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Oct 9, 2016 00:26:43   #
Bill Emmett wrote:
I shoot the very combo using my 7D, and 7D Mark II. When I started using the big Tamron, I had a problem with focus, and focus time. I kept checking my shutter speed, and I finally had to send in the lens to Tamron in New York, for calibration, and adjustment. I sent them sample images I got using the lens on my Mark II, to illustrate the focus problem. I also sent Tamron a list of my camera bodies, when the lens returned I got a very sharp lens. Tamron replaced several elements, and the focus motor, and calibrated the lens to my camera specs. The lens is again back to Tamron, for upgrade for the new 5D Mark IV, live view problem, and update of the VC. I've also learned not to place to much faith in the VC when the lens is zoomed out near 100%, you'll need that good tripod, and at least a good gimbal head. I use a Nest Gimbal, and a very sturdy Bogen 3011 tripod. You may also want to make some test images using your setup. Place a target a distance from where you set up your camera, and tripod. Really secure the camera and lens to the center of the target, and take several test shots to test for focus accuracy. Use both the viewfinder, and live view. In live view chimp the images and look at them with the zoom function. Be sure to use a remote shutter release, and mirror lock up when taking test shots, that is important. With a long lens, any vibration will effect the motion of the lens, and could cause fake focus movement.

I shoot the very combo using my 7D, and 7D Mark II... (show quote)

Hi Bill. That's what I did with my Tammy sent it to Tamron UK with the 7Dmk2, with sample images. I have done all the calibration tests as you describe and the images appear to be fairly sharp but when cropped they show up as not being as sharp as I require.
Oct 9, 2016 00:16:06   #
Regis wrote:
True, but I still occasionally use my Tamron 150-600. But, 95% of the time I use my Canon 100-400 II lens because it is smaller, lighter
and sharper and easier to hand hold.
For the money, the Tamron 150-600 lens is a great deal, washy.

Agree Regis for the money it is a good lens but when the images are not sharp enough with the 7dmk2 something has to go. Images are actually better with an old 500D with BIF
. I think the Tammy just does not like the AF on the 7Dmk2. and images of slower moving objects with the 7D are quite good but not the BIF.
Oct 8, 2016 13:46:00   #
JDMcF wrote:
I have that combination and it is great. You may have to calibrate that lens to your
camera for focus.

The lens has been calibrated to the 7d mk2 better than it was but still not sharp enough. I have tried faster shutter speeds and I realise this combo at 600mm is actually 900 mm
Oct 8, 2016 13:44:01   #
Regis wrote:
I have used that combination in the past hundreds of times with excellent results. Never had any problems with birds in flight, moon shots, insects, etc.

Regis. Hi but your now using a 100-400 with a 1.4 I saw your latest Osprey pic. just magic.
Oct 7, 2016 18:49:40   #
bajadreamer wrote:
I also had that same combination and was not happy with it. Similar to other people reporting with this combo, the longer I zoomed the lens, the more problems with sharpness I had. I MAed the lens numerous times with little to no improvement. I finally sold the lens and replaced it with a 100-400 II and a 1.4 TC III. Lot more money but also lots better results. With the 7DII you also give up some AF flexibility with the TC as you will be limited at F8 to just the center point. If I just use the 100-400 II without the TC though, I can crop my images to the equivalent of a 600 mm I retain AF flexibility and still get better images than with the Tamaron at 600 mm.
I also had that same combination and was not happy... (show quote)

Thanks for your reply, I think that is the way I may well go Canon 100-400 with a 1.4 tc
Oct 7, 2016 18:47:52   #
Thanks for your reply. The combo has been tried at F8 F11 F6.3 with different cluster settings and different case settings, some how that sharpness is not there. even at 500mm or less still nearly as bad. I think the camera does not "like" the lens somehow. Still objects are not a problem the images are great. I am getting to the stage where the lens and I say good bye.
Oct 7, 2016 08:20:07   #
Has any one had experience of using this combination of camera and lens. I am struggling with this combination to get very sharp images when blown up to 1 to 1 and sometimes at 1 to 2. Even thought the Canon has been AF micro adjusted to the lens. The main problem is birds in flight, the images of cars moving on a track are okay and images of still subjects are fine. All the different case settings in the 7DMk2 and different clusters of focus points have been tried all to no avail. Any one had similar experiences, only I am getting to the point where this lens, which has been to Tamron UK twice, is going to the market. Images of fast moving birds taken with this camera and a Tamron 70-200 2.8 lens are tack sharp. It is only the 150-600 Tammy that I am having problems with.
Apr 20, 2016 01:26:57   #
Apr 20, 2016 01:06:06   #
If it is not too pertinent a question but how much do you guys pay for the "refurbished 6D? we do not seem to get refurbs in Canon's like you do, on your side of the pond.
Apr 5, 2016 12:28:26   #
Nalu wrote:
Are you having the issue with both the 6D and 7DII or just the 7DII?

The lens was fine with the 60D it's just the 7Dmk2. Mind you I tried a Canon 6D with the 100-400 Mk2 Canon lens on the Canon stand at the photography show last month and that lens was all over the place with that body, when it was switched to a 5Dmk3 it was great. the main problem I have is the images look sharp in the cameras LCD monitor but blown up they are not sharp. Also if for example I shoot a barn owl at 50 yards at a slow shutter speed the wings are nicely blurred giving a hover effect but the face is not sharp, which is annoying. when shot at faster speeds the images are still not sharp. After tomorrow things may improve when the lens is micro calibrated to the 7Dmk 2 body. If that does not work it can go back to Tamron for the 2nd time, stating the lens is unfit for purpose with a view to getting a replacement. Thanks for you comments
Apr 5, 2016 03:20:36   #
I agree about the 3rd party lens but Canon don't make a 600 mm lens for under a £1000 and I studied what people said about the big Tammy for over a year before I bought mine, thinking any of its problems were sorted. Thanks for all comments.
Apr 5, 2016 00:31:26   #
robertjerl wrote:
I seem to remember when the 7DII first came out there were problems with some of them and the Tamron 150-600. Didn't someone post that they sent the camera and lens to Tamron's service center for tweaking?

I thought I read some where that is what happened. I suggested this to Tamron but I think they are hesitant about touching the Canon Body. I can only hope the micro adjustment will work.
Apr 5, 2016 00:27:22   #
I tried the micro adjustment myself, but I'm not sure I got it right, so the combo is going on Wednesday to my local dealer,. Thanks for your reply
Apr 4, 2016 19:09:06   #
When I used this Tammy with a Canon 60 D the images seemed quite sharp but now I'm using the Canon 7Dmk2 when using auto focus in servo mode, on /off a tripod with image stabilizer on/off most of the images are not sharp, when blown up. Even though they look sharp in the camera's LCD monitor. I have tried different cases in the camera autofocus settings, all to no avail and different F stops F6.3 F8 F9 and different ISO settings and therefore different shutter speeds. On stationery subjects the images are fine, but not birds in flight or other fast moving subjects. All other lenses produce sharp images including the Tamron 70- 200 2.8. The lens has had the latest firmware installed. When questioned at the Birmingham (UK)Photography show Tamron insist even when blown up to 1 to 1 the images should be sharp. As this lens according to them , does produce sharp images, with the 7DMk2. Canon of course non committal, "we do not make that lens, our 100-400 would be our recommendation" the lens has been back to Tamron once. Its spring I'm getting anxious as the birds are doing spring things and I'm not getting the images. HELP. Any bright ideas ? Thank you in anticipation.
Feb 24, 2016 22:44:45   #
10MPlayer wrote:
Maybe bad form here to pile on to the OP, but do you think turning it off applies to use on an monopod. I can never keep a monopod as still as a tripod so I leave it on. I've been unhappy with the results.

Why shoot at F22 ? to get the best out of the big Tammy shoot at f8 or f9 and possibly 550 mm not 600mm. Your image looks noisy High ISO ?
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