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Nov 9, 2015 07:50:35   #
Bloke wrote:
I bought my 7D brand new from B&H for $750. You may want to reconsider your price on this one... Just sayin...

You really received a great discount. B&H currently lists the 7D Mark III at $1499.00. The 70D, which the poster is offering, lists there for $999.00.

Just observing.
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Nov 9, 2015 07:40:34   #
Frequent Flyer wrote:
Thank you for the responses to my earlier que, but I still haven't found a free program to make a watermark signature to my photos. I am using Windows 8.1 (tried 10 but it was too sluggish with my Intel i5 and 8 mb). The thoughtful suggested sites weren't up to date with 8.1. When I get back to San Francisco I plan to get a disk version of Lightroom which should do the trick, but until next year I'd love to find a shareware watermark program.

The free Picasa program has a "Text" capability that allows this. Easy to use and features variation in size, type face, color, position and opacity.
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May 1, 2015 07:02:45   #
Bob Yankle wrote:
I appeal to some semantics expert to set us straight on the proper plural for more than one lens.

Have you heard of the Internet? Here's a real authority, Miriam Webster:

lens (noun)
contact lens (noun)
fish–eye lens (noun)
objective lens (noun)
telephoto lens (noun)
wide–angle lens (noun)
zoom lens (noun)
lens /ˈlɛnz/ noun
plural lenses

Learner's definition of LENS
: a clear curved piece of glass or plastic that is used in eyeglasses, cameras, telescopes, etc., to make things look clearer, smaller, or bigger
glasses with thick lenses
a camera lens
Make sure the lens of the microscope is clean.
— see picture at camera; see also contact lens, fish-eye lens, objective lens, telephoto lens, zoom lens
: the clear part of the eye that focuses light to form clear images
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Apr 22, 2015 07:00:53   #
jerryc41 wrote:
Just in case you didn't realize this, lens hoods serve a purpose, other than making your lens look bigger and more impressive.

O.K. all you idiots out there without lens hoods - Your idiots.

Vital: meaning essential. Rather - nice to have sometimes. I agree that some make your gear look more impressive. Except when you put a black lens hood on one of those wonderful cream colored Canon lenses.

With some hoods, it makes it very difficult to use a polarizing filter. Then again, at the angle where the hood becomes desirable, the polarizing filter probably not necessary.

And for those knuckleheads without them: use your hand.
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Apr 22, 2015 06:43:48   #
Peterff wrote:
Just FYI for anyone with certain Sigma lenses that is considering a new Canon DSLR. This is about the new Rebels T6i / T6s (750D / 760D) but could also affect future models. Sigma firmware updates coming....

Good luck

So, how does one install these firmware updates? What form do they come in?

Before checking YouTube for a possible example.
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Apr 19, 2015 06:27:16   #
Mac wrote:
I'm going to start the process of moving from Aperture 3 to Photos for Mac.

"moving from Aperture 3 to Photos for Mac"

Should have, would have been the preferred topic heading. Too bad UHH Admin does not monitor this stuff and make posters stick to the guidelines for headings.

I'm taking yet another deep breath of annoyance at the practice.

With the new heading, I would never have opened it, as I have no interest in your topic.

Then why did I? To track nonsense and complain and waste your time for wasting mine.
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Apr 18, 2015 05:57:18   #
vdeforest wrote:
Didn't install the Adblock soon enough. That is one very mean ad. Had to shut the whole system down and load another browser.

Thanks also for the Windows 10 link. I had looked but I couldn't find it.

Always use "quote reply."

Where did you see a Windows 10 link? I found no actual link in the postings to date.
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Apr 16, 2015 07:40:50   #
idaholover wrote:

What's a Hollywood type?

What is the breakdown for "Hollywood" as far as stated political persuasion is concerned and how do these percentages compare with those in the nation as a whole?

Ronnie Reagan was a republican, as I recall. "I didn't leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me."

Ronald Reagan was certainly a phony. Spoke bumper sticker like a great communicator.

"Awesome" list of actors who are republicans or say they v**e that way:
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Apr 16, 2015 07:27:01   #
Nightski wrote:
I am curious. I am wondering if it's possible to do a long exposure shot of a person. I am thinking of those live mannequins they sometimes have in clothing stores. Is it possible for a human to remain perfectly still for 30 .. 40 .. 60 seconds? Do you have a shot like this that you would like to share? Please do.

If you post a shot, please list your settings. Feel free to try it and post.

If Picasso had used a camera.

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Apr 12, 2015 21:48:12   #
pounder35 wrote:
They also participate in the Powerball which my backasswards state does not. So I help pay for education for Florida kids when I'm there which is about once a month. :lol: :lol:

"my backasswards state does not"

That puts you in Mississippi or Alabama (I've lived in Alabama, so in some respects, but not all, confirmed), as the other five that do not participate in Powerball couldn't be described as "backasswards" (with perhaps the exception of Idaho) nor traditionally considered "Southeast."

Also, anywhere is not "nowhere." Everybody's got to be somewhere. Why not tell us the state, so we can come after you?

"So I help pay for education for Florida kids..."

How generous of you. If only you could help educate the governor.
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Mar 6, 2015 13:15:53   #
bvm wrote:
Are you saying it's like you can keep your health insurance, your doctor, etc.?

"Are you saying it's like you can keep your health insurance, your doctor, etc.?"

That has absolutely nothing to do with the argument at hand.
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Mar 5, 2015 10:20:00   #
idaholover wrote:
180 days. Most of us have to work an entire year. Screw you and your arrogance and insults. Most public, union, employees are are democrats and live very well off the public taxpayer tit!

"Most public, union, employees are democrats"

Define "most." Leaving out independents, its 32% vs. 28%.

But the breakdown is actually: 32% democrats; 37% independents; 28% republicans.[also, if one may assume, a similar breakdown representing the taxpayer "tit" in the general population of v**ers??? Dunno. Independents may not v**e. Look for data]

Leaving aside the question of whether ANYONE today would want to identify with the current policies of the Republican Party, read the Gallop poll conducted in 2010:

These data are based on 177,775 interviews with employed Americans conducted as part of Gallup Daily tracking in 2010. Government employment and union status are based on workers' self-reports.

Among all U.S. adults interviewed, 32% are Democrats, 37% independents, and 28% Republicans.

Among other key findings:
The gap in Democratic party identification between union and nonunion work environments is largest among private-sector workers and federal government workers, with an 11.8-percentage-point and a 10.2-point gap, respectively.
Nonunionized state government workers show a smaller gap than the one found among unionized state workers, but still demonstrate a nearly 10-point Democrat (39.2%) to Republican (29.5%) gap.
Among private-sector workers who are unionized, Democrats outnumber Republicans by a substantial 42% to 24% margin.
Federal and local government workers who are unionized are also more likely to be Democrats than Republicans, albeit with a smaller partisan gap than among state and private-sector workers. Nonunion federal and local government workers are roughly even in terms of Democratic and Republican identification.
Nonunion private-sector workers are about evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.
The political profile of every major category of union workers is more strongly Democratic than that of the public at large -- with between 40% and 46% identifying as Democrats -- and somewhat less Republican and independent. Nevertheless, a significant minority -- ranging from 24% to 27% of unionized workers, depending on area of employment -- identify as Republicans.
Some of these political distinctions may be caused by underlying demographic patterns that characterize union jobs versus nonunion jobs. With that in mind, Gallup controlled for all relevant demographics and found a muted, but similar pattern.
Unions have been in the news in recent months as Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin made state employee unions the major target of his efforts to cut costs and reduce his state's budget. Walker and Republican legislators in Wisconsin engaged in a protracted battle with the unions and Democratic legislators over these efforts, effectively underscoring the highly partisan nature of union politics in today's environment. Unions have become one of the largest financial supporters of Democratic candidates for office, and the confrontation with Gov. Walker was likely amplified still further because of the probable political orientation of unionized state workers in Wisconsin.
The current data show that rank-and-file union members tend to follow these same partisan patterns across both government and private industry employment sectors. Even when demographic characteristics of union and nonunion members are controlled for, those who are union members skew at least slightly more Democratic in their political orientation than those who are not union members.

Survey Methods
Results are based on telephone interviews conducted as part of the Gallup Daily tracking survey with 177,775 national working adults, aged 18 and older, conducted Jan. 2-Dec. 29, 2010. Of these, 144,682 respondents work inside of a nongovernment setting, and 133,317 of these are not in unions, while 11,365 are. For results based on the total sample of national working adults in a nongovernment setting, one can say with 95% confidence that the maximum margin of sampling error is ±0.3 percentage point for those not in a union and ±0.9 percentage point for those who are.
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Feb 12, 2015 09:26:31   #
Good take-off on the "Fifty Shades" phenomenon (or should I say phenomena) gripping our country. Mark my last word.

Watch the video (G-rated?):
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Jan 31, 2015 10:03:24   #
n0irw wrote:
First let me say I'm not trying to start a flame war of any kind, but the more I see and hear video pieces shot with DSLR's, the more I realize these folks are great photog's, but they lack an understanding of audio, or just choose not to pay attention. First of all, if you are shooting something where you want good audio....DO NOT use the camera mic! Especially if you are getting paid. Invest in a GOOD shotgun....meaning a Sennheiser or a Sony....some of the Audio-Technica are pretty fair as well. Microphones are like cameras, you get what you pay for. Make sure you have a good shock mount for it.

If you are videoing a wedding you need at least 2 wireless lavaliers, preferably for the minister, the groom and if she will allow it, the bride as well. You will also need a good natural sound mic and I suggest the Electro-Voice's almost indestructible and sounds great. Now you say you only have 1 audio's stereo, so get a splitter input cable and a small mixer...Shure has good ones as does Mackie....and monitor the audio with headphones, because it sucks to get back and ready to edit just to find out you have some 60Hz hum in the audio.

Just pay as much attention to your audio as you do you photography. It makes you look so much better in the long run.
First let me say I'm not trying to start a flame w... (show quote)

So how is this unit for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot but want's much better than the camera microphone?

Listed in Amazon:

Beginner DSLR Microphone Kit for Canon EOS 5D Mark II III 6D 7D 60D 60Da T5i T4i T3i T3 M SL1
by Generic $49.95

Before posting, I should have gone to YouTube to investigate, but I will still hope for input here.
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Jan 24, 2015 10:14:58   #
Jackinthebox wrote:
Our lying POS mooslim President just declared war on Israel. He threatened them that he has almost 2 more years in office. Our enemies are his friends and our staunchest friend is his enemy. he is showing his stripes for all to see.

Its going to be a difficult 2 years, with A t*****r for President.

Ridiculous post. As are all the other posts here, save one.
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