a few of mine
The Flume Gorge, New Hampshire

Bicycle trail, Freeport, Maine

The Heath Preserve, Saco, Maine

To a scenic overlook, Grand Canyon

Mar 21, 2019 08:34:39   #
Very nice set, Bill. I, too, split my retirement time between photography and sawdust.
Feb 15, 2019 06:46:38   #
PAToGraphy wrote:
Bokeh in flowers.

I really like the dew drops on the last one, Pat. Pg. 3
Feb 14, 2019 19:07:31   #
Haymaker wrote:
The back and white bokeh of your first image really sets off the pink of your subject flower. I love the three red buds! Great set of images!

That background is the outside wall of my shed.
Feb 14, 2019 15:08:37   #
I would never claim to be an expert on this subject, but I think I get it right once in a while.





Jan 11, 2019 07:28:47   #
A couple more that I like.
Canada goose in her nest

Seagull at the beach

Jan 10, 2019 19:18:10   #
On nice days I like to sit on my deck with my Sigma 120-400 on my D7100 waiting for shots like these first three.
Tufted titmouse

Chipping sparrow

Eastern Bluebird - a rare sight

Canada geese, Pemaquid Lake, Maine

Seagulls on Casco Bay

Atlantic Puffins

Lone Puffin

GBH in flight - Florida

Jan 7, 2019 19:54:59   #
Roadrunner wrote:
Here you go, Dennis....Rt.201 South of Jackman

Those are my kind of photos.
Jan 7, 2019 13:39:18   #
I live in Maine so I've seen a tree or two in my lifetime. Here's a little variety.
Fort Williams Park - Portland

Some Birches in New Hampshire

Looking up

Rangely Lake - Maine

Cheating here - it's not real (Disney World.)

Fort Williams Park again

My favorite tree, up the road from my house

Jan 5, 2019 19:41:11   #
photogeneralist wrote:
An excellent exercise. All the photos grab me except the boat. I think it's because the range of tones of that photo is too centered with not enough brightness and therefore too muddy. I've done some extremely primitive enhancement trying to expand the range of brightness values in the boat and water without doing visual violence to the buildings against the sky.

Thank you for that input. When I process black and white, inexperienced as I am, I tend to avoid letting anything get too light or too dark. I need to be less timid with those sliders. Another lesson learned.

Jan 5, 2019 09:56:35   #
Blair Shaw Jr wrote:
As a beginner I benefit greatly from reading these threads and learning from those who know a lot about this craft and I wish to complement all of you for sharing your wisdom on helping this photographer enhance his work and allowing me to listen-in. It is always a joy to learn new things and I just wanted to let you guys know how important you really are to those of us on the sidelines. Great Forum Indeed.

Well said. I've already learned more than I expected to.
Jan 4, 2019 20:55:03   #
rgrenaderphoto wrote:
Shadows that are acceptable in color images will appear too dark with a B&W conversion. The image of the tractor for instance, if you had a selective filter like Lightroom's Radial, you could raise exposure by 1½ stops and open up shadows to see hidden detail. Same with the doorways and corners of #1

Good advice, thank you. My software is Elements 13, but here is what I could do.


Jan 4, 2019 20:40:57   #
Linda From Maine wrote:
The angle of view and cropped top of the barn make that one a little awkward IMO, though I do love the textures.

#3 is very cool. Who would have thought a tropical scene would do well in b&w?! Perhaps a little more tonal separation within the thickest foliage is warranted. Have you done dodging and burning?

The Ferris wheel is super. At first I thought too tight within the frame, but decided it works just fine as is. Very effective dizzying perspective. Removing color makes it all about the structure and a little about the insanity of those willing to try that ride
The angle of view and cropped top of the barn make... (show quote)

Thanks for chiming in, Linda. As for the barn - I used the widest angle lens I had. I will see it again and will try to shoot from further away.
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