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Apr 7, 2023 15:40:00   #
and the price?
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Oct 15, 2018 21:09:54   #
Some suggestions - many of them have already been mentioned by others.

Highway 340, Kahekili Highway - DEATH ROAD OF MAUI

Nakalele Blowhole

Iao Valley (get there by day break by the Iao needle for great photo ops)

Along the road to Hana - Pa'iloa Ba; lava tubes

Along the road to Hana - Waianapanpa State Park black sand beach.

Oheo gulch - many water falls and bamboo forest

The road back on the south side of Hana is exciting and thrilling to drive - just make sure you don't drive back late in the evening as the sun is going down. You'll be facing the sun in your eyes on steep curvy roads with a drop to the ocean at certain spots on your left, rather challenging. We liked it so much we ended up driving this south road three times.

If interested PM me and I'll send you a link to my Maui album.
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May 23, 2018 23:15:21   #
franksfun wrote:
Does anyone know of limitations on photo equipment that can be taken into the Vatican, the Cathedral, and ancillary buildings? Recent experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.

Our trip was about 5 yrs. back and I had my backpack with a DSLR and the 24-105 and 70-200 with me. No issues then toting them. I wish I had a wider lens with me for the Sistine Chapel etc.
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Apr 30, 2018 21:52:29   #
lbrande wrote:
The acropolis at night is spectacular. Bring a good tripod, and a f2.8 lens.

Here's one ...

and one from across town from Likabettos Hill
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Apr 30, 2018 21:35:25   #
Bob Boner wrote:
I am going to Greece in a week or so, and I have ruled my photo equipment to one of the 2 following. Any comments and suggestions for changes greatly appreciated.

1. Full frame camera and 11--24mm, 24--70, 70--200.

2. Full Frame camera and 11--24, 24--70, 100--400.

I have only traveled abroad once before, so not too sure what to take. I could replace the 24--70 with a 24--105, but with a compromise in image quality.

Bob Boner

I traveled there last year with the 24-105 on the FF and the 70-200 on the CF and it worked fine. Left the rest of the gear back home.
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Apr 27, 2018 22:34:07   #
jellyfloat wrote:
I must be cheap.... Google Picasa!

I use Picasa as well.
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Apr 24, 2018 20:39:55   #
julian.gang wrote:
I am considering purchasing a Western Digital 4TB external portable hard drive to hold all of my photographs. If you have input on this subject, let me know...Julian

I have 3 of them for redundant backups and so far they're working fine. Have had them for a few years.
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Apr 18, 2018 23:17:09   #
Oregonphotog wrote:
Hello, I'm new to this site so I'm looking forward to learning from all of you. I'm traveling this summer to Prague and know it's a beautiful city to photograph. Can any of you inform me of any places, buildings, or unique things to photograph while there? I know about the Charles Bridge, the castle and the Old Town Square. Thank you for any help or guidance.

Take a day trip to Český Krumlov, about an hour and a half from Prague if you can. You won't be disappointed.
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Mar 26, 2018 20:22:08   #
CHG_CANON wrote:
I believe you receive an error message when the 32Gb card in the primary card1 slot is filled. Given you're configured to write the same files to both, you're prompted with a message that requires action rather than an automatic and dynamic change by the camera.

I concur. When the CF card is full you won't be able to save any more to the second slot until the first CF card is cleared. You can always save as jpeg to the 32gb card and raw to the 64gb card to optimize your storage though you'll run out of space on the raw saves first with this configuration.
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Mar 19, 2018 21:51:34   #
Mr.Ft wrote:
Hi, My son is graduating college in May, now if it's bad weather it will be held in the auditorium. My question is my fastest lens is my 24 - 105 F4 as of now. I'll be using my Canon 5D M IV and was wondering if I should pick up a 24 - 70 F2.8? My main concern is at F 2.8 the shallow Depth of field since I don't know how far back I'll be from the stage. I'm not sure if I'm looking at this right or not. I'll also list my other lens below.

Canon 70 - 200 F4 IS
Canon 1.4 III etender
Canon 100 mm 2.8 IS
Canon 50mm 1.8

Hi, My son is graduating college in May, now if it... (show quote)

I have both the 24-105 4.0 and the 24-70 2.8ii. However for your situation you'd be better off with the 70-200 2.8ii if you can rent one for the occasion. My son also will be graduating this May from college and that's what I intend to use. You'll need the reach.
Few yrs. back I used that lens (70-200) on a 5D3 for my daughter's graduation with great results (outdoors) and prior to that on my other daughter's graduation we had to go indoors and it worked well. Hope this helps.
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Jan 22, 2018 23:05:19   #
Timm B wrote:
I am planning a 2 week trip to Alaska in August/September Does anyone have a recommendation for a small land tour company guiding small groups of 10-13 people. Main goal is seeing wildlife, scenery, hiking and wilderness and I'm sure I'll take hundreds/thousands of photos..Willing to do camping or hotels. Anchorage, Denali,Kenai and Wrangel-St Elias. Also if anyone is interested in joining in. Thanks

Timm; We did exactly pretty much the same itinerary and with similar interests in 2016. PM me if interested and I can share our trip with you. We planned and executed the trip on our own and ours was a land trip also.

I had posted a thread/topic here on UHH at that time and got some valuable information and suggestions from fellow members
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Dec 15, 2017 07:57:38   #
PhotoKurtz wrote:
Looking at new Canon 5d Mark IV. Abes of main shows $2749.

Any experience with them?

Canon told me they can do $3039.05

Best Buy $3199

If you're still in the market here's a great buy at this time .... Canon is having a refurbed sale with a full 1 yr. warranty ...
" EOS 5D Mark IV is now $2599.20 "
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Dec 13, 2017 07:58:45   #
PhotoKurtz wrote:
Looking at new Canon 5d Mark IV. Abes of main shows $2749.

Any experience with them?

Canon told me they can do $3039.05

Best Buy $3199

Follow "CanonPriceWatch" .... couple of days ago they had a listing from an authorized vendor with US warranty for 2899 including the Canon grip. That's the net price ....

I have ordered multiple times through that service with impeccable results.
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Dec 13, 2017 07:50:53   #
nikonbug wrote:
I think people are tired of the incessant posting from someone that invents questions that have no meaning to the poster, and very little to anyone else. For me, when I open a thread and see it is CT, I immediately go to the next thread as I have realized for some time he is just wasting everybodys time.

I agree with your comments. I generally pass up most threads started by CT as they tend to be meaningless for me.
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Nov 20, 2017 08:22:38   #
fiat76 wrote:
My SO and I recently had this discussion (ahem):

? camera cable to computer
? card reader
? remove card from the camera and insert it in the computer

#1 - USB cable from camera to computer
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