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Apr 23, 2019 12:05:17   #
sippyjug104 wrote:
I walked the yard yesterday evening and I found this Assassin Bug Nymph along the fenceline. It's the first of the season so hopefully it is a sign of good things to come.

Apr 21, 2019 08:16:01   #
Apr 21, 2019 08:11:15   #
Apr 21, 2019 08:10:19   #
Nice! Overgrown yards are fun!!
Apr 21, 2019 08:08:34   #
Fantastic!! I miss the abundance of insects we had around here when I was a kid.
Apr 21, 2019 07:45:22   #
[quote=le boecere]Jerry, I'm wondering why you'd give up your a6000 kit so early. ??? Wondering as well.
Apr 21, 2019 07:32:05   #
CHG_CANON wrote:
I used Canon DPP for years, applying lens corrections, noise processing and a good deal of editing. Then, exporting the results as 16-bit TIFF for "finishing" in LR. The results were always better after LR than just stopping at DPP.

I gave up on that approach about three years ago and now work exclusively in the older standalone LRv6. I can't speak for the "old days", but I believe the comments to start in DPP were more accurate the longer into the past you trace that advice. I took several images and tested my own ability to edit from DPP to LR compared to just starting in LR and convinced myself I was more time-efficient working only in LR and the differences, where I thought I could still find any, were not justified when compared to the vast amount of time saved using only the LR develop module. Whether you want to / need to work in PS as well, is your own decision.

The only truly unique thing DPP can do is handle RAW from new cameras at the time the camera is sold. Adobe will catch up, soon, but at no promised turnaround time. Adobe has lens profiles, for all brands of lenses, where DPP is only Canon-branded lenses. The Canon software may be more effective on noise reduction "one to one" to Adobe, but neither are as effective as third-party dedicated noise software.

My comments apply to LR classic. The LR mobile software is not as powerful. You might go back and re-read the comments about DPP and consider what specifically and why the author is recommending starting in DPP and what actions the author(s) are performing in DPP prior to taking the image to Adobe. The only 'real' difference I've noted is Canon's profiles where Canon Standard is superior to Adobe Standard. As an EOS shooter, be sure to begin your RAW edits by setting the "Camera Calibration" to "Camera Standard".
I used Canon DPP for years, applying lens correcti... (show quote)

y experience also. For awhile I PP'd each raw file in each program and then compared them, found no discernable difference.
Apr 21, 2019 07:25:22   #
Perhaps their duck trainer could help us!!
Apr 20, 2019 18:04:34   #
and his dark eyed friend. SONY a6300 with Sigma 70mm macro, diffused (8"x12") flash.


Apr 20, 2019 16:55:42   #
Apr 15, 2019 07:23:35   #
Bad place to be shipwrecked!!
Apr 15, 2019 07:06:50   #
Gene51 wrote:
Junk. Very inaccurate. If your camera has an azimuth or level indicator function, use that instead - it's more accurate and it won't fall off.

Have one of each a drawer somewhere. Hot shoe cover for the new SONY multi-use slot Yes, makes me nervous with all those tiny wires. Also depends on what you or i are shooting, on wildlife safari with filthy environment absolutely! Easy to lose when shifting to flash.
Apr 12, 2019 08:36:17   #
DebAnn wrote:
Hope there's someone here who has a camera support and can tell me if it helps. I have trouble holding a camera with a telephoto lens steady when shooting. Would a rig like this help me out?

I have used one of these (below) for years and found it very helpfull with my 300: f/4
scroll through eBay for a vendor with good feedback.

Your selection would press on my soft belly anf be less helpful. The one I used presses on the sternum and is more stable.
Apr 11, 2019 07:45:11   #
MarcH wrote:
Not sure about why all these complaints about the Sony menu
I have been using the menu of the a7ii and in the past on the 6300
I find it quite easy to use and using the various buttons on the camera for various functions makes it even easier to use

Apr 11, 2019 07:35:54   #
turp77 wrote:
I would send it back with a photo with the line pointed out.

Oh, that! Missed it as the lines I've encountered spanned the whole image. Perhaps a wee scratch from cleaning, always a concern as if bit of grit could be dragged across the protective cover.
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