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Nov 14, 2012 21:08:50   #
Oh I don't know! A 'Chevie' is quite a nice car - for the US of A! The trouble with a lot of cars is if you lean on the front of them, they buckle, whether its a Limo or a Thunderbird, they all won't support your weight if you sit, lean or stand on them. Not so the British cars - take the Rolls-Royce or a Jaguar S6 (a nice sporty job), their bonnets don't buckle if you mistreat them like the above...even our humble Ford Fiesta (two years old model) holds up to us leaning on the bonnet or the boot whilst waiting for the Missus to do her weekly shop in ASDA (the English version of Wallmart) Yeah the stack 'em high and wide just like Wallmart being a part of the Wallmart Empire too... Sorry about my beef about the American Car - I had my beliefs shattered when I leaned on my Cousin's Buick and it buckled and I nearly died when it gave way - damn! :-(
Nov 14, 2012 20:52:09   #
Looks like the set for Herbie lol! Seriously, the Beetle Volkswaggon is a good runner - but seeing them together like this in their individualistic colours makes for a great Picture! Nice One!
Nov 14, 2012 20:43:04   #
Bruce with a Cannon has some good points too. The only Nikon Film Camera I had, besides a Practika and a Pentax ME-Super was the Nikon F3 professional camera -which was a beaut! Sadly, there aren't that many films around these days in England, as most peeple have gone over to Digital in a big way and prefer to develop their prints with Photoshop rather than dunking your fingers in acetic Acid, Hypo and Bromide (or other exotic developer) in order to produce a Sepia, Ferrotype or Cyanotype print besides the Blue-Black prints from Bromide or using (God Forbid) the C-41 process for eye-swinging colour photos! The the transfer of negatives to yyour enlarger to enlarge, dodge and flash your 'print' before development to get the best out of it - so much better then than today with a click here or there with your mouse whilst using Elements or Photoshop 6 (if your as well-heeled as Rockerfeller) :-D!
Nov 14, 2012 20:28:19   #
I wanted to stalk animals at night but my previous camera (a D3000) only allowed me to use Infra-red in front of the camera in direct line of sight - which is not conducive to keeping a low profile when Fox's, Stags and some escaped Timber Wolves in my region are stalking me...! :-D
Nov 14, 2012 20:03:47   #
I would like to own the Nikon D800e but I'm going to have to save hard (as I am on my pension - and it ain't much). My credit cards don't extend to a nice round £3000.00 pounds just yet...:-)!
Nov 14, 2012 19:59:31   #
Doug B has a point. I guess its the same on the other side of the Atlantic pond too if I tried to sell my Nikon D3000 (since I've just got my Nikon D3200 body) on Ebay. The lenses I'm keeping for my new camera which has a few gizmo's that weren't on the D3000 - apart from the 24 megapixel upgrade and live mode which wasn't on the D3000.
Nov 13, 2012 15:51:21   #
I laughed about the guy on here who was in Belgium and went off some girl who excused herself and said she was gonna have a piss lol! Good job she wasn't going to do anything else (crap), as that would have really upset the guy!
Nov 13, 2012 15:46:44   #
When I was an Apprentice Decorator (back then the Apprenticeship lasted five years) in England, I used to get my leg pulled by guys sending me to the stockroom for Upside-down paint, Striped blue-and-white paint, and to get some sky-hooks that were at the back of the stockroom hanging off of the ceiling. Gradually, as I got older and closer to my City and Guilds and fellowship exam, I started doing likewise to the new apprentices. Sadly today, the Apprenticeship scheme in England has all but vanished except for a six-month Apprenticeship course (which I think is a bit of a joke when you consider that the Apprenticeship I went through (at college and at work) was equivalent to a Master's Degree in Interior Design today). Now of course I'm retired and think a lot about how it used to be - I guess a lot of you think likewise that have reached the ripe old age of seventy-one?
Nov 11, 2012 16:35:39   #
When I was in Arizona some old guy pointed out that the plane flying overhead was the Mail plane. At the time I didn't know the difference and asked "Gee mister do they have female planes too"?
Nov 11, 2012 16:23:05   #
I'm not gonna talk politics anymore since that's not why I am here - I'm into photography and started with a Kodak Box Camera then moved up to a Voigtlander, then a Practika, then a Mamiya Medium-format Camera; I also worked with an early Leica and some exotic ones such as an early Hasselblad. My favourite film camera is a Pentax ME-Super which I still use on occasion. At the time I was developing my film in my own darkroom using a Bromide Developer for my Black and White film and the C-41 process for colour. Of all the films I've used I preferred Agfa for colour and Ilford for Black and White. My first Digital Camera was a compact Kodak DX6440. This was follwed five years later by a Nikon D3000. Recently, I've just bought a D3200. Although I've been semi-pro I prefer to be seen as just a photographer these days since i'm seventy-one and not likely to return to the Trade anytime soon. Although I live in Northumberland, England, today, I originated from Knotty Ash, Liverpool, England! Linuxfanatik
Nov 11, 2012 16:06:08   #
Most have been answered correctly - so i won't waste my finger banging keys - The Eden Project I support and have been there in what was once a China-Clay Pit before they turned it into the ecological study area now. The place in Cornwall is called Saint. Austell, Cornwall. Cheers! Linuxfanatik
Nov 8, 2012 10:13:01   #
Er don't take me TOO seriously, Scotty! and all other Republicans - I'm joshing with yer. You not take a joke? Settle down or you'll all have a coronary - lol!

Life is for living - not for beating your chest and looking like King Kong and doing the hairy male thing with your woman or pee-wee boyfriend...

Be cool, Man. We see the jokes aimed at us - do we get upset if we are Democrat or Republican? No! Do we still hark back to the days of the Confederacy when General Grant was ordering his troops and Johnny Reb to 'drop' all the Union Guys and the British? Mad King George is dead as is the old wars. Get real and enjoy the light banter and deal with your temper - its a killer! I used to get upset when I was young, but age has a habit of teaching you stuff that extends your life so Enjoy Life? Yeah? Enjoy some Pink Floyd playing Wish you were Here... cos I'd like to be over there with you guys. Read about what I said about the American Constitution, the Bill of Rights - that is above politics, above whether your a Red or a Blue socialite Liberal or hard and fast Conservative guy - we are all in this boat together.
Nov 8, 2012 10:00:49   #
Hm.. The only gun I use is a Nikon Camera - we aren't allowed guns in the UK - we don't have the right to carry Arms like you do in the US of A. So, scotty is getting upset - calm down Scotty or you'll beam up to a non existent USS Enterprise up!

Do you really get upset by politics? Whoa! Man! It don't matter. Do you think that voting for a Republican is gonna get you any closer to the money or your jobs - Nah! Your all the same as we are - we are told a pack of lies by our politicians and I guess its the same in the US of A too - well in the Republican stronghold of Texas I guess, since they're all a bunch Chancers and Pimps - well the ones I met when I was over there were... Take Jed Wood (past governor of Florida) a relative of G. W. Bush - I hear he's a bit of a Chancer like Romney - are all Republicans a bunch of Mobsters out for a Hanging Judge Session? Sheesh - you Republican guys take some beating for telling lies...
Nov 7, 2012 20:52:58   #
I didn't see Bush help out in making Colorado a Legal High State - Sure is kool to bring tempers down and help with being normal again. All you need now is permission to grow Kat then the baby population will be booming again...Yippee...
Nov 7, 2012 20:42:13   #
Today I am seventy-one. I can still cut the butter and I ride a bike regularly to keep fit and pump iron in the Gym. I work with Ubuntu - a Linux distribution of an alternative to the Windows system which (like Apple) will bleed you dry of your hard-earned cash! Make sure your not one of them - Ubuntu is free and the applications that go with it are too including Libre-Office fast becoming better than Windows Office 10!
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