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May 25, 2019 01:05:43   #
mwalsh wrote:

You are not a man of many words.... Or letters, either...
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May 25, 2019 01:03:47   #
EllieLady wrote:
I think it's both disturbing and humorous at the same time that t continues to bellow out "fake news" when he seems to spend all of his free time (such as "whenever" he's on AF1 or M1 or golfing) watching Faux Noise, the ONLY news station that has been PROVEN to report false news.

Ellie, I want you to tell me which news outlets ran stories for two-and-a-half straight years proclaiming that Donald Trump was guilty of Russian Collusion, and that they "had the evidence." Everybody on this site, including the Liberals, know who those news organizations were, and it wasn't Fox News.

Now if you have an honest bone in your body, you will reply to my comment and demonstrate how it is that Fox News is the "fake news" when they did not buy into the fake collusion story. Not with some broad unsubstantiated declaration by you, but with specific evidence. I am willing to compare the "fake stories" that have come from the different news outlets. As Ross Perot once said "I am all ears."
May 24, 2019 15:08:18   #
chrisscholbe wrote:
My "problem" with finding "the truth" is that it's become more finding information that conforms to the way I think more than the "TRUTH".

You don't have to let it be that way.

chrisscholbe wrote:
Do I believe this is True because it's true or do I believe this is True because it reinforces what I believe?

This is something I constantly question when I read/hear news.

Good for you! I also applaud your not having a TV. You can accomplish so much without it!
May 24, 2019 14:39:28   #
chrisscholbe wrote:
If the left has "....too long has had its way..." with the media, how is it that conservatives seem to have ready access to all sorts of information that makes Liberals look bad?

Thank goodness for alternative media! I think the truth is that there are hundreds of more media outlets than there used to be, and if you actually want to find out the truth, you can find it today. You just have to weed through most of the "fake news' to find it. And the vast majority of "fake news" is coming from the liberal news sources. The trouble is that many people only seek out the media that confirms the false narrative that they already believe in, instead of seeking out the truth.

As a Conservative, I am thrilled that we now have a significant voice in news sources. In the old days, someone like Hillary would have gotten a free pass and become President because the news people would have kept secret all her nefarious dealings. This is what happened with John Kennedy. The guy was smuggling prostitutes into the White House to have sex with for Christ's sake! The news people all knew but successfully kept the public from knowing it for decades.
May 24, 2019 14:23:05   #
dennis2146 wrote:
Thanks and praise be to Fox News...

People aren't stupid Chris. There is video of Democratic politicians telling the world that illegal aliens should not be crossing our border, that they take away jobs from Americans, put a burden on our finances, medical systems, education and so on. This was said by both Clintons, Obama, and a few Senators and Congressmen and women. Yet when Trump says the very same words he is classed a racist. Funny how that works isn't it. That is just the illegal immigration part of what is going on.

Why is it that you don't see the previous videos of Democrats and then ask yourself, Hey, why are they picking on Trump for saying the very same thing. Better to keep the lying Democratic agenda going, huh?

Thanks and praise be to Fox News... br br People ... (show quote)

May 24, 2019 06:37:10   #
McKinneyMike wrote:
Meadows, Jordan, Nunes, Gaetz and now Barr. I bet that the FBI and the Intelligence agencies are sweating this Magic Show. NOT!

When have any of these trolls ever made a claim that is not dismissed are fringe fantasy? I will wait for the truth to surface, but all that will come is more nonsense for the tin foil hat wearers to shout to each other. Distraction, distraction, distraction. Only Trump's 40% base will be holding their breath...... FOX will be your source to watch!

Poor McKinney, you are about to get blindsided by revelations you have been ignoring for months. I wouldn't be surprised if you disappear from this site like so many other lefties have done after they realized that the Obama administration was involved in the biggest political scandal in U.S. history. I have a front row seat for this show and I'm lovin' it!
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May 24, 2019 04:03:42   #
Angmo wrote:
Sometimes they don’t know they are hit because of the drugs they are on. They may or may not bleed even.

It’s not like the movies.

In the movies a guy falls down right away and dies when he is shot. And the people around him know instantly that he is dead without checking for breathing or a heartbeat, and they never give CPR. The exception is when some hero like Rambo gets shot fifty times, strangled, drowned, and thrown off a cliff and still survives. The bullets that don't kill him are always convenient flesh wounds in the arm or leg, and never disfiguring wounds through the face, groin, or spinal column.
May 24, 2019 03:55:33   #
Blurryeyed wrote:
Old Mikey thinks that it is all a smoke screen, he has no clue... Been watching the same fake news that has told him for the last two years that Trump colluded with Russia and he still hangs on to every little piece of bullshit they feed to him.

It's funny to watch these people believe their own propaganda. They are always surprised when one of their own gets indicted. "Oh my gosh, I never saw this coming!!!!"
May 23, 2019 21:07:44   #
Tex-s wrote:
From my seat, anti-abortion folks, in general, don't give a rat's ass about a womb, a vagina, or 'your' bedroom until someone adds a baby to the mix. THEN we have a moral obligation to speak for the innocent life that has no voice. Find me a uterus with no baby and I'm fine with you tattooing it, tying into a knot, or removing it. Same for vaginas. Same for penises, too. It's just those don't have capacity to grow a baby.

May 23, 2019 19:49:24   #
McKinneyMike wrote:
Exonerated! OMG you people are followers of the highest order. Jim (Donald) Jones wishes he had a flock like you!
Barr is a sham at best. He is as loonie as Alex Jones! He will get nowhere with this fantasy BS. Public propaganda is what he is about trying to salvage Trump and his Presidency. There is a reason that the Freedom Caucus BS has never gotten out of the gate. It is always nonsense and pure BS. Barr is showing the same traits, but it too will go nowhere, except with the minions.
Trump and Barr are trying to deflect the light away from the darkness that is Trump.

Exonerated! OMG you people are followers of the h... (show quote)

Just keep blabbering away about Trump and Barr and whatever. This is too good!! I'll get the popcorn ready and sit back and watch!
May 23, 2019 19:18:06   #
slocumeddie wrote:
Jeff who.....??

Daniels. I think the guy got his Hollywood last name mixed up with another Bozo in the Senate named "Flake." His real given name is "Blithering Prevarication III."
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May 23, 2019 19:01:33   #
All this nit-picking about the Mueller Report is not going to amount to a hill of beans. We knew all along that Trump would be exonerated fully and that Democrats were not going to accept the results and that they were going to go insanely nuts about it. The fun part has already begun, with Attorney General Barr finally looking into the "real" Russian Collusion, and the indictments are going to be sweet justice. And as opposed to the Trump Investigation, there is real overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing. This is better than watching Big-Time Wrestling!!!
May 23, 2019 13:06:58   #
Blurryeyed wrote:
Bullshit, Pelosi accused him of a crime on her way to a meeting, it is past time for the dimishits to grow up. They said they would accept the results of the election, they didn't, they said they would accept the results of the Mueller investigation, they didn't, now in their committees they are attacking Trump from every angle.... I'm with Trump, Puckem.

May 23, 2019 12:50:14   #
dennis2146 wrote:
Quite true. Many times there are a number of officers on the scene of a violent person. If that person pulls a firearm or in some way presents a threat to officers the public tends to think that only one officer should be the one pulling the trigger. But in real life these things usually happen in a fraction of a second. Who has time to decide who may be the selected officer pulling the trigger? Each officer shooting at the subject/suspect may or may not have any idea that other officers are even shooting at all.

In gunfights there is a common group of actions that take place mentally that are common. One is that visual acuity is enhanced of the subject you are shooting at. Other visual aspects drop far behind. Hearing is the same. Generally speaking when shooting a handgun, especially something with high velocity such as the common .357 Magnum revolver the noise, muzzle blast, is painful to the shooter. But in an actual gunfight the noise is hardly noticeable. I have read many accounts of actual gunfights and most people involved state that time seems to go into slow motion, with the opponent being in sharp view and other senses falling beside the wayside. Officers involved may have no idea what other officers are doing until afterward. Each officer is looking out for his own safety and when he sees a deadly threat, will respond to that threat.

I know the general public expects officers to know everything about the entire shooting but mentally speaking it is often impossible. Officers are taught to try to count their rounds fired to know when to reload. But that is not always possible when you are fighting for your life.

Quite true. Many times there are a number of offic... (show quote)

Thanks for the info!
May 23, 2019 12:03:49   #
McKinneyMike wrote:
Sorry but you are wrong. Mueller sent out anything not in his purview to other investigative entities such as SDNY, etc.

He targeted Trump/Administration for obvious reasons. Some of the Trumpette's are buying into the Deep State BS. Alex Jones and Rush are so happy that some people believe their tin foil hat fantasies.

You are wrong. Mueller only chose to farm-out prosecutions to local courts, and he did investigate them nevertheless, before farming them out. He also chose not to investigate the Hillary Clinton campaign nor the phony Steele Dossier origins that started the whole "Collusion" mess. He was given wide latitude to investigate anything he wanted, and he could not come up with a single indictment against Trump. How difficult is it to accept that?
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