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Jun 1, 2018 09:12:32   #
Welcome to the forum - from Kilgore, TX.
Apr 28, 2018 22:44:37   #
The second aircraft is a T-38 from Vance AFB, OK. During the Air Force undergraduate pilot training program the students will fly an “out and back” training sortie to Barksdale AFB and back to Vance AFB for training.
Oct 10, 2017 06:38:20   #
The only problem I had with Carbonite was that it would not save any of your financial data ie. banking or checking accounts. Everything else was fine.
Mar 9, 2017 08:16:22   #
This is funny - if you have lived over there - and had put a plastic cup out for the milkman to cover the top of the bottle to keep the birds from pecking through the aluminum foil cap..... you will understand....... everyone leaves a note for the milkman or breadman.....
Feb 22, 2017 08:24:31   #
You can get from the airport to London by bus or train (Gatwick Express goes to Victoria Train Station---not the same as Victoria Coach Station).
I have listed the places most people want to see:
I recommend an all-day pass (Zone 1+2) or one that lasts longer. You can get them when you go underground to ride the tubes. Just ask for the all-day pass or other extended passes.
To start the tour take the tube (with your all-day pass) to Westminster tube station---walk out and (1) Big Ben and Parliament are there. I They have tours, but the line is usually long. The only thing you would see are the two houses---one has red seats, the other has green seats. (Across the street from Big Ben is a little Co-op grocery where you can get a sandwich to go. Charlie’s favorite is egg salad and cress!) Walk across the street to (2) Westminster Abby and take a picture of Big Ben and Parliament. There are some red telephone booths you can get a picture of each of you in one and Big Ben is in the background. At Westminster Abby you can do a brass rubbing for a couple of pounds. They are neat. Stay on that side of the street and walk north on Whitehall St. toward Trafalgar Square. Half way down the street is (3) #10 Downing St. where the black gate and policemen are. This is the Prime Minister’s house. You can’t get close to it---just have to look down the street through the black gates. The (4) Horse Guards are next. They change every day at 11:00am. When you see the horses and guards, walk through the archway between the guards and there will be a large open area where the horse guards assemble before they change. Don’t wait for them, just take a picture of each of you in front of the guards on their horses out front. They start at Buckingham Palace at 10:30 and march to Whitehall everyday so it takes a while for it to all take place.) Walk back out of the arch and turn left on Whitehall St. to (5) Trafalgar Square. Take pictures of all of the pigeons, etc. Walk through the large Arch to your left. That is the entrance to St. James Park. There is a free WC (toilet) on your left when you walk into the park. If the day is pretty or nice, I recommend you walk through the park. You can picnic there if you’re hungry. Walk on through the Park to (6)Buckingham Palace (1 mi.), but the walk is nice. Looking from B.P. walk down the right side of the park & 1/2 way there is a bridge on your left, turn right and go 2 blocks to the (7)St James Tube Station. Take the tube to (8) Piccadilly Circus. Come up out of the tube and take a picture of all the lights and billboard (Don’t stay long.) and go back in and take the tube to (9) St. Pauls Cathedral. You will be on the back-side so go around front and go inside. It’s very impressive! When you come out of there, turn left and wait at the bus stop (in the queue [stand in line]) for red bus #15 (I think that’s the #, but if you don’t want to take my word for it, just ask someone. The bus will take you through the “Wall Street” section of London. There is an information booth across the street) and take bus to the (10)Tower of London. They close early---5:30 or 6:00---so plan your day or days accordingly. There is a real nice place to eat lunch or dinner across the street from the park called the Minster Tavern. It’s a pub and price and food were both good! Take the tour of the Tower of London. You will be there 2-3 hours, but it’s worth it. The Beefeaters do a great job leading the tours. Be sure to take a picture standing beside one of them. They will tell you about the ravens and the history of the castle. They have a woman Beefeater now for the first time ever. Be sure to see the crown jewels while you’re there and tour the armory (real interesting). Then take the tube back to your hotel.
If you get bored, you can go to Hyde Park to the NE corner to Speakers Corner. Anyone can say anything they want so have fun!
You might want to do St. Pauls and Tower of London one day and the rest on another day, depending on weather.
Good luck and have Fun! Wish we were going with you!
You can exchange your money at the airport or at any bank. Use your credit card whenever you can---tickets, food, etc.
There are also day tours that you can sign up for such as Windsor Castle, Stratford-Upon-Avon (where Ann Hathaway‘s Cottage is), Cambridge (beautiful American Cemetery on the outskirts of town), Oxford, Bath and Stonehenge. You could also get a cheap tour to Paris. There are a world of choices!
UPDATE; Ther are a couple of things that have changed, they have moved the red telephone boxes by Parliament and the name of the day pass has changed. Good luck. HAVE A GREAT TIME! Skate
Feb 1, 2017 20:56:20   #
Thanks Dave, I'll take it. Do you take PayPal, a check or what would you like.
Feb 1, 2017 08:36:27   #
Oct 31, 2016 07:35:33   #
Thanks Graham, you are right, it has been so long since we were stationed at RAF Mildenhall and I have killed way toooo many brain cells since then..still one of our most favorite towns in England. Maybe we will get back over there before they close the base. I really enjoy your posts..... brings back good memories.....
Oct 31, 2016 07:04:33   #
Hello. We used to live about 40 miles east of Cambridge when I was in the USAF. We gave several tours of Camb. to friends, family and aircrew members. If you are driving I HIGHLY RECOMMEND parking on the outskirts of town (Park and Ride) and take their bus into the city center (cost £1 ). Camb. is a small town, made up of about 28 small colleges-some no larger than one building-which makes up the Univ. There are two main streets, parallel to each other. One street is in the city center which goes in front of the major colleges except for a couple of side streets to the entry doors of the colleges. The other one is behind the colleges (called "the backs").
I would get off the bus in market center and look for an information booth. They are usually marked with an ( i ). Get the map and go to the right and start at the Round Church. All of the places I tell you about are great spots for pictures. From the Round Church the next buildings to your right are St Johns college/Trinity College - worth a look - the ornate entry etc. Can't remember if it is in St John's or Kings College but inside the gates of one of them is a replica of Venice's Bridge of Sighs. Ask someone about it---makes a beautiful photo! The next college on the right is Kings College which is a must!! Go inside and take pics of the ceiling - fan pattern - the stained glass is beautiful, the organ and naive are really ornate and at the front there is a Rubin's painting - The Gift of the Magi. TURN OFF YOUR FLASH - it will be light enough... Go back out the door you came in and there is a small church there - just to the right is a window and an apple tree - yep you guessed it - Sir Isaac Newtons dorm room window. I think - St Michael's - church is across the street. You can pay about a £ or 2 and go to the top and see the entire city. Proceed down the street and see Corpus Christi (the oldest one there) and Queens college. Just go into the courtyards for those two. That's about all the time you will have to see the colleges - just past Queens college - cross over the Cambs river on Silver street (the wooden bridge on the right was built by engineering students). Walk along the river on "the backs" of the colleges and take great pics of the animals: sheep, ducks and cows. You can go "punting" on the River Cam- they can give you a ride or you can do it yourself.... fun..
Return to the market for the bus back out to the car park. Then drive back toward town to the American Cemetery - A MUST - there is plenty of parking there.
That will be a short but full tour of Cambridge .......
Good luck

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Jan 5, 2016 14:12:11   #
Thanks Brad F, you are right when there is enough ambient light the flash will not activate but when the flash is required, I can hear and feel the latch release - but the flash will not pop up - without my help.
I just rolled over and sent my camera to the Nikon repair facility in CA, today, hopefully they can fix it.
Thanks again for your help, Brad F
Jan 3, 2016 19:26:11   #
Thanks for taking the time, Photo Phred.... Will do..
Jan 3, 2016 18:46:04   #
Thanks Photo Phred, that's about what I have decided to do - just to send it to a Nikon repair facility. I was going to look on line, tonight, to see where one is located. Thanks again.
Jan 3, 2016 13:44:00   #
Thanks duck72, that's about what I have decided. Everything seems to work fine except the hinge. Thanks again for your help. Skate
Jan 3, 2016 13:43:15   #
Thanks duck72, that's about what I have decided. Everything seems to work fine except the hinge. Thanks again for your help. Skate
Jan 2, 2016 11:17:05   #
Yes it must be debris in the hinge or it might have gotten bumped and bent the hinge. I use it is in the green (auto mode) and also some scene modes but it still does the same thing. It used to work fine in all of those modes. Thanks to all for your help. I might have to send it in to a Nikon repair shop and have them look into it. Thanks again. Skate
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