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Feb 20, 2019 08:58:42   #
Has no one heard about the Nigerian guy who died recently and the authorities found the equivalent of 20m dollars in Naira (Nigerian currency) amongst his possessions. Documentation they found showed that he’d been trying to export it into peoples bank accounts for 20 years, but no one believed him.
Now You Can Master Any DSLR Camera And Take Gorgeous, Attention-Grabbing Photos
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Jan 5, 2019 05:51:16   #
Can any significance be drawn from the fact that all these reported incidents occurred either in the US or Canada.
Dec 9, 2018 12:50:43   #
JohnSwanda wrote:
Richard Hill must be a fairly common name, and with no middle name or initial, I'm don't know if searching for the name will yield the correct one.

Check the earlier responses. He’s been found.
Dec 9, 2018 06:34:38   #
Bob Smith wrote:
Can you imagine a Muslim country stopping their religious festivals being altered the same way in their schools.

Quite rightly so and why should they?
I used to work with a Hindu guy who said that he supported anyone’s religious festival as it often meant time off work and lots of good food.
Dec 9, 2018 05:25:08   #
Fotoserj wrote:
If one can’t stand the tradition and celebration of a country, than why the fuck they migrate there in the first place

It’s not the immigrants that are causing the problem. It’s those idiotiotic nationals claiming political correctness, etc. that in my experience immigrants don’t give a shit about.
Dec 9, 2018 03:25:37   #
ab7rn wrote:
Check out Jim Hill and Sam Hill,

Sorry Ab7rn, but without further information checking out these names is virtually impossible.
Taking as a parameter dates 10 years either side of Richard Hill’s year of birth and using Somerset, England as a control, the results are impossible to search unless you have a lot more time than me.
There are 13,633 references to James Hill and 4,143 for Samuel Hill.
Without much more information searching the names you suggest is not practical.
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Dec 8, 2018 12:37:48   #
Donald, check out the Wincanton area in and around 1852.
Another route is via his brother, Frank G Hill. There’s a good chance they were both born in the UK in a similar location and as generally families in those days tended to remain in area close to where they originated there should be some good leads using Somerset as the search area.
Dec 8, 2018 07:46:42   #
On 1 January 1921 Richard Hill appears in the Census records for New Jersey
He is at a house where the head of the family is listed as John Stevens. Also there is John Steven’s wife Louise and their 11 year old daughter, Bessie.
Richard Hill is listed as Father in Law.
Dec 8, 2018 07:06:39   #
How about this then?

Richard Hill was an unmarried farmer who lived in the Waneta area. Two border crossing records, in 1926 and 1931, show him visiting a brother in Orillia WA, Frank G. Hill.

The 1911 Census of Canada shows his arrival from England as 1882. The border crossing record for 1931 reads "Philadelphia - 1882 - Indiana" for seaport, date of landing, and place of citizenship, implying he initially went to the U.S and became a citizen. According to the 1921 Census of Canada, he arrived in Canada in 1899, and naturalized in 1902.

As of 14 Oct 2014, this contributor has been unable to determine his place of death.
Nov 1, 2018 07:47:00   #
donrent wrote:
What a very STUPID and very UNINTELLIGENT remark to make to a child !

Perhaps a sense of humour transplant might be worth considering.
Oct 20, 2018 06:56:42   #
In a former life I was a UK police officer and one night whilst in uniform driving an unmarked car in a large city centre, I pulled up at a ‘T’ junction. Perhaps I was slower pulling out than normal, but I was looking for a reported offender. A car pulled up behind me and the driver began blasting his horn a most aggressive manner. Slowly I opened my car door, got out and put my cap on. Very slowly I walked back to this car, watching the driver squirm as I did so. He wound down the window and I said to him, “Is there something you wanted me for?”
I’ve seen embarrassment and people wishing the ground would open and swallow them, but nothing as great as this.
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Oct 16, 2018 13:46:29   #
CaptainBobBrown wrote:
Dashlane works on most platforms including smart phone, iMac (which I use), iPad, etc. However, the version which covers multiple devices ("premium" version) does have a license fee. I would not use it or any other password manager on a mobile device though because if that device is stolen the password manager then provides automatic login for thief to access sites you have set up for automatic Dashlane login. However, on my at home iMac Dashlane works great to provide high security auto login to a lot of sites. Only one I don't use it on for repeated access is my online banking site in part because when I got Dashlane a couple of years ago it didn't handle the 3 step login process but later I decided I'd rather always manually enter login stuff for that site anyway. Dashlane does have very nice dash board showing all sites you use it for and you can selectively see the password it has generated for a particular site as well as any sites you may have redundant passwords for.
Dashlane works on most platforms including smart p... (show quote)

I have no idea how you have got yours set up, but Dashlane is not available to anyone who might steal my phone unless they either have my unique password to access it or they have fingerprints identical to mine. What you describe is not how Dashlane Premium works.
Oct 16, 2018 11:05:16   #
I’ve used Dashlane for years and been very happy with it. It syncs across Windows 10 and my Apple devices seamlessly. It’s not free but the security it provides I feel justifies the cost.
Yesterday they sent me a reminder never to use Facebook to log into a web site, but go through the process of signing in and setting up an individual password. This is especially relevant of course following the FB security issues.
Sep 13, 2018 11:51:13   #
G Brown wrote:
Yes, Bognor has had two tornado's in the last 10 years - the first lifted a few slates of a roof, the second took a whole roof of slates off. Hardly a major disaster. A Hurricane twenty years ago blew down a lot of trees and killed several people (mainly those driving their cars in it). Nothing like the devastation that happens in The US.

I think they were a storm and a great storm - as per Vicar of Dibley!
Aug 30, 2018 06:43:57   #
In comparison to many I’m nowhere near as experienced with computers and operating systems. Windows 10 works fine for me. I decided to put as much effort in understanding it as others seem to be doing to avoid it and am very happy with this operating system.
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