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Jun 24, 2024 19:59:16   #

Imagine R****T Joe Biden calling Abraham Lincoln a R****t. Me neither.

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Jun 24, 2024 18:01:08   #
topcat wrote:
You should be proud of them, they are smart and beautiful

Thank you very much topcat. I AM proud of both girls.

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Jun 24, 2024 15:03:18   #
flathead27ford wrote:
You just can't help yourself, now can you Kraken?

Once she joined The Attic as a TROLL she really could not help herself. She does not think of what she says, she just blurts out insults.

Now wait about 10 seconds and little davey the Trollmeister of The Attic will be right along with his almost every day boo hoo hoo foolish comments as if it is ONLY Conservatives say things that are offensive. Not once has he ever said a word about a Left Winger Troll comments. How strange he doesn't seem to notice. That happens a lot with the Left Wingers.

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Jun 24, 2024 10:39:07   #
How California’s Paradise
Became Our Purgatory

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness
June 20, 2024

California has become a test case of the suicide of the West. Never before has such a state, so rich in natural resources and endowed with such a bountiful human inheritance, self-destructed so rapidly.

How and why did California so utterly consume its unmatched natural and ancestral inheritance and end up as a warning to Western civilization of what might be in store for anyone who followed its nihilism?

The symptoms of the state’s suicide are indisputable.

Governor Gavin Newsom enjoyed a recent $98 billion budget surplus—gifted from multibillion-dollar federal C****-** subsidies, the highest income and gas taxes in the nation, and among the country’s steepest sales and property taxes.

Yet in a year, he turned it into a growing $45 billion budget deficit.

At a time of an over-regulated, overtaxed, and sputtering economy, Newsom spent lavishly on new entitlements, i*****l i*******ts, and untried and inefficient green projects.

Newsom was endowed with two of the wettest years in recent California history. Yet he and radical environmentalists squandered the water bounty—as snowmelts and runoff long designated for agricultural irrigation were drained from aqueducts and reservoirs to flow out to sea.

Newsom t***sferred millions of dollars designated by a v**er referendum to build dams and aqueducts for water storage and instead blew up four historic dams on the Klamath River. For decades, these now-destroyed scenic lakes provided clean, green hydroelectric power, irrigation storage, flood control, and recreation.

California hosts one-third of the nation’s welfare recipients. Over a fifth of the population lives below the property line. Nearly half the nation’s homeless sleep on the streets of its major cities.

The state’s downtowns are dirty, dangerous, and increasingly abandoned by businesses—most recently Google—that cannot rely on a defunded and shackled police.

Newsom’s California has spent billions on homeless relief and subsidizing millions of new i*****l m*****t arrivals across the state’s porous southern border.

The result was predictably even more homeless and more i*****l i*******ts; all front-loaded onto the state’s already overtaxed and broken healthcare, housing, and welfare entitlements.

Newsome raised the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $22 an hour. The result was wage inflation rippling out to all service areas, unaffordable food for the poor, and massive shutdowns and bankruptcies of fast food outlets.

Twenty-seven percent of Californians were born outside of the United States. It is a minority-majority state. Yet California has long dropped unifying civic education while the bankrupt state funds exploratory commissions to consider d******e racial r********ns.

California’s universities are hotbeds of ethnic, religious, and racial chauvinism and infighting. State officials, however, did little as its campuses were plagued for months by rampant and violent anti-Semitism.

Almost nightly, the nation watches mass smash-and-grab attacks on California retail stores. Carjackers and thieves own the night. They are rarely caught, even more rarely arrested—and almost never convicted.

Currently, Newsom is fighting in the courts to stop the people’s constitutional right to place on the b****t initiatives to restore penalties for violent crime and theft.

Gas prices are the highest in the continental United States, given green mandate formulas and the nation’s highest—and still rising—gasoline taxes—and are scheduled to go well over $6 a gallon.

Yet its ossified roads and highways are among the nation’s most dangerous, as vast sums of t***sportation funding were siphoned off to the multibillion-dollar high-speed rail boondoggle.

The state imports almost all the costly vitals of modern life, mostly because it prohibits using California’s own vast petroleum, natural gas, timber, and mineral resources.

As California implodes, its embarrassed government turns to the irrelevant, if not ludicrous.

It now outlaws natural gas stoves in new homes. It is adding new income-based surcharges for those who dutifully pay their power bills—to help subsidize the 2.5 million Californians who simply default on their energy bill with impunity.

What happened to the once beautiful California paradise?

Millions of productive but frustrated, overtaxed, and underserved middle-class residents have fled to low-crime, low-tax, and well-served red states in disgust

In turn, millions of i*****l m*****ts have swarmed the state, given its sanctuary-city policies, refusal to enforce the law, and generous entitlements.

Meanwhile, a tiny coastal elite, empowered by $9 trillion in Silicon Valley market capitalization, fiddled while their state burned.

California became a medieval society of plutocratic barons, subsidized peasants, and a shrinking and fleeing middle class. It is now home to a few rich estates, subsidized apartments, and unaffordable middle-class houses.

California suffers from poorly ranked public schools—but brags about its prestigious private academies. Its highways are lethal—but it hosts the most private jets in the nation.

The fantasies of a protected enclave of Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and the masters of the Silicon Valley universe have become the abject nightmares of everyone else.

In sum, a privileged Bay Area elite inherited a California paradise and turned it into purgatory.

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Jun 24, 2024 09:18:16   #
T***h Seeker wrote:
And his supporters

THAT too of course.

Throughout history it is the Left who like Don Quixote NEEDS a windmill to topple, a nemesis to be able to tell the American people it is fighting for them. Always present in their repertoire is R****m, Big Business, especially the oil companies and these days, D******c T*******ts. What better political opponent than the Republican Party and specifically those of us who would v**e for Donald Trump. What better way than to attack Christianity, the Catholic Church and parents calling them D******c T*******ts by the corrupt weaponized DOJ and FBI.

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Jun 24, 2024 08:41:03   #

Hopefully this link will play. I find it interesting.

EDIT: The link doesn't seem to play but here it is for those interested.

Men, like nations, think they're eternal. What man in his 20s or 30s doesn't believe, at least subconsciously, that he'll live forever? In the springtime of youth, an endless s summer beckons. As you pass 70, it's harder to hide from reality.... as you lose friends and relatives

Nations also have seasons: Imagine a Roman of the 2nd century contemplating an empire that stretched from Britain to the Near East, thinking: This will endure forever.... Forever was about 500 years, give or take... not bad, but gone!!

France was pivotal in the 17th and 18th centuries; now the land we Love is on its way to becoming part of the Muslim ummah.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the sun never set on the British empire; now Albion exists in perpetual twilight. Its 96-year-old sovereign is a fitting symbol for a nation in terminal decline.

In the 1980s, Japan seemed poised to buy the world. Business schools taught Japanese management techniques. Today, its birth rate is so low and its population aging so rapidly that an industry has sprung up to remove the remains of elderly Japanese who die alone.

I was born in 1945, almost at the midpoint of the 20th century - the American century. America's prestige and influence were never greater. Thanks to the 'Greatest Generation,' we won a World War fought throughout most of Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. We reduced Germany to rubble and put the rising sun to bed. It set the stage for almost half a century of unprecedented prosperity.

We stopped the spread of c*******m in Europe and Asia and fought international terrorism. We rebuilt our enemies and lavished foreign aid on much of the world. We built skyscrapers and rockets to the moon. We conquered polio and now C***D. We explored the mysteries of the Universe and the wonders of DNA...the blueprint of life.

But where is the glory that once was Rome? America has moved from a relatively free economy to socialism - which has worked so well NOWHERE in the world.

We've gone from a republican government guided by a constitution to a regime of revolving elites. We have less freedom with each passing year. Like a signpost to the coming reign of terror, the cancel culture is everywhere. We've traded the American Revolution for the Cultural Revolution.

The pathetic creature in the White House is an empty vessel filled by his handlers. At the G-7 Summit, 'Dr. Jill' had to lead him like a child. In 1961, when we were young and vigorous, our leader was too. Now a feeble nation is technically led by the oldest man to ever serve in the presidency.

We can't defend our borders, our history (including monuments to past greatness) or our streets. Our cities have become anarchist playgrounds. We are a nation of dependents, mendicants, and misplaced charity. Homeless veterans camp in the streets while i*****l a***ns are put up in hotels.

The president of the United States can't even quote the beginning of the Declaration of Independence ('You know - The Thing') correctly. Ivy League graduates routinely fail history tests that 5th graders could pass a generation ago. Crime rates soar and we blame the 2nd Amendment and slash police budgets.

Our culture is certifiably insane. Men who think they're women. People who fight r****m by seeking to convince members of one race that they're inherently evil, and others that they are perpetual victims. A psychiatrist lecturing at Yale said she fantasizes about 'unloading a revolver into the head of any white person.'

Our national debt is so high that we can no longer even pretend that we will repay it one day. It's a $30+ trillion monument to our improvidence and refusal to confront reality. Our 'entertainment' is sadistic, nihilistic, and as enduring as a candy bar wrapper thrown in the trash. Our music is noise that spans the spectrum from annoying to repulsive.

Patriotism is called an i**********n, treason celebrated, and perversion sanctified. A man in blue gets less respect than a man in a dress. We're asking soldiers to fight for a nation our leaders no longer believe in, while meekly most of us submitted to F***i-ism (the regime of face masks, lockdowns, and hand sanitizers) shows the impending death of the American spirit.

How do nations slip from greatness to obscurity?

* Fighting endless wars they can't or won't win
* Accumulating massive debt far beyond their ability to repay
* Refusing to guard their borders, allowing the nation to be inundated by an alien hoard
* Surrendering control of their cities to mob rule
* Allowing indoctrination of the young
* Moving from a republican form of government to an oligarchy
* Losing national identity
* Indulging indolence
* Abandoning faith and family - the bulwarks of social order.

In America, every one of these symptoms is pronounced, indicating an advanced stage of the disease. Even if the cause seems hopeless, do we not have an obligation to those who sacrificed so much to give us what we had? I'm surrounded by ghosts urging me on: the Union soldiers who held Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg, the battered bastards of Bastogne, those who served in the cold hell of Korea, the guys who went to the jungles of Southeast Asia and came home to be reviled or neglected.

This is the nation that took in my immigrant grandparents, whose uniform my father and most of my uncles wore in the Second World War. I don't want to imagine a world without America, even though it is becoming increasingly likely.

During Britain's darkest hour, when its professional army was trapped at Dunkirk and a German invasion seemed imminent, Churchill reminded his countrymen, 'Nations that go down fighting rise again, and those that surrender tamely are finished.'

The same might be said of causes. If we let America slip through our fingers, if we lose without a fight, what will posterity say of us? While the prognosis is far from good. Only God knows if America's day in the sun is over."

Read it and weep, forward or erase it! I read it and am now forwarding it to you, believing that we in America are at the moment in time to stand up, or let it fall! We now may soon be at the next step in our country's future. I believe that it might be closer than we think. Please think about it...

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Jun 24, 2024 08:31:24   #
DennyT wrote:
“ Forget Biden. Here’s 'stable genius' Donald Trump in his own bizarre words”

little denny I have never said Trump was perfect. Actually I have pointed out numerous times some of his imperfections. But you are pointing out a few instances where trump may have had problem with a specific word such as anonymous. He is human you know.

But when comparing Trump's ability to govern, to actually do something positive for America to Biden's ability there is NO comparison. Biden doesn't screw up a few words every so often. It is an everyday thing for that i***t and not only in speaking words. I haven't seen Trump wander the stage looking for someone to literally take him by the hand to lead him out of La La Land. Have you? Have you seen Trump fall up a flight of stairs, trip on only on his words but literally fall on his ass several times since he was elected? Biden does it all the time.

You might pay attention to the several links I have posted about POS Biden. Many are quite comical to watch but the reality is the links are of a man who was NEVER fit to lead even a Boy Scout troop let alone the greatest country on the planet. Biden is not a leader but simply someone pushed into the spotlight where he has no business being there. You won't admit it but there are videos of Biden being a R****T, of making r****t comments even toward Barack Obama, toward other cultures but especially toward B****s.

You on the Left commonly bring up Trump being a R****t because 50 years ago he didn't rent to some b****s in his apartment buildings. But Biden has always been a R****t in his actions and words. You ain't black if you don't v**e for me is a R****T comment. Yet you support Biden and still call Trump a R****t. Can you see your own foolishness, your own hypocrisy that makes you look like a fool?

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Jun 24, 2024 08:18:20   #
Kraken wrote:
You made that up.

C'mon karen. You can do better than that. OK actually you probably borrowed that comment from someone else because you are never that good with words. But there you have it, a video of a very common Left Wing Pussy who cannot stand to have others enjoy the freedom to do what they want, wear what they want and so on without her taking it as a personal affront. God forbid the rest of us have the liberty/freedom to do as we like in America, a country offering the most freedoms of any country on the planet.

I always love seeing the little pussies literally screaming in horror after Hillary was defeated. I love the tears flowing on their little Progressive anti American Socialist cheeks as they scream NOOOOOOOOOOOO, just as does the little pussy in the video. How is it the Left thinks they are able to control the rest of us? Is that the scenario you want for America, for your own country, where the elitist asses, The State, get to control the rest of us? Seems like it.

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Jun 24, 2024 08:01:21   #
Stlawrence wrote:
Terrific set. I'd like to go there sometime, but the fear of huge crowds turns me off. Thanks for the photo-visit.

Thank you very much Stlawrence for your positive comment.

If you pick your times to go you will find it not quite so crowded. Generally speaking when the schools are back in session and the normal vacation is over it is far less crowded and is a pleasure to be there. But I have to admit when it is so crowded you long for Disneyland on a busy day it can be unpleasant.

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Jun 24, 2024 07:58:07   #
CCPhotoist wrote:
Very nice!

Thank you very much CCPhotoist. I appreciate your comment.

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Jun 24, 2024 07:56:46   #
SX2002 wrote:
Great set Dennis...

Thank you very much Ron for the thumbs up and smile. Much appreciated my friend.

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Jun 24, 2024 07:56:12   #
CCPhotoist wrote:
Very nice set! (definitely not missing snow).

Thank you very much CCPhotoist for your comments and for stopping by to take a look.

I don't blame you for not missing snow. Me neither to be honest. I am fortunate living in the West if I ever decide I am missing snow I can usually drive somewhere close to see it or feel it.

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Jun 24, 2024 07:51:00   #
Shutterbug1697 wrote:
If you care so much about what trump says, it's in your best interests to read Project 2025!

It'll be an eye opener for you as to what trump plans to do once he's sworn into office.

Haven't we discussed this before. Haven't I told you to read it for yourself. Is this Trump talking OR is it someone else telling you what Trump will do? I have had it up to my ears in Lying Corrupt anti American BULLS**T from the LEFT about what they THINK Trump will do. I prefer as a thinking member of We the People to go by what TRUMP says he will do. So far he has said nor done nothing against my ideals, ethics and principles.

I have seen what your lying corrupt piece of s**t Biden DID do while a Senator, while a Vice President, while President. That stupid asshole has done NOTHING but bring negativity to America. His every thought toward Progressivism, toward R****m, toward bringing America to her knees disgusts me as do the Left Wing cult members such as yourself and others right here in The Attic.

While Joe Biden and other Left Wing politicians bring America Electric Vehicles and make it mandatory Americans buy and use them, while those i***ts insist on more and more climate control bulls**t such as inefficient windmills that murder more hawks, eagles, and other birds than you can shake a stick at they ignore better power plants that are clean and efficient such as nuclear energy. While Biden buys or rather begs to buy oil from America's enemies on the world stage America has petroleum under our feet that we could use right here. Under President Trump we were able to use our own oil and had some to sell. Under Biden gas prices are still higher in most places than ever under Trump. All we get from you on the Left is EXCUSES. Prices for everything else is still up to 40% higher and again nothing but excuses.

S**t for brains Biden never was good at politics and even Left Wingers will agree. His entire life he was at the bottom of the class and now his Presidency, well since his e******n anyway, is at the bottom of the barrel. Never before in American history have we had such a complete failure in every way, a complete I***T of the Left's making.

So while you are reading project 2025 I will be v****g for President Trump.

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Jun 23, 2024 22:38:52   #
Kraken wrote:
Just what are you jacked up on Denass?

Nothing karen. YOU????? I am attempting to point out as accurately the moronism, stupidity, idiocy and feckless behavior of the worst President in American history. Even IF POS Biden really was a kindly old gentleman who wasn't a stupid dumb ass lying R****t corrupt politician who had done not one good thing for America in the past 50 years of his wasted life he hasn't the good sense to be a President, hasn't got the ability to make judgement calls where life and death decisions are important, hasn't the ethics and honesty to have people trust him. Any other President with these very same NON Quallifications would have even you on the lying corrupt Left side of the aisle laughing at his mumbling, bumbling and stumbling. But ONLY because you h**e President Trump your cult is unable to really see what a LOSER Biden truly is. H**e must be a terrible thing to waste for you on the Left and/or the Socialist Agenda you all strive for to get rid of Capitalism that has worked for hundreds of years must look pretty good to you all. You know, the Socialism that has never worked in any other country on the planet, that has brought about the deaths of millions of people across the globe.

Most people in America realize Biden is t***hfully all of the above negatives and more. Only you on the moronic Left are incapable of seeing the POS he truly is and his inability to lead.

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Jun 23, 2024 21:51:37   #
Shutterbug1697 wrote:
It's nice to see that you're obliviously floating down a river in Egypt!

And nice to see you are floating toward a sewage plant for drinking water in your area. I hope they can get you thoroughly cleaned up this time.

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