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Jun 17, 2019 16:43:51   #
Country Boy wrote:
This could be worse that waiting for Mr. Brown to arrive. Nice series and interesting collection.

Jun 17, 2019 16:42:50   #
Retired CPO wrote:
Beautiful! Never heard of Gamrath glass. Where is the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens? These might be worth the trip. Permanent display?

Daniel Stowe is in Belmont NC , just outside of Charlotte. No this is not a permanent display. I believe it is at DSBG now thru Sept. Can be viewed everyday during daylight hours and at night 6-10pm Thursdays thru Sundays. I have not been to view at night yet tho.
Jun 17, 2019 14:58:11   #
Game time at the local horse show






Jun 17, 2019 14:48:11   #
Longshadow wrote:
It sounds like they want to transfer the print to a wood surface, not frame the print.

OK … Yupp I miss read it.
Jun 17, 2019 14:37:35   #
Toment wrote:
Beautiful shots!
Very interesting.

Thanks Toment.
I appreciate you taking the time to view these.
Jun 17, 2019 14:29:35   #
If it was Michaels, I dont understand as to why they would want your digital copy. They are framing, not printing anyway. Correct??
Jun 16, 2019 10:43:48   #
Spent most of Friday visiting the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, viewing their display of Gamrath Glass.
These are some photos of some of the displays set up throughout the gardens.






Jun 15, 2019 07:52:39   #
Was out shooting yesterday and came across what I thought was a rather interesting head of hair, or is it Ramen Noodles??? lol

Jun 15, 2019 07:50:08   #
kpmac wrote:
Well done.

Thanks kpmac
Jun 15, 2019 07:49:47   #
Cwilson341 wrote:
Beautiful shots. Love the little butterflies!

Thank you Carol.. Butterflies are the best...
Jun 13, 2019 19:19:15   #
quixdraw wrote:
Good busy, I'd say. Nice shots!

Thanks q/d
Jun 13, 2019 19:18:58   #
Curmudgeon wrote:
Very nice set.

Thank you Curmudgeon
Jun 13, 2019 14:51:37   #
itsmeagain wrote:
They stopped to gas up and I got these shots.
Not the greatest, but how often do you see one
of these.

Well, I sure did enjoy viewing these...
Jun 13, 2019 14:46:31   #
Jun 13, 2019 12:01:31   #
Law Breaker yes, but, we may let this one off as it has posed so beautifully ...
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