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Feb 16, 2019 13:03:30   #
russelray wrote:
Looks like the steam locomotive & tender, and the caboose, are being moved somewhere by the diesel engine up front. If I could read the numbers on the locomotive and the caboose, I could tell you more about them.
That's why I asked where the photo was taken, since only five NKP "Berkshire" locomotives still exist.
Feb 16, 2019 10:55:01   #
BLE904 wrote:
You rarely see a Caboose now days.

Where was this photo taken?
Feb 12, 2019 21:14:04   #
bsprague wrote:
"The order has been reconstituted and the camera should be on the way soon."

I wonder how many shipments leave B&H each day. I wonder how many work perfectly.
I wonder how many purchasers complain here before they contact the merchant
Feb 12, 2019 20:57:39   #
sv3noKin51E wrote:
rehess; If B&H shipped the camera yet the buyer didn't receive the camera for whatever reason, and F/Ex claims they don't know what transpired, B&H should feel obligated to resolve the first instance with F/Ex. If the camera never made it to the customer, B&H should've immediately replaced the customer's order. In the past, at various times, B&H claimed they switched to F/Ex due to the volume of complaints concerning UPS. (there was mention of a customer's $20K camera which hadn't been delivered). Thankfully (hopefully) this case is resolved but no vendor should keep a customer's order in limbo, while waiting for the shipping company to locate or return a lost/missing or mis-delivered shipment. As long as the actual customer didn't take delivery, they're in the clear, but woe to the folks who now have it. Something likes this always generates strong feelings:) sv
rehess; If B&H shipped the camera yet the buye... (show quote)
Did you read the first post on page 10? {something like 6 hours before your post}
Feb 12, 2019 20:10:20   #
Chris T wrote:
Yes, RE - and it's - supposedly - good up to 819,200 … if you should want to go that high, RE …

And, I just read it also has an electronic shutter, good to 1/24000th …. wow!!! … neat !!!!

But, also - the review I just read, indicated there were problems with continual AF …

Have you experienced such problems, RE?

I don't usually use continual AF, so I can't comment on that.

Tonight my wife noticed an animal outside, so I went out on the deck {sweatshirt but no coat} and took these photos; even using LiveView, I had to hand-focus them. Beyond some point, "insanely high" ISO levels are of limited usefulness
ISO 204800 - 1/125 - f/4.5 - 135mm

ISO409600 - 1/250 - f/5.6 - 230mm

Feb 12, 2019 19:52:10   #
BebuLamar wrote:
B&H is great but what B&H do about Fed-Ex? I believe in this case B&H lost a camera am I right?
Apparently B&H handed a camera over to FedEx but no one seems to know what FedEx did with it.
Feb 12, 2019 15:51:17   #
Chris T wrote:
Oh, I see … well, apart from an accumulation of dust and hairs on the sensor - which no amount of cleaning seems to get rid of - my Rebel T3 - is still performing admirably - when I use it … but I've never had a moment of problems with my Rebel T4i - I consider it one of my best cameras ....

Dark Image Syndrome, huh? ... shame, RE ... my K-50 has developed the dreaded Blinks!!! ... You know that thing which brings attention to the lost highlights? ... Does it all the time, now ... even in PB mode!

The KP is your back-up to the K-30 - is it? ... Or, the other way around, RE?
Oh, I see … well, apart from an accumulation of du... (show quote)

KP is main camera .... so much better!

With the K-30 my self-imposed limit was ISO 800.
With the KP my current self-imposed limit is ISO 12800.
Feb 12, 2019 15:24:30   #
Chris T wrote:
Oh, that's a shame, RE … er - which Rebel models were they? … What happened when you contacted CanonUSA for help and advice?
I don't remember models.
The warranties had expired, so I didn't bother Canon.

My K-30 has succumbed to the Dark Image Syndrome, by it still works fine with aperture ring lenses, so it now is my backup with a FA 28-105 as its primary lens - the first time I've had a backup body since I went digital.

You are right that consumer cameras have issues.
Feb 12, 2019 14:51:01   #
Chris T wrote:
RE … this is really not the place to bring this up, since the post is about the Pentax K-70 (plus KP - thanks to you!) but - what issues did you have with the reliability of Canon Rebels? … I have two - as you can see, below … and I've never had any "issues" with either one of them. They are BOTH pretty dependable. But, I HAVE developed an issue with my K-50, however! … Also, an issue has developed with my EOS 60D, and, another DSLR - my Nikon D5300 - also, now - has an issue. Plus, my Sony a58 - has an issue - which it's had right from the get-go!!! … So, I don't think you can label an entire brand - because of individual problems you've had with certain cameras. They ALL develop problems, sooner, or later … !!!
RE … this is really not the place to bring this up... (show quote)

Two consecutive ones died of processor failure with a total shutter count of under 5K, each having progressive processor failure in the months leading to the final failure. The second one lasted 20 months.
Feb 12, 2019 14:01:12   #
Bokehen wrote:
Just another reason I really dislike these third party retailers like Abes, B&H Adarama.. If at all possible buy direct it's what I've done and I haven't been disappointed in my purchases.

During Black Friday, I purchased a Pentax KP from B&H for $700 {down from $900+ the week before} and a 55-300 PLM lens. Shortly after the package containing exactly what I ordered arrived, B&H reduced price of the lens by $20. After I contacted them, they very graciously gave me a $20 refund. B&H has always been responsive. You have no business listing them with Abes!!
Feb 12, 2019 13:20:50   #
User ID wrote:

We are truly in Pentax land here .... debating
over which Pentax wins the "Most Overlooked"
award. Hard to figger how Pentax fell into such
a state. Somebody stopped by the other day
with a Pentax FF outfit. Kinda big and clunky,
but it could walk on water and perform various
other miracles. And "big & clunky" is in no way
unique to Pentax anywho. His camera certainly
must be "Most Overlooked" among FF SLRs :-(

` br br We are truly in Pentax land here ..... (show quote)
When I purchased my first Pentax SLR in 1979, they were a leading brand. I switched to Canon in 1995 because their EF-mount looked much better than what Pentax was using; I was still a Canon user when we transitioned from the film age to the digital age, but I understand Pentax didn't handle that very gracefully either; apparently Asahi Optical was taken over by Hoya, which then sold Pentax to Ricoh. I had issues with the reliability of Canon Rebels, and ended up switching back to Pentax in 2015 .... and by that time they had become the "do they still exist?" producer.
Feb 12, 2019 00:21:58   #
Chris T wrote:
Of course you'd say that, RE - having just bought one ... er, you, and who else?

Thought it CAME with a grip, which can be changed - right?

But, listen, RE - the reason I posted this - is BECAUSE the K-70 ONLY costs $600.

The KP IS a couple hundred more, and it doesn't even offer a fully-articulating screen!!!

My understanding was - the IBIS was the same in BOTH cameras ...

How is it a better sensor-cleaner? ... What's different?

Yes, the high ISO is much extended on the KP, but, the K-70 is 102,400 - which is already higher than most other APS-C cameras out there - and for $200 LESS than the KP .... do you see?
Of course you'd say that, RE - having just bought ... (show quote)
$200 is not very much money - and for Black Friday, when I purchased it, Adorama and B&H had the KP for $700 {only $100 more than K-70}.

I think flippy screens are more practical than fully articulated screen {it keeps LCD directly behind camera body, so when taking discrete photo, subjects are less aware of it}.

KP IBIS is 5-axis, K-70 IBIS isn't

I'm talking about a battery grip, the kind of thing that contains extra batteries and attaches to the bottom of the camera body.

The K-70 vibrates its sensor at frequency person can hear to clean it, while the KP uses a more effective high-frequency "ultra-sonic" method.
Feb 11, 2019 22:24:03   #
Bill_de wrote:
To FedEx, B&H is the customer.

Tomorrow call B&H and ask for Henry Posner. He is their ultimate problem solver, and a good guy.


I really wish people would call B&H first and get actual facts before they vent here.

On Black Friday I ordered a Pentax KP and a Pentax 55-300mm PLM lens from B&H. A few days later, just after the packages arrived here, B&H lowered the price of the lens by $20, so I sent them an email asking if they would share the new price with me - and they did.
Feb 11, 2019 22:15:58   #
Chris T wrote:
Quote: "The Pentax K-70 is a 24 megapixel compact APS-C digital SLR camera announced by Ricoh on June 8, 2016. In contrast to the previously introduced APS-C flagship K-3 II, it includes a flash, flip-out display and built-in Wi-Fi. In common with that camera, the K-70 is capable of Pixel Shift Resolution images, which provide higher color resolution and require the camera to be stationary. It is the first Pentax camera to also include on-sensor PDAF elements that support hybrid autofocus, enabling continuous autofocus during video capture. Like its predecessors K-50 and K-S2, the Pentax K-70 is weather-sealed. Its price level and general features identify it as an upper entry level camera. In contrast to the flagship model, it lacks the second display and second memory card slot. It also uses a lower-specified imaging chip, the PRIME MII, but combines it with "a newly developed accelerator unit". As a Pentax APS-C first, a sensitivity of ISO 102,400 is available, and as a Pentax entry-level first, the camera features 14 bit sensor read-out."

Wow!!! ... And I mean - double-Wow!!! ... This should give the Canon EOS 77D a run for the money, eh? comments? ...
Quote: "The Pentax K-70 is a 24 megapixel com... (show quote)
No, the Pentax K-70 is not the most overlooked APS-C camera on the planet.
The Pentax KP is the most overlooked APS-C camera on the planet.

Right now the K-70 is priced at $600 at B&H - the KP is $800.

The extra $200 provides
* prosumer construction instead of consumer construction
* better Auto Focus
* better Noise Reduction
* better processor
* quieter shutter
* available battery grip
* better IBIS
* better sensor clean function
* higher max ISO setting {kind of usable at that level}
Feb 7, 2019 21:44:30   #
OllieM wrote:
Went to Chama, NM in October and took the Cumbres & Toltec Steam Train ride thru the mountains to Antonito, CO. It was well worth the trip and very enjoyable with lots of photo ops.

This ride through the mountains is delightfully cool in the summer.
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