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Oct 17, 2018 12:33:36   #
Check out They make ULF cameras of varying sizes. Excellent craftsmanship.
Jun 25, 2018 11:23:24   #
Be careful photographing inside old buildings. Have you heard of Richard Nickel?
Jul 7, 2017 14:03:58   #
ebrunner wrote:
Years ago there was an elevated freight line that ran along the West Side of Manhattan. Eventually they stopped using it; but the structure still remained. Some years ago a plan was hatched to turn it into an elevated walkway and green area. Today a dedicated core of volunteers maintains the plants and it has become a very popular attraction on the west side of Manhattan. It starts in Midtown with huge skyscrapers as a backdrop. As it continues south, the cityscape changes and the super tall buildings disappear. This area has become quite chick these days; but originally it was a very blue collar neighborhood. Here are some scenes from the High Line.
Years ago there was an elevated freight line that ... (show quote)

There's a photo book by Joel Sternfeld called "Walking the Highline" published in 2001. It's interesting to see how gentrified the area has become.

You've taken some good photos, as did Mr. Sternfeld.

May 8, 2014 13:13:58   #
Many greats have been mentioned but so far, six more must be named:
Eugene Atget
Walker Evans
Gary Winogrand
Robert Adams
Stephen Shore
And my mentor, Bob Thall
All great and very influential.
Oct 8, 2013 15:30:08   #
j.erwin.brown wrote:
Perhaps I've learned another aspect--that street photography is expected to actually include part of the "street". That is a humorous and very astute observation, Singing Swan. It made me smile at the revelation you've must put forth. Thanks. I like it very much.

Graham's work is very good and check out Gary Winogrand. He is considered a master.
Sep 23, 2013 13:18:47   #
winterrose wrote:
To speak or write in an angry or violent manner; to utter or express with violence or extravagance; violent or extravagant speech or writing; a speech or piece of writing that incites anger or violence. Apologies if you see it that way.

Vague? OK I'll try again. To me a photograph is made some time before one raises the camera to one's eye. Art, equally, is created long before the creation is commenced. Some of what I have seen posted about, applying presets to a rather ordinary pic is as much art as if Michelangelo were to create the Mona Lisa in the manner that a child plays with Mister Potato Head.
To speak or write in an angry or violent manner; t... (show quote)

Winterrose, you weren't ranting, just expressing something you feel strongly about.
And I have thought about this preset issue before. People want to call their photos personal expressions and then use someone else's adjustments. The people that do that are wholly in their pictures. My 2 cents.
A minor point, Michelangelo did not create the Mona Lisa. It was da Vinci but I'm sure you knew that.
Sep 23, 2013 13:07:52   #
jonsommer wrote:
You've defined what 'art' isn't (to you), which can endlessly and pedantically be debated here and elsewhere, without resolution, and ultimately, does it matter? Let's hear your definition of what 'art' is.

Defining art is like climbing a slippery slope. I spent two years in graduate school for photography and none of us ever tried to define it.
Aug 26, 2013 07:32:23   #
drcjc wrote:
OOps,, I posted the wrong photo - here is the comparison! :cry:

henk33 has the right answer. Sharpen you raw file.
Jul 18, 2013 16:04:12   #
Armadillo wrote:
He may be wanting the ghosted images in the sky, but for HDR it is very distracting, and looks like a trial and error picture.

If he want to improve the HDR he now has the tools and vision to make it the way he wants.

I don't find it distracting at all. It's rather lovely.
Jul 18, 2013 11:38:58   #
Armadillo wrote:

It appears there was a great deal of movement in the tree during one exposure. Windy?

On your image it will be a lot of work locating and removing the movement, but it could be done.

During your HDR processing you would be using 3 or more image captures. One of those images has the movement, and in the HDR processing you can remove that layer element from the overall product. You can try it to see the effect on your tree image, target the leaves and branches with the blue sky background.

Michael G
Greymule, br br It appears there was a great deal... (show quote)

I'm thinking the OP wanted the movement. This man seems to be very much in control of his photography based on previous postings.
Jul 12, 2013 04:32:05   #
And you appear to be an unmitigated asshole.
May 1, 2013 10:33:25   #
ole sarg wrote:
As was Robert Capa once said “If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough”.

It is for this reason that I seldom more than a 50mm lens.

Capa was shooting war pictures, not portraits. You knew that, right?
Aug 16, 2012 03:34:56   #
I think this is a great composition. Don't change that. It does need, for me, more contrast and a color correction toward more yellow, less green but the redo by 14kpphotog is (forgive me sir) a little too much. Somewhere in the middle would be great. The clouds could be given more presence/contrast. I love them almost as much as the flower. Good work.
Aug 16, 2012 03:24:38   #
Excellent work. Really impressive. You're the first photographer I've seen here shooting Pomo style. I usually don't like most I've seen of that style but these are quite appealing.
Jul 30, 2012 00:52:25   #
I hate to be a negative voice since you seem so happy with your new gear but that picture, although it has no noise is really way soft, lacking detail and information. It does not convince me to chuck my canon gear.
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