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Apr 30, 2024 16:43:46   #
Nice documenting of the 'wounded' display of the killdeer. It is possible that the second 'nest' was abandoned by this or another bird or is simply a random collection of rocks.
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Apr 26, 2024 10:51:52   #
I worked for the AEC project at UCLA during this sequences of above ground tests call Operation Plumbob. We were focused on the fate and persistence of fallout. The project continued as the UCLA facility became the Department of Nuclear Medicine.
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Jan 10, 2024 16:12:22   #
the white-breasted nuthatch is the only one of interest. there is minimal background distraction, posture is natural and the plumage is striking
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Nov 27, 2023 12:22:31   #
jerryc41 wrote:
The memory is an odd feature of the brain. When I was a kid, there was a kids' show that had Buster Brown Shoes as a sponsor. That was over seventy years ago, and I still remember the tag line. "I'm Buster Browne. I live in a shoe. That's my dog Tige. He lives in there, too. Yet, I can't remember why I walked into a room or where I left something.

I'm Buster Browne. I live in a shoe. I'm athlete's foot. I live there, too.
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