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Jun 11, 2018 08:51:15   #
Now you tell me. Where wee you 14 years ago ?
Mar 4, 2018 11:20:50   #
You have done well with your children to have them bring up such a respectful, thankful, and smart granddaughter. May God Bless you all.
Feb 12, 2018 16:03:56   #
Your son is a proud winner of a great father, teacher ,leader and example . May God continue to Bless us all.
Feb 3, 2018 10:07:21   #
Sep 28, 2017 08:28:29   #
I enjoy UHH Every morning with my coffee. It is a variety of topics, education and nice people.
Apr 17, 2017 15:50:50   #
The Elk at Lone Elk Park seem to have an opinion of Photographers

Jan 26, 2016 14:53:10   #
Looks good to me!
I wish I was so very good at exposure, color, framing, focus and the rest of the buttons on my camera that I had room to criticize your or anyone's art.
I like it.
Keep up the good work.
Jan 17, 2016 21:12:38   #
I am a member in MONEP. Missouri Nature & Environmental Photographers. We have a meeting this Tuesday night. Check out our website ( ).You are welcome to come. If you wish just let me know. It is free to attend the meetings. Next Meeting:
January 19, 2016 - 7 p.m.
location is Ethical Society of St. Louis
9001 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63117
If anyone has a questions just ask!
Aug 18, 2015 09:31:11   #
Great news!
The summer exhibit's lights will be extended 1 week and on display from 7:30 to 10 p.m. Aug. 24-30. The acrobatic show will not be extended and will end Aug. 23.
Weather permitting this is a very colorful display.
Aug 10, 2015 15:14:57   #
All very Nice #3 is my favorite.
Nov 3, 2014 11:32:11   #
YEP NCIS does it every show.
Oct 29, 2014 10:10:15   #
When I am at an event I find I get more great images and am less dissapointed carrying both y d7000 and my d7100. At sporting events the action of the event (often out on the field) is farther away and the peoples reactions are often much closer.

Go for it !
Oct 24, 2014 09:18:45   #
I love them both. For me my 7100 is much better than my 7000. Both are excellent . I use the 7000 for the grandkids sports since the buffer dosnt fill as fast as the 7100 does. I enjoy them both.
Aug 5, 2014 11:49:50   #
GREAT I will buy it!

More cool things for my 7100!!

Let me knwo how to complete the deal.
Jul 7, 2014 09:49:55   #
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