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Dec 25, 2018 13:31:09   #
Have you heard of Gimp? It is a free open source photo editing program akin to Lightroom or Photoshop. It is very good.
Jul 21, 2014 19:26:53   #
Most people cannot afford two thousand dollar cameras and hundreds of dollars worth of lenses and tripods. So post processing levels the playing field. Sharpening a picture or increasing its brightness is an option for the photographer. Even those who can afford a Canon EOS use Photoshop. Film photography is gone. Digital processing is here. Get over it.
Jun 16, 2014 13:30:32   #
Jun 14, 2014 14:49:25   #
That is amazing and that is talent.
Jun 14, 2014 10:00:52   #
Jun 14, 2014 09:59:56   #
I also would like to know the comparison but I am afraid to try because if it is the same I wasted 55 dollars. I will try it and let you know. Thanks for thinking of the obvious question.
Jun 14, 2014 08:58:26   #
Wonderful. Such color!!! You use a tripod?
Jun 14, 2014 08:56:13   #
Where did you dig them up, in you lock box? Just kidding. Wonderful photos. Nature is so beautiful. What brand camera do you work with?
Jun 14, 2014 08:49:00   #
Are you crazy? These are incredible pictures of exotic birds. They too my breath away. What kind of camera are you using?
Jun 14, 2014 08:46:22   #
Testing out my Raynox Macro Lens which cost $55.00 at Amazon. Used tripod and remote shutter.

Mar 11, 2014 22:34:44   #
Thanks a lot. This camera has a steep learning curve but I am still climbing.
Mar 11, 2014 22:33:53   #
Hang in there. It is worth learning this camera but for zoom shots of 40x to 50x you need a tripod.
Mar 10, 2014 13:36:59   #
I am relatively new to the SX50 but here are some pics I took.

A squirrel I met.

Plane Overhead

Jan 23, 2014 14:39:38   #
Joe F.N. wrote:
A friend of mine tipped me off that a Great Gray Owl had taken up residence in a field, just a short distance from his house. He lives fifteen minutes from my place so if the owl had chosen that field as a feeding ground, I was in luck. I don't know about the rest of you but a Great Gray Owl is a big deal to me. Few people have ever seen one let alone taken pictures of it.
The GGO is the largest owl in North America. In length that is but not in weight. If you've ever had the priveledge of seeing this magnificent raptor, you'll never forget the experience. It has the most intense eyes that seem to bore through you. A long body sporting a five foot wing span, silently gliding toward you is jaw dropping when you see it for the first time.
I had the good fortune of photographing one last year but had to drive over a hundred miles to get to it. This one was fifteen minutes away.
When I arrived I saw him perched on a branch, so thin, that it would barely hold a Sparrow let alone the largest owl but there it was. He looked into my lens and I got my first shot of those intense yellow eyes. It was then I discovered a problem. The temperature outside was -19 according to the reading on my dash. I was dressed warm enough to be out for a short period of time but when I had the camera and lens pointed at the bird, and the owl launched I noticed that the frame rate had slowed down. I wasn't sure if this intense cold would be a focusing issue as well but I wouldn't be able to tell until I uploaded the images.
From what I can see I did have a focusing issue. I'm going back today with a different plan to see if I can rectify that. If I can then I'll tell you in the next post what I did to make things better. In the mean time here are some images from yesterday.
A friend of mine tipped me off that a Great Gray O... (show quote)

These are incredible photos worthy of publication in the most popular magazines. Absolutely stunning. In fact, incredible. I hope you try to publish them because the public deserves to share in the spectacular captures of this magnificent animal. Thank you so much for sharing.
Jan 22, 2014 00:51:23   #
frank265 wrote:

I was also very dissatisfied with the sharpness of my photos to I took the camera back to the vendor and he tested it. Finally agreed with me and it went back to Canon for repairs. Should get it back in a couple of weeks. I'm really anxious to see if it will get repaired or what.

Thanks for responding to me. For all I know I have the same problem but with the advice given to me by the fine folks here at Hedgehog I am getting around it by using other options on this camera. This camera is considered inexpensive these day at $300 but it is a highly rated camera by critics and users alike. Good luck. Let us know what happens when you get it back.
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