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Jul 11, 2019 11:13:46   #
D5 is the best camera I own. Yes, it's heavy, but if you're in good shape <shrug>you'll love it. IMO megapixels are overrated...YMMV.
Jul 9, 2019 11:30:19   #
So, Jerry, you're opening GP on the initial page, not an album? I have so many pix in there my first page is gooblygook of everything I've put in there, chronologically, then I go to my albums to make sense of it, but I only see comments in my albums view. I allow comments so when I get a notification and click on it, I'm taken to the shot where the comment is located and can view. Since you've turned off your comments, maybe you have a "ghost" from before you modified?
Jul 6, 2019 12:30:57   #
Thomas902 wrote:
Simply AWESOME! You are truly a master of your craft chasgroh...
This is indeed photojournalism at it's finest!
Epic color harmonies latent within... All are superb decisive moments...

"...I started in this activity as a youngster and teach movement skills to this day..."
Intimate knowledge of a subject is a gatekeeper for attaining photographic excellence...
To believe otherwise is folly... Your command of this genre is absolutely stellar...

This series speaks to the iconic words of Robert Capa
"If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough"

btw that AF-S 200-400mm f/4 IF ED VR is by far my favorite Nikkor...
Absolutely nothing I've ever used approaches it in AF speed, contrast, color saturation and acuity...

Thank you so much for sharing these chasgroh
It is wonderful to see this level of publication quality here on UHH...
Looking forward to more of your amazing artistry...
Simply AWESOME! You are truly a master of your cr... (show quote)

And thank YOU so much for your positive comments, Thomas! AFA that lens, I can't imagine a better sports system than that thing hooked to a D5. You have such a way with words, sir,
now add "Charlie" to your vocabulary! ;0)
Jul 3, 2019 10:59:22   #
PixelStan77 wrote:
I would do to Home Depot and buy a birch plywood 1/4 inch 4 x 8 sheet and have them cut to 2 pieces 23 x 30.They don't charge for cutting.
Use gaffer tape to seal the 2 plywood pieces together at the edge. I would put the prints in reynolds alum wrap and tape them 3 inches around from the edge. They will arrive safely and no curl unwrap to deal with.

I have found that "cheap" (meaning about 10 bux a 4x8 sheet) paneling works quite well and have mailed/sent many such pieces using that material top and bottom, taped together. I just use some tracing paper to cover the print side before sandwiching. Ply would work, of course, but with much more expense. Unrolling is a PITA, my printer of choice (Bay Photo) ships flat, too, using only various layers of cardboard in a thin box. <shrug>
Jun 29, 2019 14:54:52   #
EdR wrote:
In number 8 the drummer looks like they are really mad at the drum. Thanks for the great action picturesđź‘Ť

...drummers are angry at the world. Haha...
Jun 28, 2019 13:50:39   #
Great feel for the entire event, Brent. Especially that bemused gent just out for his morning
Jun 28, 2019 13:31:52   #
...shot these (along with 3000 others, lol) at Stanford stadium last weekend. Much of the time the action is fast and furious. Using Nikon: D5 and 200-400 f4. I started in this activity as a youngster and teach movement skills to this day along with playing large-bore brass...constantly scratching der itchy...

Jun 24, 2019 12:39:09   #
...make 'em as big as he camera will allow. If you need web quality do it later in post.
Jun 24, 2019 12:31:11   #
Delderby wrote:
Most of the photographers on this thread who are denegrating JPG use PS and LR, which are not good for JPG editing, and that is the problem. If they were to use a different editor, perhaps Affinity, for example, they would need to eat their words.

I shoot jpeg for my pageantry events, sometimes 8-10k shots, 300 shots per group (and each show lasts maybe 8-10 minutes). I also use Lightroom (and sometimes Photoshop if the image is "special") and work just as fast as I can to get 'em done. Initial settings are crucial, of course, but I have absolutely no difficulty editing my content in LR and they come out good enough for a magazine cover or three. <shrug> I think it's experience, excellent equipment, and being able to use your editing program of choice to its maximum that allows this. Where did you get the idea LR and/or PS are "not good" for jpeg editing? I'm mystified.
Jun 24, 2019 12:13:32   #
hcmcdole wrote:
The biggest disadvantage is handing the camera to someone else to take a photo of you in a group. I gave my camera to my son-in-law last week to take a picture of my wife, our grandson (just graduated from HS), and myself and the focus was off even after I explained what he needed to do. I rarely have anyone else use my camera so I will keep it on BFF despite this hard to grasp concept.

I set the shot up (trying to get f8), then stand right next to the person who's gonna pull the trigger, focus, carefully hand the camera to the surrogate and have him/her take a test shot. I then make sure all is well in focusland, hand the camera back and go to my spot in the group photo. Seems to work.
Jun 23, 2019 15:49:44   #
...infrared? Looks cool!
Jun 21, 2019 10:54:35   #
JD750 wrote:
Yes yes but the camera is an outdoor tool. I take my cameras outside and sometimes they get sun on them and get hot. Even with no sun it gets to +100 sometimes on a hike or outside. My existing cameras all work at those temperatures.

Now I am worried.

I read that the problem occurs when shooting 4k Video.

Those who have posted about having problems, was that with video or still shots?

*Most* of my tools are "outdoor tools"...but that's neither here nor there, I guess what I'm saying, with my built-in behavior structure, is that even working in high temps I'll find a way to keep these tools out of direct sunlight *most* of the time, and that, I think, is key. Instead of dangling the thing on your chest, put it off to the side? I dunno, if this condition ever struck me I'd be concerned, I just don't think it'll happen.
Jun 20, 2019 17:49:08   #
bajadreamer wrote:
I upgraded to Topaz Denoise AI recently and have been disappointed with the presence of a blue halo around many of my images that I have used the program on. I see this even at very low levels. I am processing RAW files (Canon). I do not see the halo with I sharpen using Topaz Sharpen AI which includes sharpening. Anyone else seeing this? I typically would use Denoise as my first step after transferring the image from Canon DPP.
Granted, the halo is difficult to see at "normal" resolutions but if I go to 100-200% it is very apparent.
I upgraded to Topaz Denoise AI recently and have b... (show quote)

...can't help thinking it's not the software, at least the "Topaz" software. You know your workflow, could it be "something" before you use the Topaz program?
Jun 20, 2019 15:52:43   #
pego101 wrote:
A telephone?
A cell phone has the function of a telephone but it is not a telephone.

...ignorance is bliss! ;0)
Jun 20, 2019 15:38:20   #
chasgroh wrote:
...not in the "younger crowd" by a long shot, but I've shot some good stuff with my "phone" through the years, and use it quite a bit for what I call flat work (where DOF isn't a high priority). I really like my Samsung product, have no reference to Apple nowadays, but am relegated to a Note 8 and won't move up for a year or so, at least. I've heard, however, that the Samsung 10 version with its 3 lenses is quite good. YMMV.

...and, just to show skeptics that good results can be achieved, here's one using an S4 iphone years ago...of course, I helped it a bit, but not much!

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