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Nov 13, 2018 11:19:45   #
What you didn't say was there will be massive unemployment because computers will take over many tasks.In the UK some surgeons operate with computers now.As a small example.Post war I became an airline pilot.. Typical crew: two pilots,flight engineers,radio officer and navigator. Now,just two pilots and they are little better than computers minders.
On the ground where there many people working out aircraft movements,now computers do it.
Nov 8, 2018 11:45:59   #
My wife hates it when I mess with her red wine.I added some fruit and orange juice and she's sangria than ever.
Nov 8, 2018 10:12:17   #
I was told to back a horse named Landfill.
This was a rubbish tip.
Oct 31, 2018 11:48:05   #
I don't know whether you can pick up. Not Going Out.It is the funniest programme ever
Dec 27, 2017 07:20:38   #
In the UK seniors get a rise every year to keep up with inflation.
Dec 21, 2017 09:17:51   #
As an ex pilot Inalways understood Balls Out to mean,go as fast as you can.
Dec 8, 2017 04:42:12   #
Yankeepapa6 wrote:
Yeah. You are a real hero. Hitler used Chamberlain for his blow up doll. "Try and fight" is a good description. It did not amount to much. Too bad the British didn't have the balls to stand up to him. Instead, they allowed him to outmaneuver and control them. If Chamberlain had the balls to defend the UK's alliance with Czechoslovakia it might have been different. Instead the British threw in the towel. At that point, Hitler knew they were ballless. Before the US entered the war there were convoys to the UK from the US in violation of our neutrality. Did you really think the UK had the means to support itself with the Germans in so much in control of the seas? When Japan attacked Hawaii did massive amounts of war supplies and personnel head to the Pacific. No. It went to the UK. The Americans in the Pacific did not get the aid and support they should have. There was a tremendous loss of American lives. The initial bulk of American aid and war materials went to that little island next to Ireland.
Hero's you are not
Yeah. You are a real hero. Hitler used Chamberlain... (show quote)

This is a load of crap.The Royal Navy was bigger than the US navy especially after the Japs sunk a good part of it.You sat back and watched us fight for freedom and just sold us goods. I am a very old man who fought to save your skins.I watched as friend after friend died in horrible circumstances. I saw a close friend who had his face burned off.You woud not have come into he war if Germany had not declared war on you.I am sorry to have to write such things but I cannot sit back and hear such perverted truths. Incidentally, both radar and the atom bomb were British inventions and the atom bomb saved countless US lives.
Dec 8, 2017 04:28:17   #
Yankeepapa6 wrote:
From New York, or a corresponding Canadian port, convoys sailed every day of the week. At a given moment there were always 100 or more ships crossing the Atlantic from west to east, and a similar number returning. Each convoy was timed as exactly as an express train, each ran on a different route, and each was scheduled to arrive on time at a fixed but changeable “rendezvous” some 200 miles to the west of Ireland. There it was met by a destroyer escort which took it through the more dangerous home waters until, approaching their destination, ships were dispersed to their respective unloading ports. If it were not for the US, England would be speaking German. By its self, it lacked the means or ability to defend its self. Surely not the ability to defeat Germany. Bye Bye
From New York, or a corresponding Canadian port, c... (show quote)

What a load of hogwash.Whilst your country was selling goods we fought off the Germans.We, then were not alone.In those days we had an empire bigger than the US. If we had not defeated Germany in the Battle of Britain, as big as you are you would not have been able to fight off Japan,Germany,Rumania and Italy.You only came in because Germany declared war on you.I do not want to run down the US a country I admire enormously and where I have spent a lot of time but some of you seem full of hate for Britain.
Dec 7, 2017 14:41:12   #
G Brown wrote:
You will find that we paid back 'lease lend' in the late 1980's which is when we could ask the US to leave Greenham Common (US aircraft base in the South of England) The Cold War was well over by then.

Trouble is that this is OLD history now. Russia is invading the countries that gained indipendence from the USSR now. The UK has only a minimal presence there. We are sending 'advisors' to countries facing 'civil' war and building sanctuaries for refugees from war in several countries in Africa etc. This is probably going to be 'what war' will be in the future.
The consequence of not having a 'standing armed force' is that everyone questions the costs. More money is needed to combat extremists and to give the notion of 'Civil Protection'. This goes to the secret services and the police....we rarely mobilise our armed forces inside the UK. (Natural disasters apart)
This means that our troups get less 'real fire' training and less equipment.
We keep being told we are a 'World Power' but....Are we?
You will find that we paid back 'lease lend' in th... (show quote)
No we are not our army is too small and I believe a 1000 marines are to bu cut and two ships to be laid up. We don't have the money and we are too far in debt.
Dec 7, 2017 13:51:38   #
Your summing up is largely correct I know because I am 96 years old and during the war I was one of those RAF pilots that fought to defend Britain and it might be said,America.The Battle of Briitain was probably a draw but the Luftwaffe could not defeat us and Hitler was probably
more interested in Russia, The ME 109 was as good as the Spitfire and the FW190 for a time was better.
Dec 7, 2017 13:29:52   #
EdJ0307 wrote:
We didn't just stand back and watch, we supplied the Brits and Russians with tons of material and equipment.

England, France and other League of Nation countries stood back and watched as Hitler invaded one country after the other. I saw news reels of Chamberlain getting off that plane waving a piece of paper in the air and saying "Peace in our time"? That went on from the mid 1930s until September 3rd, 1939, when they decided they better do something. Even then he invaded more countries until it was only England left standing. If Hitler had concentrated on England instead of going after the Russians, the UK might have been one of his trophies.

Of the ships sunk or damaged at Pearl Harbor all but three were repaired: the USS Arizona (too badly damaged to be salvaged), the USS Oklahoma (raised but considered to be too old to be worth repairing), and the USS Utah (also considered obsolete).

BTW, the 'J' word is derogatory.
We didn't just stand back and watch, we supplied t... (show quote)

You did not supply goods for nothing. Countries such as Bermuda had to be handed over and some payment was demanded.
If the RAF had not beaten back the Luftwafe you would be next on the list.You were not as prepared as the Germans.
Dec 7, 2017 12:37:15   #
CaptainBobBrown wrote:
Purpose of aircraft carriers is to project force to distant locations. Without Empire Britain doesn't have great need to project force so hard to see where their interests lie in spending money on obsolete tech. In their 1996 book, The Future of War, George and Meredith Friedman noted that throughout history every weapons system became obsolete and more expensive protecting against less expensive and more effective weapons systems until they finally were dispatched by the next more effective system. Thus, heavier and heavier armor was adopted by medieval knights to defeat cross bows so cross bows were improved until they became obsolete in the face of guns, etc. The Friedmans predicted in 1996 that it wouldn't be long before aircraft carrier groups became so large and expensive to defend against submarine, air-to-air, surface-to-air, and land-to-air missiles that they would become obsolete. We're there now. An Iranian owned Silk-Worm can take out a carrier way out of sight of land so "projection of force" is becoming an obsolete concept. Our navy is trying to adapt by pouring lots of money into smaller faster moving "brown water" warships but that will only lead to development of even faster and smaller missile threats forcing the brown water navies of the world to adapt by hauling along faster and more effective missile defense ships as the carrier battle groups have done...and on and on. South China Seas is where we'll see current obsolescence play out.
Purpose of aircraft carriers is to project force t... (show quote)

A thoughtful contribution but is it not possible missile defence will advance ? I would guess the US is already advanced as probably are the Israelis
Dec 7, 2017 10:49:40   #
Yes,I remember it well.I was fighting at the time.That was when you stood back and watched us try and fight the evil from Hitler until the Japs sunk a large amount of your fleet.
Dec 7, 2017 06:13:57   #
Bit pessimistic though with some truth. Incidentally,I am a veteran and fought in the war and I have no complaints about my treatment.I am a member of the British Legion and the RAFA and Both organisations a are there to help if I needed it as is the RAF Benevolent fund. The government has helped. I know of no shops leased to thevFrench
Dec 6, 2017 08:57:18   #
Soon the state of the art Royal Navy aircraft carriers will be operational.They cost billions and years to build. I wonder if it is worth it? One well aimed missile could see them off. I expect they have misfile defence but would it always work?
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