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Aug 21, 2019 00:41:02   #
Aug 21, 2019 00:36:00   #
Beautiful kitty!!! Please give him hugs and kisses from me!!!
Aug 20, 2019 00:12:00   #
Beautiful kitty!!! Please give her hugs and kisses from me!!
Aug 20, 2019 00:10:34   #
Beautiful kitty!! Please give him hugs and kisses from me.

My very rotten,spoiled, diva Siamese is also 16 and it will kill me when I lose her. Even though I have 19 other cats she is my best friend. The oldest cat I've had was 19. I'm really hoping Noelle lives much longer than that.
Aug 18, 2019 00:05:59   #
Leaf gets more beautiful every time you post her photos! She definitely looks like she is enjoying her outdoor adventures. Maybe she will join you and Ted on your hikes.

Hugs and kisses to Ted and Leaf. Thanks for sharing!!!

Aug 17, 2019 18:28:24   #
Nice looking car!!! The cars of the sixties are my favorites. Thanks for sharing
Aug 14, 2019 00:18:25   #
Thank you for rescuing her and I wish you both many more "gotcha" days!!! Hugs and kisses to Penny from me!!
Aug 13, 2019 16:14:25   #
Absolutely adorable!!!!
Aug 13, 2019 01:44:56   #
Thank you for rescuing that sweet baby. I wish all of you many years of happiness together. Love the photos!!
Aug 11, 2019 19:04:04   #
Does anyone visit or participate with the forum Cambridge in Colour? They have a very nicely set up and informative tutorial section. If something similar could be set up here it would greatly help beginners (and those that just want some basic information) get started and may lessen the amount of repetitive questions that bother so many on UHH. If the newcomer/beginner doesn't find the answer could a link be set up to alert our experts to the needs of person; handling them via PM or possibly through a thread that would benefit others?

Another interesting forum is DPreview. They have sections related to specific camera brands and the camera levels (i.e. Nikon FX, Nikon DX, Canon Rebel, Leica etc). Would having sections that are more specific be more of a benefit?

Both of these forums are heavily moderated to control spam and trolls. It would be nice to see this forum become a positive destination for learning photography.
Aug 4, 2019 16:49:28   #
Abo wrote:
I blame the worlds troubles on too many people.
The world is overpopulated. And with technology turning
the world into a "global village; equals too much
competition, that equals too many losers...
equals too much frustration, which equals mass murders.

I've said it before and I'm saying it again, it's a bad idea for
any couple to have more than 2 kids.

Is it the number of children or the lack of instilling morals and values into them?

Sometime in the last couple of years there was an interview of a young woman whose brother was killed robbing a convenience store. She was very upset about losing her brother and felt he was wrongfully killed. He was stealing to pay his college tuition so in her way of thinking, he was doing nothing wrong.
Aug 4, 2019 16:44:28   #
Also in the news was the shooting in El Paso, Texas at the Cielo Vista Mall. This is the city I was born and raised. I am heartbroken over this event. It's hit me hard not because I knew any one hurt or killed but because that mall was where, as a teenager, I shopped for back to school clothes and Christmas presents. My best friends and I would walk (yes, walk, 10 miles one way) to and from that mall to shop or hang out together.

It is such a shame that these events occur. I fell terrible for the families whose loved ones have been ripped from their lives and hope that some day these senseless acts will end.
Aug 4, 2019 16:32:26   #
A beautiful ship!!! Thank you for the very informative tour.
Aug 2, 2019 20:39:13   #
Looks like a great day for you and your family!! Thank you for sharing.
Aug 2, 2019 20:35:57   #
What a great little car!! I bet it's a joy to drive. Is it yours?
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