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Jul 21, 2019 17:40:33   #
Feiertag wrote:
Red Fox.

Good one!
Jul 21, 2019 17:25:22   #
vicksart wrote:
The morning light backlit my Corgi, Lexi, as she enjoyed the sunny warmth on the back deck, and the house acted as a very large reflector. No fill flash was needed. The catchlights clearly reflect the windows of the house and may or may not be appealing.

I simplified the background with a layer mask in the second shot.

Any suggestions?

She's a pretty one.
Jul 21, 2019 17:19:38   #
Hans2675 wrote:
Hi, I'm questioning if I should sell my Canon 80d for a used 6d full frame. I'm perfectly happy with the 80d and the crop sensor and I also don't feel like it's limiting me yet in my photography. Just considering it because of most of the things I read when it comes to Focal lengths seem to always be in regards to full frame cameras. For example this lens and Focal length is best for portraits or this Focal length for landscapes. I'm well aware I can use a smaller length to compensate for the 1.6 crop to to equal a suggested length, but just feel like the availability isn't there and I'm beginning to look at higher end lenses "L" lenses and feel like they'd be best suited with a full frame. Photography is definitely something I'm going to continue to do and may quite possibly pursue as a career in the future. Right now mostly take landscapes and street photography, but would like to begin to dabble and learn some portraiture. Selling my 80d and buying a used 6d with a low shutter count would basically be an even trade for me. Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
Hi, I'm questioning if I should sell my Canon 80d ... (show quote)

I own two Canon bodies so that if I'm shooting some important event, such as a wedding, I will always have a backup. I mount lenses of different focal lengths as well. I have a 70D crop and a 6D Mark II full frame. I really don't feel that one is better than the other. Some of my lenses fit only the crop and some fit both. If I was you, I wouldn't buy the FF unless you can really see a need. Why not wait until the 80D becomes problematic or you really have to have something new.
Jul 21, 2019 17:14:02   #
WOOF wrote:
Has anyone used any of the photo protectors that can be sprayed on inkjet printed digital photos? I want to mount some without frames and am looking for something to protect them from dust, fingerprints and UV rays I do not want to put them under glass.


You can buy spray protectors that artists use for sealing drawings, charcoal illustrations etc. Make sure your photo print is thoroughly dry before applying and don't overspray. I seem to remember it worked fine when I tried it some time ago. You should be able to find it in an art supply store.
Jul 19, 2019 14:19:55   #
Sylvias wrote:
We went out for lunch and these were in the field of the hotel. Also adorned with lights for an evening display!
Thought it was an interesting way to recycle.

Canon 650D, 18-55 lens.

Please try the downloads.

They're lovely but it would have made more sense to mark images of horses!
Jul 19, 2019 14:18:49   #
Collhar wrote:
We have a second home and there are a lot of squirrels around. Some red squirrels found a way into the attic and all you heard was them running around all the time. My husband bought a pellet rifle and started dropping them where they stopped in the yard. That and a $800.00 bill from a pest control company have solved our problem. The grey squirrels were no problem.

I do hope that most people would find a better way of getting squirrels to stay out of the attic than shooting them. For shame!
Jul 17, 2019 17:32:09   #
BigDale wrote:
There were cedar waxwings hanging around the yard of the cabin my brother-in -law owns on Flanders Pond in Maine. They were after the wild strawberries that grow around the yard.

I don't think any other bird has the same look. The feathers are so smooth that they don't really look like feathers at all.
Jul 17, 2019 17:28:50   #
Feiertag wrote:
Atlantic Puffin, Newfoundland, Canada.

Lovely shot.
Jul 17, 2019 17:27:37   #
Ronsh wrote:
Sunset along I-10 just west of San Antonio. We pulled off I- 10 , I ran up the side of the hill and started shooting. CC always welcome.

Wow - amazing skies - and shots.
Jul 17, 2019 17:26:44   #
philo wrote:
taken at 6am Tuesday. This is one reason that i love digital photography. I can take a couple of shots and not have to wait a few days until i can view them

Wow - what a sky!
Jul 17, 2019 17:25:50   #
Feiertag wrote:
Red Foxes, Newfoundland, Canada.

Jul 15, 2019 17:40:16   #
treadwl wrote:
Careful editing can really change a photo. The morning I took this the light was flat and dull. After a session in Lightroom. I feel it is a more exciting image. How about you?

Way better!
Jul 15, 2019 17:39:19   #
Feiertag wrote:
This young Red Fox was very friendly and obliging.

Newfoundland, Canada.

What a sweet face.
Jul 15, 2019 17:36:41   #
boberic wrote:
The first of this summers day lillys, with more to come. Except a little cropping SOOC don't know if I included thye photo, here it is

Lovely! 2 blooms opened up in my yard yesterday.
Jul 15, 2019 17:34:51   #
quixdraw wrote:
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Sunsets. We usually get a show, but this courtesy of stormy weather. Nikon DF

Wonderful shots. Mother Nature does put on great shows.
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