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Sep 9, 2022 15:47:57   #
There is a National Park office called the Sugarlands Visitor Center. They are very helpful and have a good collection of books relevant to the Smokies. We have one entitled "Waterfalls of the Smokies". It is very good. Sugarlands is just outside Gatlinburg.
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Nov 14, 2020 15:14:10   #
jerryc41 wrote:
Standard procedure seems to be OS and programs on C and all data on D. the processing is done by the processor, so an SSD isn't going to make that go faster.

I agree with this comment. My experience with using an ssd as the system drive results in much faster boot time and program loading time but little effect on program speed. You might benefit more by adding extra memory although you probably already have enough RAM.
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Oct 16, 2020 11:47:45   #
Thanks I have installed the firmware update. Which version of the lens did you own? The one I'm considering is the latest (2019?).
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Oct 16, 2020 10:35:00   #
Photec wrote:
The D7100 body has a small switch by the lens mount, where your left thumb will normally be, that says "AF/MF". It works perfectly, use that to switch AF on or off.

Interesting thought. I guess switching to manual focus disables VR! According to the users' manual for the lens they recommend turning VR on for use on a tripod so I think I was obsessing unnecessarily!
Thanks everyone for the replies. It seems that the DX lens will be adequate though perhaps not quite as good as the FX version.
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Oct 16, 2020 08:16:01   #
NikonRocks wrote:
Two other areas worth exploring with your existing 200mm lens is using a combo of either/together

1. a teleconverter 1.4x, 1.7x, 2.0x - downside is softer images and reduction in max aperture the greater the magnification used

2. In camera image area reduction by 1.3x (18x12) - giving a further 1.3x optical reach on top of the DX 1.5x (24x16) giving equivalent of using a 390mm lens.

I don't think a teleconverter would provide good resolution on my 55-200. Also the 1.3x optical reach you mentioned I believe is actually a digital zoom which can be achieved with a crop during post processing.
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Oct 16, 2020 08:11:29   #
Fiddlingbill wrote:
Hi. Buy the Nikon 70-300 4.5- 5.6 vrg. The ad is fast. And the optics are extremely good. I used one on a d7200 for sports. It was a great set-up. You will not be sorry owning this combo.

Not sure which model you are referring to. Could you be more specific?
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Oct 16, 2020 08:07:44   #
jdub82 wrote:
It is very unlikely that you will have much opportunity to use a tripod on a Safari tour. You will likely be shooting almost exclusively handheld from the vehicle. Perhaps you will have a different kind of tour, but in my experience with a Safari tour in Kenya, we were moving throughout the day. The guides will stop the vehicle briefly to allow passengers to get shots, and then move on to the next spot. The 18-300 lens will likely be suitable for most of your shots. If you want anything longer, you might take a super zoom camera along with your Nikon setup. I was able to get some amazing shots with a Canon SX50. Depending on your budget for new gear, a Sony RX10 IV would be an excellent choice for an Africa trip, and would work for any longer distance shots.
It is very unlikely that you will have much opport... (show quote)

I don't plan on taking a tripod on the safari for the reason you mentioned. I have a Panasonic gm5 with a 12-32mm lens that I intend to take for landscape shots so I won't have to change lenses. How was the resolution on the SX50? Thanks for your reply.
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Oct 15, 2020 15:23:44   #
Leitz wrote:
What does the lens manual say regarding the use of VR on a tripod? It's not the same with all lenses. Running your own tests is always best in any event.

Good point. Interestingly the users' manual states that generally VR should be on when using a tripod. It also states that VR should be on when using a monopod. This seems to be at variance with other advice regarding VR and tripods!
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Oct 15, 2020 14:57:38   #
I agree that my own testing would be best, but how can I do that before I buy the lens? I can test the lenses I own and extrapolate.
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Oct 15, 2020 14:42:26   #
Thanks for the replies. It seems that I was obsessing unnecessarily! The obvious answer for me is to do my own testing. I wonder if different lenses react differently? It would seem likely that they do!

It seems that the following quote applies: “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.” Several people have been credited with this quote including Yogi Berra and Albert Einstein!
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Oct 15, 2020 13:50:31   #
I am going on a South African safari next year (assuming the pandemic permits) and would like to add a new lens for the trip. I currently have a maximum focal length of 200mm and want to extend that! We will probably be in fairly tight quarters when in the bush (in a vehicle) so I don't think a really long lens would be very convenient. I have a D7100 and think an AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR lens might fit the bill. My problem is that it seems that the lens and camera are only partially compatible. The main problem is that it is not possible to turn off the VR function since the lens lacks a switch and the D7100 has no item in the menu which makes it possible to turn off VR. I usually leave VR on but VR is apparently supposed to be turned off when mounted on a tripod. I seldom use a tripod so this may not be a great problem however I'd rather not lose the option of using a tripod. This lens apparently is sharper than the AF-S version so I'd prefer the AF-P lens. My question is whether the use of VR on a tripod is really a serious problem. I'd appreciate hoggers' opinions on this issue.
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Oct 12, 2020 17:24:06   #
SalvageDiver wrote:
You might want to watch this video describing the various features of Photopills, Planit and TPE before you decide. I currently use Photopills, but Planit looks awfully interesting.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Mike. A very informative video.
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Oct 12, 2020 16:35:26   #
Thanks for all the great replies. I was motivated to ask this question by the Steve Perry e-book where he recommended Photographer's Ephemeris. I looked up comments for this app and found many negative opinions regarding the Android version. Since my phone is Android I started looking elsewhere. My interest is mainly wildlife and landscapes. I've never done any astro photography so an app mainly directed at astro photography may not be very useful. I'd like to get an app that would help me improve my lighting. Would PhotoPills satisfy this requirement?
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Oct 11, 2020 15:13:58   #
Oops! I tried a search and found several posts on this topic. Most looked pretty old so any updates would be welcome.
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Oct 11, 2020 14:39:38   #
I've just downloaded Steve Perry 's book on wildlife photography and he recommends an app for photography planning. After a little searching I found two apps, PhotoPills and Planit. I'm wondering if many users have one of these apps and what they think of it (them). Cost is about $10 which would be a bargain if the apps are useful. Appreciate your opinions. Thanks in advance.
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