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Mar 17, 2019 13:51:33   #
Lovely shot--I miss not living in Montana, probably the greatest state in the union for beautiful scenery. John
Mar 17, 2019 13:46:32   #
I am impressed with the IQ you are getting with the R and attached RF lens. Also looks like 8844 needs a bit of body work behind the cab--a minor collision perhaps? John
Mar 10, 2019 14:04:27   #
nikonshooter...I don't do astro, but surely appreciate the efforts of those few who do, and do it so well. John
Mar 5, 2019 13:41:11   #
Yes, a great online store (never been to the bricks & mortar store). They even send you 100 free purchase points on your birthday!!
Mar 4, 2019 09:41:14   #
Mar 4, 2019 09:37:59   #
Feb 27, 2019 10:28:28   #
During the years we lived in Billings, it was an annual rite of spring for good wife and me to make the trip; that is if the pass was open. The drifts were sometimes as high as 15 feet or more. Kind of like driving through a snowy canyon--beautiful state, and I still miss it after twenty years. John
Feb 25, 2019 10:21:09   #
Great pano shot, thanks for sharing.
Feb 21, 2019 12:43:53   #
Don't laugh, this is REAL!!
Feb 19, 2019 10:56:37   #
Paul, you and your gear make an outstanding team, and the images prove it; only thing missing is the roar of the engines. Thank you!! John
Feb 14, 2019 13:35:39   #
My OM 2n and OM 2s trigger and work equally well with the Energizer 357 silver oxide 1.55 volt battery. The A76 will lift the mirror, but not work the shutter mechanism.
Feb 12, 2019 10:33:29   #
Paul, Thanks for the fine presentations that you always accomplish. Your work is always great, and I appreciate the explanations and learning lessons that you provide as an integral part of your presentations. #4 is my favorite as it provides some environment as well. John
Feb 11, 2019 12:10:38   #
The really HUGE elephant in the room and one that everyone fears to address, or even acknowledge, is the issue of over-population by our benighted species. At the rate that it is growing and along with the wants of all of those folks, let alone their needs, your grandchildren and great grands are going to be living in a horror of a world in just a short time. I wish them well as they look back at this generation and its many failures to anticipate where we are driving this world. Copy and paste for numbers, shocking.
Feb 11, 2019 11:22:10   #
Sally D wrote:
What great photos! I have the same lens on an 80D but have never used a converter on it. I see one in my future. Any suggestions on exactly what I should buy?

I had an 80d with the same lens and a Canon 1.4 II extender giving great results, but some say that the 1.4 III may focus faster. The used Mk II model is quite a bit cheaper, if price is an issue. I bought mine from Roberts Camera used department. Be sure to micro-focus the combination if needed. John
Feb 10, 2019 13:48:18   #
Firstly, living in MN where we had -40 F. this past week, I agree with your assessment and post. But that being said, I would imagine that the Green folks will now propose that personal electric transportation should be mandated for only short local driving and that we should re-establish the concept of electric powered light rail (trolley) for in city use and electric long distance rail for everything else, as an electric-powered airplane is not likely in any foreseeable future, and electric buses will suffer the same problems as autos. Remember this, and wait to see I am right--(which I am), right.
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