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May 13, 2019 13:16:25   #
BobHartung wrote:
Bad, bad Dog!

I have had a number of SD cards go through the washer, they did not have any problems.
May 13, 2019 06:12:10   #
Memory cards or checks, we still love the dog.

May 13, 2019 06:00:15   #
It sounds the same as if your cars mechanic tells you the fuel tank must be over half full or it will not run correctly. Bunch of nonsense.
May 5, 2019 10:06:21   #
When I do an event where there are people of many colors, I always bracket. I then choose which one is best exposed and discard the others. These are not meant to be photographic masterpieces but recording the event with the people attending.
May 5, 2019 09:41:53   #
Clever, I like that..
Apr 26, 2019 11:13:43   #
ngrea wrote:
I once attended an event where a NG editor spoke. She said that for the average article the photographer takes 50,000 pictures (that was 10 or 15 years ago and it was still film) She also described some of the “expenses” including armed guards and robotic cameras destroyed by animals. Maybe the thrill is more important than the $500.

50,000 images. If you used 36 exposure rolls of film, that is over 1,300 rolls of film. That really seems excessive. Maybe 5,000 exposures?
Apr 22, 2019 06:18:18   #
It looks like a Ginkgo tree. Also locally called the dog s--t tree because of the smell of its seed pods.
Apr 10, 2019 06:35:15   #
The saying is to separate the chaff from the wheat.
Apr 5, 2019 10:01:36   #
Powerful images, WOW
Apr 1, 2019 06:03:48   #
It was so fast it is not in the picture.
Well I cannot see it.
Mar 31, 2019 12:00:28   #
When my daughters went to Europe years ago I told them to take pictures of things that tourists don't take pictures of. Store fronts, the insides of the small shops, street signs, the police and other non tourist items.
You did a good job of doing the same things.
Mar 29, 2019 08:16:58   #
Every body has junk, some just have more than others.
Mar 5, 2019 10:11:36   #
Interesting, I listened to stations in Norway, Sweden, Russia..
Mar 3, 2019 23:04:09   #
I used to do sports slide shows in the late 80's to mid 90's for my daughters high school
I used to start each show with "Be true to your school" by the Beach Boys. It really set the tone.
Jan 28, 2019 06:18:44   #
#4 is my very favorite. I could see that hanging on a wall.
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