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Oct 12, 2012 03:47:29   #
rts2568 wrote:
john merry wrote:
dumb question wots an an avata

To john merry,
from rts2568

If your question is, a question "...wots an...avata(r)?..." then it is the picture you might like to put up in the left column of these pages to give your entries a bit of class, that sort of a picture that others put up just under their site names and which you had an opportunity to insert when you registered.
I'm lost as to who you are referring to here, "...dumb question..." but let us in on the question by giving us the reference, by your clicking the "Quote Reply" rather than leaving us in the dark by only clicking the "Reply", OK?

quote=john merry dumb question wots an an avata ... (show quote)

dumb question 2 how do i stop ugly hedge hog from popping up on my in box
Oct 11, 2012 23:10:14   #
Oct 9, 2012 14:38:17   #
thanks for the info will try it
Oct 9, 2012 14:22:59   #
how do i send a high res image down the line
Oct 8, 2012 06:20:52   #
i agree with you its just a gimick whats the point of makeing your 90 year mother look like a teenager
Oct 8, 2012 06:00:33   #
dont do it save up for a canon 100mm 2.8 L macro it even comes with a lens hood and a leather pouch all in all it is a fantastic lens
Oct 5, 2012 06:09:14   #
great photo nice out of focus background great camara all looks good to me
Oct 2, 2012 14:53:28   #
is there a spray you can put on an older camara to make it smell new iff there is it will certaintly cure my lust for a new one
Oct 2, 2012 14:35:29   #
canon sony nikon they all turn out great camaras a decent lens will cost more than the body tats the important bit
Oct 2, 2012 14:22:22   #
i totally agree with you the one thing raw has going for it you dont have that bad dark room smell
Oct 2, 2012 14:15:22   #
reckon you have got that right but we can all live in hope
Oct 2, 2012 13:55:57   #
i have had big problems with moveable lcd on a canon s5is compact since upgrading to an xspensive dsLr there is no way i would buy a camara with a moveable lsd they are so fragile
Oct 2, 2012 13:39:55   #
when you look through the few finder adjust the adjust the speed and apature untill the needle is is in the middle then you should be right hope this helps
Oct 2, 2012 13:25:03   #
this is a fantastic photo of the church maybe sometime in the future we will be able buy a digital camara that can turn out shots like this without all the fiddling we all now do in photoshop
Oct 1, 2012 08:29:13   #
how about i swop my brownie box camara for your 5d
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