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Aug 6, 2019 06:33:53   #
Aug 5, 2019 11:24:55   #
I had a 1967 Triumph 650 and they claimed at 40 mph that your feet were not touching foot pegs ;however strong running Bike!
Aug 5, 2019 11:10:41   #
Jul 24, 2019 06:25:30   #
Jul 9, 2019 14:50:44   #
dancers wrote:
oh dear.what are the birds in no 1???

Barn Swallows?
Jun 25, 2019 15:58:48   #
Jun 17, 2019 17:14:59   #
Jun 10, 2019 14:35:24   #
Photobum wrote:
Don't be an ass. It's a totally acceptable past time. Sorry to know of your insecurities and limited understanding of a well rounded upbringing. Ken.

Jun 9, 2019 11:03:00   #
E.L.. Shapiro wrote:
The OP wrote that he is interested in in the artistic and scientific aspect of digital photography.

Bill furnished him with many essential scientific facts about digital imagining technology. There were also other great explanations. I decided to write more about the aesthetics and the more practical day-to-day usage of digital equipment and how it relates to analog methodologies based on my own transition. All in all, the OP is well served. He is a knowledgeable experienced individual and will process the information. I look forward to his feedback.

I can't fathom why there always has to be all of the infighting. Each of us shod be able to take pleasure in their photography with whatever approach and equipment they prefer and should not be criticized for there choices- old school, film, analog or the latest up-to-date technologies.

There is a place and user for all photographic devices and camera types. Obviously, a cell phone can't replace an advanced DSLR or a mirrorless camera but it suffices for some folks who simply enjoy taking pictures with a minimum of fuss. You can't slip a DSLR in your shirt pocket and use it spontaneously whenever the occasion arises nor can you carry out a difficult or challenging professional level assignment with a cell phone. I personally think that smartphone cameras have proliferated the daily use of photography as an accessible communications tool and folks are making better quality snapshots than ever before. Perhaps it turns a lot of folks onto more advanced photography and sophisticated cameras. I also feel that there is probably a lot of cross pollination between camera big and small and much have been learned about miniaturization, compact design, and circuitry that is being applied to more advanced cameras. Leica is making optics for phone cameras- what does that tell you?

I also feel that a person that is starting out in digital photography or transitioning from the older technologies should not be discouraged my a mountain of high-tech information. A decent camera and a basic zoom lens is a good start. Perhaps we forget that the camera is very self-contained and produces instant gratification or disappointment- both great learning tools. There is no waiting for the processing of film and no need for a computer or an editing program at the very beginning of the experience. Once the new digital photographer is fully acquainted and familiar with his camera, a basic editing platform is a next step. Practice makes perfect, or at least acceptable results and all the rest of the peripheral items can follow. Getting there is half the fun. Building a system is a great experience.
The OP wrote that he is interested in in the artis... (show quote)

Jun 8, 2019 12:44:06   #
nimbushopper wrote:
Looks like some kind of guinea hen!

Jun 8, 2019 12:43:14   #
May 27, 2019 13:53:48   #
May 14, 2019 12:49:53   #
Silverman wrote:
I have been shooting JPEG for a few years now, mainly because I do not understand the Post Processing of RAW images. I am going to start shooting RAW + JPEG and have my Grandson help me to learn the Post Processing of my RAW images. Will I still be able to view and download my JEPG images for friends and family to view.??

Apr 16, 2019 14:26:56   #
Paul, as usual Great Pictures and narrative ; In as such, you 're always give great advice and procedures !
Mar 10, 2019 15:01:45   #
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