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Sep 4, 2012 10:50:38   #
Good One.
I knew a guy that actually did that. Vic Bingham was his name (now deceased) he was a navigator on Halifax bombers in WWII and after the war flew DC-3's where he and his pilot would pull off the dark glasses & white cane stunt. As he said, not many people had flown in those days so the impact was more dramatic. He also navigated the Argosy cross-Channel car transporters taking vehicles from UK to France and if the weather was foggy they would fly at sea level, pulling up and over ships, scaring their crews in the process.
Imagine doing that in a 737 these days, the health & saftey guys would have a fit
May 8, 2012 14:15:37   #
I was there last summer and caught this
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