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Apr 15, 2019 07:28:10   #
ebrunner wrote:
A topic that I know nothing about; but it seemed like an appropriate title for the thread. Shot while walking the dog.

Very nice capture Erich of fluid dynamics in action. The download
shows a 'Eddy' has been created in the lower right of this image.
Apr 5, 2019 07:58:14   #
flathead27ford wrote:
How's this for a coincidence, your photographs and me seeing 8 wild turkeys along side a road I was driving on this afternoon. I hadn't seen any wild turkeys for a long time. Very nice shots btw.

Thank you Flathead27ford
Apr 4, 2019 18:47:04   #
Mtnjerry wrote:
Know what a group of turkeys is called? I'll save you the trouble of looking it up; it's a RAFTER.

Thank you Jerry for the info on RAFTER's. I've seen
rafters of more than a hundred turkeys.
Apr 4, 2019 18:44:43   #
Country Boy wrote:
I often see as many as 25 to 30 on my property (not just Jakes) but getting close enough to get photos like you did is extremely hard.

Thank you Country Boy. There were about 50 spread out along the
Arkansas river which is running high due to the start of the snow
runoff. I stay in my car and give them my best turkey call. The males
will call for the females to come to them. The big tom thought I was
competition and fanned for me. I went back today but the turkeys
were about 200 yards away, no good shots like these I posted.
Apr 4, 2019 18:35:27   #
Earnest Botello wrote:
Very good set, Howlynn.

Thank you Earnest.
Apr 4, 2019 18:35:03   #
crafterwantabe wrote:
Nice pictures

Thank you Mary. Spring turkey season starts in a few weeks,
males only. These turkeys are in a safe place no hunting in the
area they hangout at.
Apr 4, 2019 09:17:08   #
J-SPEIGHT wrote:
Nice shots.

Thank you Jack, nice eagle capture in your Avatar.
Apr 3, 2019 16:55:41   #
UTMike wrote:
Very nice set!

Thank yoyu Mike
Apr 3, 2019 16:55:13   #
kpmac wrote:
Nice set.

Thank you Kpmac
Apr 3, 2019 09:18:03   #
Sirsnapalot wrote:
These beautiful shots you captured of this bird reveals that he is a mature gobbler and not a jake. The beard length is that of a jake but his true age is revealed by its sharp spurs and full tail fan.

Thank you Sirsnapalot. The first one is the jake, the last 3 are the mature gobbler,
two different turkey's.
Apr 3, 2019 09:15:20   #
Bigmike1 wrote:
Nice shots. I understand that in some places they are becoming pests. I have always wanted to go turkey hunting but never got around to it. Now, at my age, I don't know if I could stand the physical effort. Here in Utah quail have invaded the neighborhoods. I see them all the time driving professionally. Quail chicks amuse me. Their legs and feet are so tiny that you can't see them and they seem to just float over the ground.

Thank you Mike. In my area we have scaled quail, they are daily visitors
to my bird feeders.
Apr 3, 2019 07:14:23   #
Turkey's on alert.
young male turkey, called a 'jake'




Apr 1, 2019 09:05:38   #
hobbit123 wrote:
Thanks for the encouragement. Yes I'm using back button autofocus (from a Steve Perry YouTube video) and auto ISO. For this particular shot my settings were 170mm focal length, 1/5000th sec, f/2.8, ISO320 (Auto ISO). I have no idea how the 1/5000th got to be selected because I didn't intentionally choose it. I thought I had it set to 1/640th :-) because I wasn't actually aiming to shoot birds in flight. When I pressed the shutter button this bird was actually sitting on the post. It was an accident :-)
Thanks for the encouragement. Yes I'm using back ... (show quote)

I have a thought on your changing Shutter Speed. I shoot with the D500 using BBF also.
The AF-ON button is next to the main command dial, which controls shutter speed. I have
Thumb'd the command dial changing my shutter speed from 1/4000 to 1/500 while shooting
a Northern Harrier in flight. Some shots were ok but most were soft on focus. I try to check my
SS more often now.
Mar 30, 2019 13:24:52   #
Uuglypher wrote:
What a magnificently captured series of a continuing event!
A great example of fortune favoring the prepared photographer!
Be proud!


Thank you Dave. Some people drive around with dogs in their lap.
I drive around with my BIF camera attached to my sling strap in
my lap, ready to shoot.
Mar 30, 2019 10:41:13   #
BlueMorel wrote:
Thanks, River - the Yampa to Meeker loop looks good. We took a month-long trip last year and now DH says he wants a shorter trip this year. Me, I want to go while we can still do long drives. I think we'll compromise and spend a week at Estes Park as a base for the RMNP first week in October, then second week back through the park and on to the Yampa Meeker loop, then choose our easterly leisurely way east back home, seeing sights along the way.
We won't do any fourwheeling - our car can't and we limit our gravel road treks. Last trip we spent a few days exploring old mining towns south of Granite/Leadville. Depending, we might swing by there.
Thanks, River - the Yampa to Meeker loop looks goo... (show quote)

The Yampa to Meeker is a great drive, good road. Near the Meeker part of the loop is
CR 8 which will take you 11 miles to Trappers Lake which is within the
flattops wilderness area. At trappers lake you will also find trappers lake lodge, which has
cabins for rent. This area is off the power grid but the lodge runs generators for power
to the cabins until early evening. New owners of trappers lake lodge have just taken over
as of 2019. The new owners are ranchers from the Meeker area, checkout their website.

I would also like to recommend a photographers guide to all of Colorado,
John Fielders best of Colorado 5th edition. Available on amazon, by amazon and
is also amazon prime under $25 new. John is one of the top landscapes photographers
in Colorado.

You are coming the best time of year to Colorado. I agree with end of September
early October. Have a great trip.
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