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Sep 24, 2015 12:51:40   #
Glad you came aboard now you are a Ugly Hedgehog.

:roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Sep 3, 2014 19:28:55   #
Sep 3, 2014 19:28:12   #
pecohen wrote:
This relates to a question that occurred to me recently. Thinking back to the time when we bought rolls of film for our cameras and there was no such thing as image stabilization, my rule of thumb was that I could hand-hold my camera and a 50mm lens if taking a 1/60 second exposure. I might get away with 1/30 of a second provided I could hold the camera especially steady.

Now, with image stabilization and zoom lenses I don't seem to have any rule of thumb to go by. I get a little nervous when taking hand-held shots of more than 1/30 second but I've had quite decent results for much longer exposures.

Does anyone have a good rule-of-thumb to suggest?
This relates to a question that occurred to me rec... (show quote)
Sep 3, 2014 11:08:07   #
Before having a beer its not the camera that has camera shake it's me. :roll:
Mar 23, 2014 17:47:45   #
Hi NYjoe you bought a very nice camera match it up with a good lens talk to Anand on the forum he knows a lot about cameras and lens. good luck. :-D
Mar 23, 2014 17:07:14   #
Is the Yongnuo YN565EX Speedlite fully compatible with Canon 60D? Amazon list this Speedlite for the 50D. IT works on the 60D but I don't know enough about speedlites. Amazon shows the YN568EX for the 60D which cost more. I was wondering if I was missing out on something? Any information understanding this will be very helpful to me. Thank You. ;-)
Mar 5, 2014 18:09:59   #
Thanks Sharpshooter for the info. :-D
Mar 5, 2014 16:21:24   #
Where do you get a meter like that? I am looking for a simple light meter to use. Thank You. ;-)
Mar 5, 2014 16:11:29   #
Shooting videos at a group outing would a 35mm F2.8 lens be a good choice? I noticed there are 3 AF modes in the camera is there a mode you would choose? :?:
Mar 1, 2014 09:15:41   #
MT Shooter

Yes the lens was bought new in 1990. with this lens on the D7000 will the camera meter the exposer? Thanks.
Mar 1, 2014 08:59:26   #

I have a question. In today's photography do I need a hand held light meter? If so could you give me some examples when I would use the meter. And what brand would you recommend. I was on Keh camera website looking at used meters. Thanks. :-D
Mar 1, 2014 07:01:48   #
A Nikon lens that is manual bought in 1990 has what type of mount? Will the lens fit on my Nikon D7000 without an adapter? Thank You. :-D
Feb 28, 2014 16:03:50   #
If you were looking for fast manual lenses for Nikon and Canon that are in very good condition and priced reasonable would you go to Keh camera or where? Thank You. :D
Feb 28, 2014 13:29:16   #
I like the 4th. and 9th. shot. :roll:
Feb 28, 2014 12:48:22   #
Can you tell the difference with a photo shot with film as opposed to one shot digital? I know some photographers still use film at times. Could we say film produces a better photo as far as image quality? :idea:
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