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Dec 23, 2023 19:12:24   #
Mike D. wrote:
Happy Holidays CC, feel free to impart any bits of wisdom that you like.

Unfortunately, none of the tasty elixirs have passed my lips today, I'm at work. Shhhh.

I know that Glenfiddich has no t in it. Flying phalanges are to blame.

Can I safely assume from the pictture that you posted, that the yumminess from Islay has some peat in it? Most of the Highland Scotches seem to start at still smoldering and go right to burnt log. If you win the lottery, look for a bottle of Octomore. According to the world wide web it has the most ppm of smoke.

I haven't tried it, our local watering hole wants just shy of $300.00 USD for 750 ml. I don't make THAT much.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and I will expect a full report on that bottle.
Happy Holidays CC, feel free to impart any bits of... (show quote)

Research my Islay favourite here ......

Currently on offer at a national supermarket chain here ...

No need for Octomore - way outside my reach too - for us mere mortals £25 to £30 at holiday season is a bonus !
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Dec 23, 2023 18:35:36   #
fhayes wrote:
Any with Glen in the name will be a better, finer tasting scotch, perhaps because single malt is a joy to behold. Glenlivet is to be sipped slowly, glacier slow. There are also ‘The’ scotches are another world, ‘The Glenlivet’ is exceptional as a single malt. It does boil down to taste, the blends to me seem to be more of a perfume but I did really enjoy them.
Interesting thing with Costco, their booze is just about all top shelf so ya can’t go wrong!

Some fine distilleries with a 'Glen' in their name ........ but lots n' lots without !
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Dec 23, 2023 18:24:16   #
Mike D. wrote:
Not a stunning picture but it illustrates the point of the title.

I'm kidding, by the way. The boss knew before we left that I would be bringing back some Scotch and I left the how much as a very open-ended idea.

The Glenfidditch on the left is empty, it never left the U.K. The Fire and Cane, as they call it, is an experimental bottling that I found in a Costco, of all places, in Glasgow. Glenfidditch is not a Highland Scotch which is usually associated with peated flavorings but it had a very nice smoky taste nonetheless. The container made it home because it housed the bottle of Talisker that can only be had by visiting the distillery. My wife rented a house for three days that was across the street. I went, with number two son where we were able to tour the distillery and taste things. We also learned a thing or two in the process.

The Torabhaig (pronounced something like Tora beg) bottle came from a whiskey shop in Portree. It was another distillery on the Isle of Skye but logistics did not allow for a visit. This also applied to the pretty bottle in the center. Josh and I were able to taste this one and while the taste didn't blow us away, it did have the distinction of being one of the only female-owned distilleries in the country but what really did it was her business model. She allows the employees to distill their own versions of the brand. They do a limited run and them someone else gets a turn. So essentially that bottle of Scotch is a one-of-a-kind deal and the bottle is handpainted to (roughly) match the design on its container.

Raasay was another unknown as far as taste goes because we didn't want to take to ferry to that island. Another "special" bottling, it was recommended by the bonnie lass in the shop.

The Benriach was also untasted but we are an adventurous bunch and I have never had a Scotch over 10 years old that was horrible so off we go to the taste tests. I just have to do some research on the ones that we really like in case they are non-refillable.

If anyone has first-hand knowledge of any of the above, feel free to post your two cents worth. Scotch is a relatively new thing for me so I have much to learn.
Not a stunning picture but it illustrates the poin... (show quote)

Hey Mike - an English fella here who enjoys Scotland !

Just thought I'd join in - we're 60 mins from Christmas Eve - and if ever there was a time to talk 'malts', then the festive season helps mellow everything !

First - in these islands, if you drink whiskey, you're drinking Irish. If you wanna drink 'Scotch', like us mainlanders, then you drink whisky. And then there's 'malt' - huge variety as you have mentioned - we tend to drink it straight, no added water, to enjoy the 'full character' - or 'blends', cheaper, less tasty, usually add mixer (still water), the likes of Famous Grouse, Bells, Johnny Walker.

Be careful of your spellings - Glenfiddich has no 't' - how much has passed your lips today?

Just wondering - what are your customs & excise regs regarding importation of alcohol? How much of that lot in your pic were you allowed to bring in for free? For us it's one litre scotch ! But we're already here, so no probs I guess !

Anyway - you're in Colorado, and here's me in Robin Hood Country - and we both enjoy a 'scotch' or three !

Happy Christmas to you n' yours ...... and 'keep on sipping that scotch' !

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Dec 2, 2023 14:16:46   #
maxlieberman wrote:
I just purchased a new Nikon Z8 from the Nikon Store. The little book that came with it is useless, so I have some questions. I won't be using it for videos.

1. The camera takes CFexpress and XQD cards. What's the difference?

2. When I went on line to price cards, I saw there were CFexpress-A and CFexpress-B cards. What's the difference? Will both work in the camera?

3. About how many still RAW images will fit on a 128gig card?

4. Can you recommend a good 3rd party instruction manual? Amazon offers several.

Thanks for your help.
I just purchased a new Nikon Z8 from the Nikon Sto... (show quote)

Hi Max and greetings from Europe as winter takes an early grip on our weather. 'Tis just after 18.30, already the new night is upon us ..... I've read through your post and would make the following comments which you may find helpful, or not ......

Looking through your previous posts it would seem that the Z8 is your first venture into full frame, and mirrorless. Your photographic interests are birds (your aviary), water-based wild life, and airshows. Nice variety ! For that you need good long lenses - did I read somewhere about your long-term interest in Sigma lenses?

You've used and enjoyed Nikon DSLR's - that in itself takes you a long way towards understanding your Z8. How difficult should it really be to 'pick up' the 'extra bits' needed without this huge 'search' for a 'proper user manual'? How old are you? What's your level of computer skill? Camera control? There's already a ton of helpful info on YouTube and Google.

Some of your pics seem to be lacking in clarity, not well focussed, just kinda fuzzy and don't work for me - is that due to your processing skills? - .

What lenses are you planning using with your Z8 ? If the answer is 'old Sigma Nikon lenses' ..... have you got a FTZ adapter ? Plans for 'Z' lenses for Z camera?

Photoshop Elements may not (yet) cope with your Z8 files. You may have to pay for a newer version.

Why not use the free Nikon NX software? Use your pc's Windows Pictures to set up files and download pics from a memory card reader straight to your pc's files? Quick, easy and costs you nothing, other than good memory card reader for CFXpress B cards.

Only you can know, and thereby question your computer skills.

You bought a superb new camera - it's next on my list - but why buy it unless you can use its potential over your older cameras ?

Phew - think I need another malt (Dalwhinnie) to see me thru' this evening.

Do it right - may be some learning involved - but you'll feel better once you've got it !

Oh - here's a couple of good European Nikon pro's (in the mold of Steve Perry) that may interest, even be of some help !

Au revoir et hasta la vista !
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Nov 6, 2023 16:26:19   #
Curmudgeon wrote:
And wondered what was behind it?

Not only here on the Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland can you see for miles what's behind it, but you can go round it or through it ..... as long as you close it after you ..... !!



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Nov 4, 2023 20:13:53   #
terryMc wrote:
In the end, it's your money to spend any way you wish, I just don't understand why even pros, but especially hobbyists, need to own every body in one system, let alone two or more. I can certainly see having a backup if you're doing something important, but rushing out to buy a new body every time one is released seems extravagant to me. Maybe it's because I've never had the kind of money to throw around that it takes to do that.

I traded all my film gear—one Canon T-90, and one Mamiya TLR and about 8 lenses for my first DSLR and, I think, two lenses. I don't remember if it was a D100 or 200, but I didn't like it and eventually got rid of it and got a D2X. Naturally, right after I bought it the D3 came out and I was stuck with the crop sensor, but it worked, and i used it for 20 years as my only camera. When I had money to spend, I spent it on a better lens.

After mirrorless cameras had been out for several years, I was starting to hear that manufacturers were beginning to phase out the DSLR so I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about, and I bought a Z50 and the 16-50 kit lens. I still had my Nikkor F-mounts, so I got the adapter. I loved the Z50 so I put the D2X on the shelf and for two years the Z50 was "my camera." But now I think I need a full frame, so what to do? There is now a Z5, Z6, Z6ii, Z7, Z7ii, Z9 and rumors of a Z8. After doing some research, (the Z6 is better for this, the Z7 for that, the Z9 is the flagship and does it all, but not as well as brand S, etc.)

I bought a Z7ii. I kept the Z50 (!! Two cameras?? Oh well, this may be my last fling, let's go all in!!)

Great camera, I loved it! So complicated, but I'll get it down eventually and then...what's this, the Z8 is out and it's the Z9 in a cheaper suit? Okay, but if I get that, the Z7ii has to go. I don't need THREE cameras under any conceivable circumstances. So I traded up under a Nikon promotion going on and now I have a Z50 and a Z8. I am slowly, one at a time, selling off my F-mount lenses and replacing them with Zs, but I have no duplicates; in fact I sold an almost new 200-500 and ordered a 180-600 (which I am STILL waiting for) and then I will be set for the rest of my life.

Already Nikon has announced a firmware update to the Z9 which is supposed to be unrivaled for it's bird focus capability. I will not buy a Z9 to get that. Many, many others will. The Z8 may or may not get something similar, but for me what it has already is fantastic (or will be, if I ever get the 180-600) and so this is my camera, forever.

Yeah, everyone is different...
In the end, it's your money to spend any way you w... (show quote)

Wow - that is indeed 'a history' - and there's so many 'similar' or 'slightly similar' stories. I count myself fortunate in that I went 'mirrorless' (Fuji) almost a decade ago, ran my D700 alongside for a while, but after that went totally mirrorless and am now left 'APS-C or Full Frame'. My decision, I guess !
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Nov 4, 2023 18:42:30   #
terryMc wrote:
I'd be very careful in getting rid of any, just in case one or more might have a different setting in the menu...

Hi Terry - gotta say I'm not sure of your meaning - what i will say is I'm still 'compus mentis' enough of the way I have both Fuji and Nikon set up to be able to continue using either ....... whichever system I might (eventually) choose to discard. The question's simple for me ..... and nowt to do with 'affordability' ...... 'do I really need both systems ...... am I simply being extravagant'? I'm a simple 'hobbyist' !

Sale of Fuji gear and my Z6 would make a hefty contribution to the cost of a Z8 - we're all different !!
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Nov 4, 2023 14:03:34   #
chrisg-optical wrote:
Now having both cameras I find that I am favoring the new baby Z7ii over the Z6ii which I have now for about a year. I know both are similar except for resolution 45 vs 24 MP, fps 10 vs 14, file sizes, lack of AA filter on the Z7ii.
When would you use one over the other (use cases), especially for those that have both cameras? Does going back to the Z6ii feel like a letdown, after shooting with the Z7ii for a while?

Chris - just a thought from far away in the UK - did ya' think 'do I need both' before you bought again ?

But ya' bought 'em both ..... mmmm !

If ya' sell 'em both maybe one Z8 would 'do it' for ya', buddy !

Decisions ...... etc

To be clear ...... my history is Nikon D70, D300, D700, Fuji X-E1, X-T1, X-T2, X-T4 and Nikon Z6. Currently deciding the value to me of 'retaining two systems'.
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Sep 6, 2023 13:02:35   #
Rich43224 wrote:
Years ago I spent my time with an F5 shooting track and field. As to moved away that that and into vacation photos and family affairs, I went digital with a D70, D300, D600. I still have all of these, only using the D600 for sunrises, sunsets, beach scenes. Now I would like to get back to sports, (grand kids), basketball and volleyball. Plenty of FX primes at 1.8, 2.8, and 2.8, 4 zooms. I have run into an issue with lighting in high schools gyms. Barely able to freeze action even with 1.8 primes. Would moving into a D780, or Z6 ii be a solution.

Thanks for your help.
Years ago I spent my time with an F5 shooting trac... (show quote)

Rich - thought I'd throw my 'tuppence' into your ring, even from t'other side of the Atlantic !

I've used Nikon DSLRs, but effectively 'went mirrorless' in 2012.

1. In terms of future proofing, go mirrorless rather than the D780.
2.If your prime motivation is to be able to capture movement then look past the Z6ii to the Z8 - best AF (along with Z9) at present on a Nikon mirrorless. Be prepared to explore the means of paying for it if you need to - save a little longer - what can you sell that you don't really need/use?
3. While F lenses will work on Z cameras, you would need to spend on an FTZ which you may not use for long. Take a look at your current lenses, explore which might be best 'in the interim', but start now to learn about Z lenses with Z cameras and plan for future redundancies with 'F' and purchases with 'Z'.
4. Bit of good thought and planning now may help prevent any damaging effect upon your wallet !

You may already be familiar with Thom Hogan, but you can't really beat his advice about 'all things Z' if you immerse yourself in his website .......

Get yourself in the right frame of mind about 'mirrorless' and have lots of fun as you move into new territory whilst using your long-time Nikon knowledge and familiarity - wish ya' luck from afar !
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Sep 2, 2023 13:59:18   #
Buster43 wrote:
Recommended lenses

Hi Buster - see you're new, so get ready to be bamboozled by the Nikon info about to come your way ! You're going to have to experience it to be able to comprehend what's about to hit you, be much more explicit when you post questions, respond regularly to the replies you get (many and varied) in order to maintain interest in your post, and most of all, don't buy because of all the 'I use x lens' which, I see, you've already received, however well-meaning !

Yes, there'll be plenty excellent info, but you'd perhaps do best just to take it in, consider it against you own (most important wants/needs) and make your own independent and considered choices.

You ask for 'lens info for your Z5' - not enough info to help me, or most, help you. But ya' gotta get started somewhere. You'll notice that I'm not even on the same continent. But there's more out there for you than just the USA !

Best I'm prepared to do to assist is to say 'get stuck into your product via well-established websites that give you fact'. Here's my starter list ......

Wish you luck from afar !
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Aug 23, 2023 13:25:00   #
KTJohnson wrote:

Someone responding to one of my recent posts mentioned a Jag XKE, and I wondered what model they were referring to - that nomenclature, it turns out, was for the north-american market.

Here in the UK it was either called an 'E-Type Jag' or simply 'the (or an) E-Type' - everyone knew what you were talking about ..... and still do !
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Aug 22, 2023 15:18:32   #
One Rude Dawg wrote:
Saw my first XKE back in 1961 in the winter in Fairbanks, Alaska. Saw most of my " foreign " cars there, Porsche, Abarth ,Triumph, Jag sedans , Mini Coopers, MG s, Austin Healeys, Sprites, Midgets, and most others not made in the US. Kind of all dressed up and no place to go. Back then the black top went 4 miles north to the university and ended. Then you could go 11 miles north east out to the end of the black top or you could drive down to Anchorage. Not many roads back in those days for exotic cars. Gas was 50 cents a gallon then, lots of money at the time. Just after my 16th birthday I drove a Borgward ( German ) pulling a trailer down the Alcan Hiway. All gravel back then, sure was fun.
Saw my first XKE back in 1961 in the winter in Fai... (show quote)

I presume by 'black top' (new expression to me) you mean the asphalt road surface. It does indeed seem somewhat strange that all those cars you mention should be found in Alaska - who'd 'a dreamt it ?!

I found a Jag XK150 (see pic) .....

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Aug 22, 2023 11:21:33   #
User ID wrote:
Knowing what camera OP uses is unneccesary.

Well - I guess there's nowt quite like being 'put in your place' by a yank ..... !!

If my comment is 'unnecessary' then that makes your follow up 'irrelevant' - I have no need or desire to be instructed by you as to how to comment here ! As you all love to tell us 'have a nice day, pal'.
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Aug 21, 2023 11:54:15   #
RahulKhosla wrote:
You are right. I’ll need a Z type TC if I’m using a Z camera and Z lens.

Which Z camera and lenses do you currently have ? Looking briefly through your previous posts I see 'my Z6' but also references to Z9 and Z8. Correct and complete info helps strangers get a better idea of how to assist.

Lots of good info on 'All things Nikon Z' here .......

Look under Lenses / Adapters and Converters / Teleconverters ....... 3 items with good info.

There's also some good teleconverter info in amongst this video comparison of Nikon Z 400mm lenses......
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Aug 21, 2023 03:43:47   #
TheShoe wrote:
Agreed; however, I think that the second one might not have been built in a foreign land. Aren't they built in S. Carolina?

I Googled it - there's a dealership there - but as to where they're built, main factory is still Oxford, UK - but some now built in the Netherlands and Austria.

This that I just found on my Google journey is a little disappointing for UK business .........
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