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Apr 27, 2019 18:10:18   #
It could very well be skin oils from years ago that are degrading the negative. I'm not aware of much you can do without causing further damage.
Apr 17, 2019 08:47:33   #
Loved it! A Zissen Pesach to all who celebrate
Apr 9, 2019 10:32:02   #
I'd also vote for KEH. Fair prices and they stand behind their mechandise
Apr 5, 2019 10:32:28   #
As others have mentioned a Chromebook w/o Internet is a brick. And when you are on land, you'll still need internet to use it which can get real expensive even if you toggle the chromebook to your phone.
There are very affordable Windows based convertible notebooks (i.e you can use them as a laptop and/or a tablet) which might be a better choice. I have an HP x2 210 G2 that has 10" screen, 2 cameras (front and rear), audio, Win 10 Pro and 2gb of RAM. It cost me $279 through HP so in the same price range of a decent Chromebook, but if you are going to be somewhere where you must be able to work w/o the internet, something like this should be on your "look at this" list
Apr 2, 2019 15:21:09   #
Stay Away. I actually visited their store in NJ and it was a disaster! All they try to do is upsell with cheap crap.
Mar 25, 2019 13:48:02   #
Thanks. I do have an eye cup although I rarely use it. Guess I have to dig it out of my bag and see how it works.
Mar 25, 2019 11:46:53   #
Hi all - Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try the left eye suggestions you've provided and let you know how it turns out.
- Jeff
Mar 25, 2019 10:43:27   #
Hi all,
Putting this out there in the hopes that some of you might have some thoughts.
Last summer, I suffered a partial retinal retachment resulting in decreased vision in my right eye. Fortunately it is being treated however there is still a significant loss in right-side visual acuity. I shoot with a D7200 and really isn't designed to be used with my left eye so have resorted to using Live View. However Life View is much slower and since I shoot a look of candids and animal outdoor shots, it's not the ideal solution.
I was thinking of perhaps an external 3.5" LCD screen but before I start adding even more weight and "goodies" to the camera, wanted to get some input from others.
Thanks! _ Jeff G.
Mar 24, 2019 19:40:27   #
I'm sure the clown in the car was too busy texting to his friends how he just got disseed. (like we really care)
Mar 24, 2019 19:38:01   #
Mar 20, 2019 14:20:18   #
My wife and I are moving to a new home and like all of us, i'm cleaning out things I haven't used in decades. Included in this list are boxes of acetate sheets that were used for making slides and presentations for overhead projectors (remember those? You know, the kind you needed to wear sunglasses so you could write on them without going blind?)
I also have tons of jpgs, RAW etc. but like all of us, there are some that would make really nice large photos but I was also looking for new ways to present them. So taking some of the pictures, I printed them on the acetates and then backed them with ultrabright care stock. I had to increase the contrast to get the right balance but they have a very unique appearance. Not quite a 3D look, but definitely the thickness of the acetate gives it a more in-depth look. Plus it gives me reason to keep the acetates around a bit longer without my wife telling me to throw them out.
If anyone else has tried this or will be trying it, please let me know what you think.
Thanks - Jeff G.
Mar 6, 2019 07:57:56   #
Northern NJ. To ship the enlarger (Beseler Dichro 67 ) with the power supply, etc. would have been well >$50 and no local interest
Mar 5, 2019 09:19:31   #
I gave away all my darkroom equipment since not even the local college wanted it (they wanted digital printers, etc.) Shipped it all the Colorado and the person paid shipping. I held onto the enlarger (too big to ship) in the hope I can find someone local who may want it (color enlarger, halogen head, etc.)
Feb 1, 2019 09:40:04   #
They've stopped putting snow in manholes in NYC due to the risk of fire. The salt in the snow eats away at the insulation and causes shorts and fires. Rain will wash away quickly, but the snow (and ice that happens when snow is pushed) doesn't do that which can result in wide-reaching blackouts which helps no one in the winter. In Manhattan, they try to dump snow into the rivers but that just adds to the street congestion since you need backhoes, dump trucks, etc. However in the other 4 boroughs it is an FWBI situation (ask anyone who served what FWBI stands for).
My wife and I found a better solution - we're moving down south
Jan 24, 2019 10:30:51   #
Hi all,
We finally have decided to move from the Garden State (aka Land of High Taxes, etc.) to a new home in the Middletown DE area and was wondering if anyone knows or is part of a photography club in that area. Any infoand recommendations greatly appreciated.
Thanks - Jeff G.
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