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Jul 11, 2019 12:44:38   #
How big are the individual unit tankers? We had up to 10,000 US gal. when I was in the US Army Transportation Corps in the early 60's and thought they were big. I can't imagine having to wrestle those monsters around our city streets and highways!
Jul 7, 2019 11:41:53   #
I think Henry Ford still had the "any color so long as it was Black" when the Model A first came out.
Jul 6, 2019 17:52:17   #
It was here last night and I just heard more thunder. We are supposed to have stormy weather thru Monday!! 😢
Jul 5, 2019 14:47:42   #
That's the way I first heard it about 40 years ago. Thanks for republishing it! The oldies should be preserved!
Jun 23, 2019 10:13:10   #
fourg1b2006 wrote:
Did a little PP work with this one...hope you like.

Nicely done, but as an old sailor, I have to ask "What ship?"
Jun 23, 2019 10:08:29   #
John N wrote:
Whereby the subject, born normal, has acquired an injury to the brain through accident, mental deficiency, stroke etc.

Myself and a couple of colleagues from from Marlow C.C. (U.K.) have undertaken a project with a local charity to help some of these people who have expressed a willingness to 'learn' photography.

But I have a problem with one member that maybe some hogs can help out with. One participant has the shakes real bad - such that it manifests itself through the wheelchair. A tripod and remote release is the answer, but initial views are that he is unlikely to manage this. I'm looking for a wheelchair mounted device probably secured near the axles (shakes appear non existent here). I have a couple of expensive ideas but am asking for any practical ideas from hogs who may have experienced something similar.

Whereby the subject, born normal, has acquired an ... (show quote)

I don't have the shake problem yet, but depending upon where the supports are on the chair frame,my first solution would be a monopod and some screw type hose clamps. Easy to mount and release and not very dxpensive.

Good luck!
Jun 22, 2019 11:00:51   #
Jerry, the post said storm water, not sewage, I know they get mixed on occasion, but do we want to pay the chat to process relatively clear rain?

If so what should we do about the thousands of tons off "stuff" all the whales and other ocean critters dump every day?? That ain't treated either.
Jun 21, 2019 17:33:47   #
Rathyatra wrote:
Nice shot John.

John, I 'll go one from and go Rath one better and call the photo "very nice" but I have a the barn new construction or newly repaired and repainted along with the fencing?

If they are old they are in great shape & the present levels of TLC should keep them going for at least another generation unlike in our area where they are let go to pot and the old lumber sold. It seems as if is less expensive to rebuild a new metal barn. A shame, but money talks louder than history.😣!
Jun 14, 2019 11:51:19   #
lbrande wrote:
My current windows 10 machine just gave me the BSOD on their last update. Now I have to work with MS IT.

What is a BSOD? Sounds like an overdraft of Windows B. S. which would be typical of a Window fix !
Jun 14, 2019 10:44:37   #
Retired CPO wrote:
You'll like windows 10.

I won't; I already have it on a laptop and hate the damn thing! What can't progamers learn the principle of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it "?

Win 7 has been running well for years and very few were unhappy with it! Why destroy something unneeded and unwanted?
May 21, 2019 12:50:31   #
stevetassi wrote:
I can see that many of you haven’t read my post carefully. I’m not the professional photographer at this wedding. I’m attending as my nephews guest. I was just asking if I should buy a 70-200 f/2.8 prior to the event.

Sorry, but if you re read your post, you will see that YOU omitted those details! If you are looking for help, I'd suggest not being so damn sarcastic!
May 21, 2019 12:41:35   #
bnewmk wrote:
2017 Ford GT.Price:$397,000, 647HP,560Foot-Pounds of torque,carbon fiber body,3100 LBS.
The 4th picture was my first attempt doing a color pencil sketch.

Doesn't look like the 1965 we bought new after I got out of the army. Cost was $2700.00!
May 18, 2019 17:33:31   #
First time long a wedding? Unless the reception is being held outdoors on a huge estate, I think your existing lenses should be adequate unless had the main/only photographer. Remember the more time you waste changing lenses and settings equals shots not taken. I took a lot of shots at two of our kid's weddings with my Canon 60D using a 18 - 135 telephoto and had no gripes. Most of your shots will probably be within a reasonable distance so why take a of extra stuff to carry.
May 16, 2019 19:43:35   #
planepics wrote:
I'm debating renting a 150-600 for my a77 (too long??) or biting the bullet and renting an a99ii and using my current lens. The tammy gets me to 450 equivalent on the crop a77 (if I rented both it would run slightly over $300 for a week including insurance...not sure if I want to spend that much). Any thoughts? I will be using it/them for a week-long aviation convention in July.

It somewhat depends on the type of planes and their distance from you. I use a 70 -300 mm at local shows with reasonably good results for older (slower) planes, but jets are generally too high and difficult to pan at their speed. I'm using a Canon 60D crop sensor camera.
May 15, 2019 09:18:57   #
Hassie wrote:
I recently purchased a 5DMkIII which uses the same battery as my 60D, the LP-E6.
I ordered a battery charger to use in the car and it came with two batteries branded Vanon.
Has anyone used these in the past and should I jeopardize my camera with these unknown brands?
Thanks for any input.

I don't think any of the camera companies make their branded batteries; purchasing them in bulk with their name put on them is get less expensive than building a manufacturing facility for small dollar items. Your "Canon"batteries were most likely not made by Canon, but made to Canon specs! Canon guarantees them so why worry about it?

When bought my 60D, about six years ago, it came with a "Canon" battery, and I bought a knockoff spare. Both are still working just one with no problems.
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