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Mar 5, 2019 12:29:14   #
DJphoto wrote:
Beautiful image. Be aware that you can't fly anywhere you want; here is what you need to know:

Yes, thanks, I am continuously aware that there are numerous FAA restrictions on where you can fly a drone. I even have the B4UFly official app installed on the iPhone that I fly the drone with. I always double check if I am near any restricted area, airport etc. before flying. And it is worthy to note here that DJI itself has full restrictions & continuously updated databases built right into the DJI GO4 piloting app itself which will confirm via GPS if you are currently in any such restricted area. If you do happen to be in any sort of restricted area, the DJI app will not even ALLOW your drone to so much as take off! This is, most assuredly, a VERY good safeguard to keep us drone pilot/photographers “legal & out of trouble” with the FAA!
Feb 12, 2019 13:22:56   #
Glenn Harve wrote:
What your altitude for Brady's Bend?

I shot the Bradys Bend drone pic from an altitude of 250 feet above the vantage point of the already high scenic overlook deck there!
Feb 12, 2019 13:20:26   #
GES wrote:
Really Nice Images! May I ask what kind of camera and lens were you using?

Amazingly enough, the DJI Mavic Air’s camera, on 3-axis gimbal, shoots only with a 1/2.3” 12 MP CMOS sensor with an f/2.8 lens and a 35-mm focal length! It’s images are pretty stunning, considering how small EVERYTHING is, no?
Feb 12, 2019 00:46:25   #
I originally flew a DJI Phantom 4 Pro but found it a bit difficult to fly, and it was kind of, it’s batteries & accessories were carried in a very large & cumbersome case, a lot going on. Then I discovered the fantastic DJI Mavic Air, which took the same quality still & videos images, and was MUCH easier to fly. The drone & controller now fit in my pockets, and even feature obstacle avoidance & other high tech trickery making it a no-brainer for me. Both used my iPhone screen & software to pilot it, so a transition was easy. At under $1000, I sure as heck don’t know HOW DJI can pack all that great tech into such a tiny, easy-to-fly photo drone!
Feb 11, 2019 20:39:02   #
As user DrNikon had asked me "is the honeymoon over" with my drone shooting, my short answer is NO! As he requested, I'm sharing a few more of my favorite DJI Drone images here for the Hoggers. Hope everyone enjoys them

>>>The Presque Isle photo was comprised of two stitched images of Erie's beautiful Presque Isle State Park's lagoons. I was flying drone from a boat in lower left of image.

>>>>Pennsylvania's scenic Ohiopyle Falls

>>>>Brady's Bend on the Allegheny River near East Brady, PA

>>>>Fisherman's Cove on Sandy Creek near Franklin, PA
Presque Isle Lagoons

Ohiopyle Falls

Brady's Bend

Fisherman's Cove Covered Bridge

Feb 10, 2019 16:59:20   #
Thanks to everyone here for your very kind comments & critques on my “Islands” drone image. It was quite an honor to have the PA Magazine publish it as Hot Shot: Editors Choice, as a two-page spread, no less!

To answer fergmark’s question above:
Believe it or not, the DJI Mavic Air only shoots JPGs from an “only” 12-megapixel CMOS sensor! It will also take raw images if so desired. It’s resulting images are stable & breathtakingly sharp, with JPG file sizes of around 4-5MB. I routinely resample the JPGs to 350DPI, occasionally re-scale) and then refine them further for vibrancy, clarity, and presence using Adobe Lightroom 6 software. And for videographers, the Air shoots stunning HDR 4K videos that have to be seen to be believed. It also really helps a lot that this drone is amazingly easy to fly, even for a 73yr old non-pilot like me!
Feb 10, 2019 12:51:13   #
At 73, I’m an Agent Orange disabled Vietnam veteran who has already endured open heart surgery in 1997, and years of diabetic neuropathy pain. Five months ago the VA performed Neurosurgery on my left arm and hand to try to ‘save’ it from becoming a “useless claw”. Well, THAT didn’t work out, and I HAVE that useless claw now. As I see here that so many others are on, my doc started me on gabapentin, which has only been nominally helpful. With already ongoing issues of poor balance and steady daily pain, I can now barely hold onto my cameras to take my beloved photographs. But hey, at least I’m still alive. I survived the Viet Cong, but because of our governments irresponsibile (and initially denied health damage) use of Agent Orange, the phrase “Death followed me home” sadly applies to what remains of my life. But my daily coping mantra remains: “Every day is a gift..that’s why they call it the present”
Feb 10, 2019 12:32:46   #
Since adding a DJI Mavic Air Drone to my camera bag, my creative photo opportunities have really become greatly expanded. Aerial views can many times become unique eye-openers! And I was extremely proud to have had my drone image of “Islands in the Allegheny” published in the Pennsylvania Magazine’s 2018 September/October edition as the Hot Shot: Editors Choice! This aerial photo was taken from an altitude of 350 feet of the Allegheny River, a few miles south of Tionesta, Pennsylvania. Hope you Hoggers enjoy viewing it here.
Islands in the Allegheny

Jul 30, 2018 17:39:05   #
Hey all, I've previously posted a few of my favorite "morphs", and a number of y'all have asked that I post a few more. Be careful what you ask for, folks!

Hopin that you get a kick out of these..Enjoy!
Seduction in the Grotto

A Pauper's Peace

Antelopean Gaze

OBX Sundown Horse

OBX Pony Herd Interloper?

Frozen Lake Erie StarScape

El Branchardo Lizardo

Brig Niagara Ghost Ship

Jul 30, 2018 07:46:47   #
Thanks to all here for your kind compliments on my “morph” photos! I’ve found that compiling these morphs provides me with a challenging & refreshing avenue for expressing old ideas & subjects thru a different sort of lens!
May 14, 2018 18:02:28   #
Hi All!

I haven't posted anything new in quite a while due to some lingering illness, but lately I've been getting back into things photographically (and some wacky Post processing creative editing also!). I just wanted to share with our UHH crew 4 of my favorite recently "Morphed" images. And I'm pretty sure that many of you may say, after seeing these, something like "Holy crap! What kind of whack-job nutcase IS this guy, anyways??!" Not sure if it's my Agent Orange-diminished mind, or only just being a pre-demetia 72yr old guy, but my imagination can really seem to run a little too wild these days! I even bought me a DJI Mavic Air Drone to explore new and different aerial ways to get myself into "photographic trouble"! (so, please stay tuned for details at 6, film at 11, eh?)

The "morphs" below I've entitled 1. "Amish InterstellarTerrafarming", 2. "Crocodilicus", 3. "The Elken Full Moon" and 4. "On the Rise of Humanity". All were shot with a Nikon D810, and creatively reconstructed using Corel PhotoPaint X7 for building of structure, and Adobe LightRoom for color, tone etc.

General build info of how I put together these "Morphs":

1. The Amish always being kind of camera shy, I had to snap this Amish team of horses with a 300mm lens from nearly 1/4 mile away, edited it for 3D, color etc., and superimposed it over a stock far-away planet image (and NO, I'm not FROM that planet!)

2. Only just used a closeup of a gnarly old log, and built in stock photos of an eye along with some fierce teeth, and blended them into a kind of monstrous Crocodilicus superimposed over a stock jungle background image.

3. Using a full moon shot and silhouetted elk herd shot with 300mm lens, I blended them over a stock 'grunge' background.

4. A Lake Erie sunset, an ape I shot at the Pittsburgh Zoo and a stock skull image were blended and morphed into this thought- provoking final!

Finally, please do feel free to recommend some psychotherapy consultation for me if you'd like to!!! But otherwise, I sure do hope y'all get a kick out of these "Morphs"..ENJOY!!
Amish InterstellarTerrafarming


The Elken Full Moon

On the Rise of Humanity

Feb 28, 2017 15:46:38   #
Hey again everyone!

I had posted some of these a couple weeks back. I got my initial idea from a suggestion on the Digital Photography School website to try using a glass ball to create some refraction images. This was a lot of fun, for sure. I used some of my usual photographic PC software tricks with Corel PhotoPaint in creating the 'image structures', and Adobe Lightroom 6 to add tone & other enhancements. I created all of these shots using a 3" glass ball ordered online, and came up with these final images. I shot with a Nikon D750 & 12-24mm Sigma lens. I held the ball in my fingers and shot the basic ball closeup, and then I took the background image normally, superimposing the ball over it in interesting ways. The final results turned out to be visually eye-catching (I decided to nickname my finals "iBALL" images!) Sorry about some repeats here, but I thought I'd put out all of my latest shots here in one inclusive grouping. Hope other Hoggers give this technique a try.. it's a blast to play around with, and you never can tell what you might come up with on your own!
iBALL Deep Woods Cabin

iBALL Farm Scene

iBALL Forest UFO

iBALL Houseboat Sunset

iBALL Nature Center

iBALL North Pier Lighthouse

iBALL Old Barn

iBALL Rainy Pittsburgh

Feb 22, 2017 01:43:20   #
Just decided to do a quick post here of yet another one of my attempts at using a solid glass "gazing ball" to put together an ethereal construct taken at the Latonami Nature Center in North Park, Allegheny County PA. when this mild winter gave me a brief scene that looked more like Fall! My other initial efforts were posted at this link:

I'm having a "ball" playing around with this cheap & easy technique!
Fall in a Ball!

Jan 30, 2017 12:45:11   #
A reply to John F about the ball:
I initially hold up the glass ball using only thumb & index finger, which I then remove via computer editing. My problem in being able to do a "one shot capture", is that the reflected image in the ball is initially upside down, and really has to be rotated 180° in order to make the final sphere image orient itself properly to my base background image. I kinda need to take some Dramamine while doing all of this to keep from falling off my chair! ;))
Jan 30, 2017 11:06:09   #
Thanks for all your kind comments, Hoggers! And yes, shooting & creating these "Ballistics" sure was a lotta fun..the sky's the limit with possibilities!
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