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Oct 3, 2018 14:06:37   #
Frank W wrote:
Most fishermen won't give up their poles easily, just wondering if this heron ate him ??? :-)

This is good, really great capture....
Sep 24, 2018 14:02:00   #
treadwl wrote:
Lover's Key, on the Florida Gulf Coast
Thanks for looking

Please use the download. If you do you just might see the lightening bolt I got by sheer accident--but you would have to really look hard.

I See it. it's ab ou a inch on the right side of the first pole. nice photo....
Sep 23, 2018 21:29:11   #
Gonna post a few pictures of a Lady on Stilts. I thought I did this, dut I can not seem to find them... so gonna do it again.



May 11, 2018 19:37:27   #
LoneRangeFinder wrote:
I did the one camera / one lens trip to France in October of 2017. I’ll never tote around another DSLR on such a trip. The Fuji is such a kick to use. Simple controls and the 18-55 is the best in the business in that focal range.

The 18-140 nikkor is a great lens. I used it on my Nikon D5300. A very good combo. I replaced them with D500 and 16-80 lens. I know nothing about Fuji.
Dec 16, 2017 21:58:18   #
I think its to late to be looking for the fall Colors. In fact you may get snowed in for the winter.. Should be fun....good luck and enjoy.....
Sep 19, 2017 17:06:58   #
sb wrote:
I just returned from a 10-day trip to South Africa with Greg Sweeney, a former National Geographic photographer. This trip was reasonably priced and was designed for photographers - we had only six people and so the safari vehicles were plenty roomy to get photos on either side. Our drivers/guides were ours and focused on helping us get the photos we wanted. Over the next few weeks - as I go through thousands of photographs - I will be submitting examples of the photos that I took on this once-in-a-lifetime photographer's fantasy trip. To say the very least, it was fantastic. I will be happy to discuss details of this trip with anyone who wants to message me. His website is:
I just returned from a 10-day trip to South Africa... (show quote)

A great shot of your Zebra. I been to Kruger National Park back in the film days, just before Digital came out. My Chinon film camera with its small zoom just couldn't cut it. And my Zebra's don't look as good as your's.
Aug 29, 2017 13:52:36   #
MMC wrote:
Last Saturday we celebrated 50 years our marriage. Our daughters as a present have bought tickets for The Jazz Age Lawn Party ( where we (my wife, my 2 daughters and me) had very good time. I took a lot of pictures and posting some of them. Thanks for looking.

Outstanding, you don't get any better than this. You guys are truly Blessed..
Jul 24, 2017 12:46:50   #
Terrym9 wrote:
a few from Ecola state park

Me and my Wife went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory this past March , its a shame we didn't know about the Lighthouse. Since they are working on the cheese Factory, We may try that trip again.

Nice Pictures, thanks for posting.
Jul 7, 2017 22:43:35   #
[quote=Jules Karney]I just purchased this lens used from B & H. Works great.
1/500 at 7.1, 1/200 at 11 iso 100 D500 Nikon.
I wanted to show the pics. and how a used lens would work.[Well it worked great

Well it worked great, nice shots...
Jun 24, 2017 13:49:43   #
billnikon wrote:
You may be better served by a D500 and the Nikon 200-500 zoom.

Why? There is a big difference in Weight walking around with a Nikon 200-500 zoom then the Sigma 100-400. Like more then a couple pounds. I knew what I was doing. I also own the Sigma 150-600. Won't walk around with that either.
Jun 24, 2017 02:17:37   #
here are a few shots with the new Sigma 100-400 Zoom. Picture one is a turtle in a pond this sucker is about 12 inches long. The second picture is a Malliard duck posing for me about 40 ft away And the third is Downtown L.A. in a lot of Haze. I used the DeHaze filter from LR to DeHaze it.



May 27, 2017 15:02:23   #
Manglesphoto wrote:
Bridge hunting,drove 100 + miles But I think it was worth it.
Shawnee Ford Bridge, Franklin county, mo
In service since 1920, rehabed. 1990, largest span 189.9ft total: length 276.8ft, deck width 15.0 ft, clearance above deck 11.5ft.
6 image hdr, converted with Nik hdr Eflex Pro2

Nice Shots. Seems you have a few spots on your filter. I saw at least 3..
Apr 10, 2017 14:56:07   #
We got Married on April 1st, 1967. Something I always wanted to do was drive the West coast all the way up into Canada. So we decided living in L.A. all my life 70 yrs to Make that run. Only next time we would maybe wait a few months. and let the Rain do its course. And Man O Man did it rain. We saw maybe 2 1/2 days of partially cloudy skies out of 11, That is 8 1/2 days of rain, rain , heavy rain, rain and more rain. I saw enough rain in 8 days to pull Southern California out of drought. So I will post a few pictures for now and post more as I go thru them. these 2 or of a Herd of Elk that I flew by at 70 Mph and had to make a U-turn to get these pictures from the side of the Hyway, in high winds and 40 degree. I used my D500 16-80 lens and my Sigma 150-600.

16-80 Dx

Mar 23, 2017 13:10:26   #
alby wrote:
good for both of you. Congratulations!!!! .....we hit it last year.... hope your health holds up... ours is pretty good, but stuff takes longer to do..... go for your trip.... have fun....

Thank you, Gratzs to you also. So far we are holding together, Yes things take longer, Except for time..
Mar 23, 2017 13:02:24   #
jerryc41 wrote:
Congratulations! I made it to 46.

Thanks Jerry , So close (Wow)
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