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Apr 7, 2021 22:21:18   #
robertjerl wrote:
Glad you like it. Two were back in the bath just a short time ago but I haven't downloaded yet. This time I tried to get some of the splashing.

Looking forward to seeing them!
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Apr 7, 2021 21:59:34   #
nimbushopper wrote:
This one blooms for about 2 weeks a year!

What a treat!!!
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Apr 7, 2021 21:57:09   #
robertjerl wrote:
Remember in Ancient History class they mentioned the "Roman Bath Houses" where people sat around in the hot water and hashed out the Empire and its problems? Or more likely just gossiped and got smashed on wine.

Well it seems that Starlings must be Romans because here we are. I think I need a much bigger birdbath.

7DII, Tamron 150-600 G2 @ 600, 1/640 @ f/8.0, ISO-3200

LOL Your humor is a treat for the soul, Jerry! Just love this post!!!
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Apr 7, 2021 21:55:34   #
Different and beautiful! Love the download!
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Apr 7, 2021 21:54:34   #
CLF wrote:
Drove to Durham to see my new RA doctor (4th doctor in 3 years). Everything checked out fine and he seems to be a young, dedicated, doctor. Took some photos on the trip using my Canon R5 and Canon 28-105mm lens via a Canon adapter. All details will be with each photo and as usual ALL C&C is welcome. DDLs show all the sharp details.


So glad you like your new doc, Greg! A good doctor-patient relationship makes a difference for sure! Beautiful shots, and I love the cow on crutches!
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Apr 7, 2021 21:51:32   #
Beautiful super closeup of Mr Woody, Donald!!
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Apr 7, 2021 21:50:42   #
sippyjug104 wrote:
If there is beauty in a path, care not where it leads. I walked about the yard today with my camera in hand and this is what I saw thru its lens.

What a beautiful collection of texture and color, Sippy!!! Spring is lovely in your yard!!
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Apr 7, 2021 21:48:55   #
nimbushopper wrote:
It really comes out this time of year!

Does it ever!!! Just beautiful, Nim!!!
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Apr 7, 2021 21:47:29   #
Absolutely lovely, Jim! White overlay makes for a stunning presentation!!
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Apr 7, 2021 21:45:18   #
Beautiful shots with your new lens, Greg! Love the vibrant colors it renders..especially reds!
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Apr 7, 2021 21:43:21   #
fetzler wrote:
These photos were taken with my trusty PEN F

Snow drops are from a couple of weeks ago and zinnias from late summer last year.
There is a surprise in the zinnias.

Both just beautiful, Fetzler! Daddy Longlegs is a nice surprise on the double download!
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Apr 7, 2021 21:40:41   #
Jim-Pops wrote:
A little of both.

The best of both, Jim! Beautiful work!!
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Apr 7, 2021 20:53:14   #
optic wrote:
April welcomes the Odonates (dragonflies and damselflies) who swim up from their larval infancy, spread wings and, as they have for three hundred million years, take on the job of controlling the buzzing clouds of Diptera (gnats, flies, mosquitos and the like) that, like the dragonflies themselves, rise each spring from the waters they require in order to reproduce.
This Southwestern dragonfly is called the Black Filigree and since the dark patterns on the wings are lighter and more brown than black, she is identifiable as a female of the species.
April welcomes the Odonates (dragonflies and damse... (show quote)

What a wonderful post!!! Beautiful image of a dragonfly I've never seen before, and thank you so much for including the information as well!! A beautiful study in brown indeed!!
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Apr 7, 2021 20:50:16   #
wjones8637 wrote:
I like it. To me the motion gives it an airy and somewhat abstract feel.


Ditto Bill's comment. Love it!
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Apr 7, 2021 20:49:27   #
joehel2 wrote:
Wow, that’s a beautiful specimen. Very nicely done.

A beautiful specimen is right, and beautiful photography as well, Nim!!! I've kept mine alive for a if it would only bloom!
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